Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says One Of Its Commanders Was Assassinated In Syria, Blames Israel

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Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says One Of Its Commanders Was Assassinated In Syria, Blames Israel

Palestinian commander Ali Ramzi al-Aswad as seen in a poster released by the PIJ.

On March 19, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) said that one of its senior commanders was assassinated in Syria by Israel.

In a statement, the military wing of the Gaza-based group, the al-Quds Brigades, said that 31-year-old Ali Ramzi al-Aswad was gunned down by “agents of the Zionist enemy” in the countryside of Damascus.

The al-Quds Brigades described the killing of al-Aswad as a “cowardly assassination bearing the fingerprints of the Zionist enemy.”

Al-Aswad’s family originated from the city of Haifa and settled in a refugee camp in Syria after the year 1948, which marked the foundation of Israel. He first worked for the PIJ as an engineer, and eventually became a senior commander of the group.

“We hold the Zionist enemy responsible for this treacherous crime, and affirm that we will continue to fight the enemy, confront it and respond to all its crimes against our people and our resistance,” the al-Quds Brigades said in its statement.

The authorities in Syria have not made any comment on the killing of al-Aswad, so far. However, informed sources told the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV that a joint investigation into the assassination had begun.

In an apparent reference to the assassination, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a cabinet meeting said Israel would “get to the terrorists and the architects of terror everywhere.”

“Our forces are working around the clock to deal with the terrorists and thwart terror infrastructure. Dozens of terrorists were killed in the last month; many others were arrested. I repeat: All those who try to harm the citizens of Israel, they will pay with their lives,” Netanyahu said.

The PIJ is the main Palestinian ally of Damascus. The group maintains a political and military presence in Syria. From there, it coordinates with other members of the so-called “Axis of Resistance,” including Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Israel attacked the PIJ in Syria on several occasions in the last few years. On 12 November 2019, an Israel strike targeted the house of PIJ senior leader Akram al-Ajouri in Damascus. Al-Ajouri survived the assassination attempt. However, his son was killed. Later on 23 February 2020, a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted positions of the faction in the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital.

The assassination of al-Aswad will not likely go without a response from the PIJ. The group could respond from Syria, or directly from the Gaza Strip. Israel will likely escalate militarily in both cases.


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Russia won the war a while


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islamic jihad are no better then kikesis because they are stooges just like in afghan stooge army.

The only way to win the war is to face The Truth, aka to face Al-Yamani, not propaganda.

Chris Gr

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is a very radical group. If you consider them as moderate then it looks like you are very extremist and a danger to other humans.

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Chris Gr

Probably he was assassinated by the Syrian mukhabarat because he had links with Muslim Brotherhood.


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Amen to that!


Commander Ali Ramzi al-Aswad, you have not died in vain. I look at your picture and I see a great hero who fought for your homeland, which has temporarily been stolen by European imposters.

Commander, you are a Palestinian, and are in part one of the world’s best true remaining survivors from the biblical lands, unlike the European Jews, who cannot trace their blood line back to Abraham, even in part. These European “Jewish” invaders are nothing more than recent converts to their religion, dating back only to their eighth Century AD conversion, in the ancient European kingdom of Khazaria.

Commander, you are a Palestinian, are thus entitled to the homeland of your forefathers, as you always were entitled to it. Come forward as a hero and claim your homeland from the imposters.

Unce Ho

Anything to keep the israelis from recognizing their own leaders are depopulating them and their children from the face of the earth.