Pakistan To Expel Save the Children: Non-Profit Engaged In Spying

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Pakistani authorities asked the international humanitarian organization Save the Children to leave the country within 15 days, accusing its employees of spying. Local police sealed the office of the organization in the capital, Islamabad, on Thursday evening, reports Reuters.

Pakistan To Expel Save the Children: Non-Profit Engaged In SpyingNo surprises, so-called non-profit organizations and foundations work all over the world, with one real aim – to serve Western hegemonic interests. As it already proved, dozens of such organizations worked in Ukraine to make Euromaidan happen. Their duties are providing materials for propaganda, coordinating people, creation and development of media sources. Such organizations are the first step to arrange color revolution in the country.

Save the Children in Pakistan had problems in the relationship with the local government since 2011, when it was accused of having connections with Dr. Shaquille Afridi, who took part in the operation of US intelligence to find and destroy the leader of the international terrorist organization “Al Qaeda” Osama bin Laden. US media reported that the CIA has given the task to Afridi to organize fake polio vaccination campaign in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad to get into the house, where, as expected, bin Laden lived.

These methods are not new. The same way they work worldwide, organizing false campaigns, especially through mass media, forging elections, unleashing hatred between different nations in one state. When will other countries expel western non-profits? Or do they wait for revolution?

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