Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria – August 27

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Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria - August 27

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The alliance of Turkish-backed militant groups has continued operations in northern Syria, capturing the village of Humayr and al-Hilwaniya west of Jarablus.

A convoy of Turkish-backed militants (allegedly from the Free Syrian Army) is advancing west of Jaralbus:

Meanwhile, a humanitarian operation and land mine cleansing works have been started in Jarablus.

Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria - August 27

The SDF has also continued advances at the western bank of the Euphrates, seizing 2 more villages from ISIS. Since the start of Turkish military operations in northern Syria, the SDF has captured over 10 villages south of Jarablus.

The Turkish Air Force responded to these actions with fresh air strikes on SDF targets south of Jarablus. Air strikes were reported at the vilalge of Amarna and allegedly inflicted civilian casualties.

It’s important to note that Reuters does not call the SDF a US backed group in this report:

The Jarablus Military Council, part of the Kurdish-backed SDF, said the attack on the village of al-Amarna caused civilian casualties and called it “a dangerous escalation that threatens the fate of the region”.

So, now, according to Reuters, the SDF is a some (likely non-Kurdish) “Kurdish-backed group.” Are guys in Reuters just forgot that the Kurdish YPG is a major part of the SDF?

August 26 map from the pro-Turkish media team “TR Diplomacy”:

Operation Euphrates Shield in Syria - August 27

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The video shows the US Congress’s attitude towards the military situation in northern Syria. Senator Graham asks questions on the US – YPG relations to US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter:

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This is no video.

Tom Johnson

Lindsey Graham, Mr Neo-conservative RHINO…Lol. Why does everyone think Trump is pro-Russia? You are in for a “yuge” surprise, China is already bracing for a multi faceted pummeling. I expect after Trump meets with DNI, over the coming weeks, he will rapidly gain insight.

Pave Way IV

Not that U.S. Sec. of Defense Ash Carter would ever have said so, but the proper response to Sen. Graham’s bloviating should have been:

“Yes, of course Turkey is pissed off with the U.S. Mostly because Turkey has been arming and harboring ISIS for years and letting them pass through it’s borders freely in order to kill the Syrian Kurds and take their cities. Turkey went through all the trouble to support it’s head-chopper ethnic cleansing jihadis and the U.S. is arming their potential Kurdish victims. F*ck the Turks, Senator.”

Alex M

“The kurds have no friends but the mountains” – PKK motto


I wonder how the morale of Kurdish fighters would be after this betrayal by their US ally?! F…k such a pussy policy that acquiesce to anti-West Islamist Erdogan who is one of the biggest terrorists supporter. You can never appease terrorists who see you as their future enemy