Pakistan Army Kills 50 Afghan Military Servicemen In Border Fight

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Pakistan Army Kills 50 Afghan Military Servicemen In Border Fight


The Pakistan Army has destroyed four to five Afghan checkpoints, killing 50 Afghan military servicemen at the border, Lieutenant General Amir Riaz said on Sunday.

“Anyone who tries to make Pakistan’s territory disputed will face similar consequences,” he told journalists during a press conference in Chaman.

The Pakistan side also confirmed that two Pakistan military servicemen were killed in clashes.

The Pakistan-Afghan border is now closed.

Pakistani and Afghan forces have been clashing at the Chaman  border crossing in southwestern Baluchistan province since Friday.

Pakistan argues that the clashes erputed when Afgan security forces opened a fire at Pakistan census workers and the troops escorting them, allegedly killing nine civilians.

In turn, Afganistan says that Pakistan provoked the escalation.

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This is exactly what the both don’t need. Pakistan dislikes Afghanistan for instability leaking over, a refugee crisis, and hosting NATO and co., and Afghans hate Pakistan for meddling in their politics and for what the ISI did.

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And it happened in an area that is known to be quite turbulent in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, right in Balouchistan.


what a BS, i have in contacts with the soldiers of front lines, its completely wrong, afghan forces captured 2 tanks and captured a few Pakistani soldiers alive, afghan forces also over run few check posts of Pakistani soldiers, they killed many soldiers and capture there weapons, Afghan forces lost only 2 men and 11 were injured, also there are tons of videos available for proof everybody can search you tube and watch the videos.

Solomon Krupacek

Fakenews Eagle 123


yeah thats a fake news go and search google for it.
i will post some of the links for you


False claimes. 7 Pakistani Army men were killed and 23 were injured. While 6 Afghan border police were killed and 18 were injured. The rest are all false information. Pakistan suffered three defeats in Kashmir by the Hands of India and is holding on to two Afghan provinces illegally.