Patrick Armstrong: “Psychoanalysing NATO: Schizophrenia”

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Written by Patrick Armstrong; Originally appeared on

NATO sorrowfully explains its problems with Russia on its official website:

For more than two decades, NATO has worked to build a partnership with Russia, developing dialogue and practical cooperation in areas of common interest. Cooperation has been suspended since 2014 in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine but political and military channels of communication remain open. Concerns about Russia’s continued destabilising pattern of military activities and aggressive rhetoric go well beyond Ukraine.

None of this – of course – is NATO’s fault: on the contrary NATO is concerned that

Russia’s military activities, particularly along NATO’s borders, have increased and its behaviour continues to make the Euro-Atlantic security environment less stable and predictable, in particular its practice of calling snap exercises, deploying near NATO borders, conducting large-scale training and exercises and violating Allied airspace.

Suffice it to say that this statement would have a closer relationship with reality if the words “NATO’s borders” were replaced with “inside Russia”. And I would be interested to hear the details of “violating Allied airspace”. Why even the Daily Telegraph in 2015 with its suggestive headline of Mapped: Just how many incursions into Nato airspace has Russian military made? had to admit “The Ministry of Defence says the Russian bombers have never violated Britain’s sovereign airspace, which extends 12 nautical miles from the coast.” Likewise Violated US Airspace 16 Times In Last 10 Days turns out to be Air Defence Identification Zones which is not the same thing at all. Or Most Russian Plane Intercepts over Baltics Due to Error: NATO General. So NATO’s statement needs a further calibration so that “violating Allied airspace” becomes “flying in international airspace close to Allied countries’ airspace”.

Patrick Armstrong: "Psychoanalysing NATO: Schizophrenia"

Therefore, properly understood, NATO accuses Russia of 1) holding military exercises in its own territory, 2) flying in international airspace, 3) supporting secessionist movements in places that weren’t part of Yugoslavia or aren’t in the Middle East or North Africa. And they accuse it of invading countries that NATO didn’t invade first. NATO projects its behaviour, gaslights its audience and confirms its initial assumption when Moscow objects. But that’s NATOLand for you – the unicorns roam free and all is sunny until the bear smiles.

There is a striking schizophrenia among NATO’s members: Russia is, at one and the same time, so weak it’s “doomed” and so strong that it’s demolishing NATOLand.

Russia is forever, eternally, endlessly, doomed. Always on the edge of collapse. (But Russia has always been doomed here’s Time in 1927) and it was altogether finished in 2001. But doom dooms on. Has an ‘open society’ doomed Russia to fail? (September 2012); Russia Is Doomed (March 2014); Why Putin’s Adventure in Ukraine Is Doomed(April 2014); Putin’s Nationalism and Expansion Strategy Is Doomed to Fail (September 2014); Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed (December 2014); Remember Russia? It’s still doomed (January 2015); Morgan Stanley thinks Russia’s doomed (February 2015); Secretary of Defense: Russia ‘Doomed to Fail’ in Syria (September 2015); Is Russia’s Economy Doomed to Collapse? (July 2016); Why The Saudi-Russian Oil Agreement Is Doomed To Fail (September 2016); Putin’s Bridge to Crimea Is Doomed to Collapse (January 2017); Russia’s Su-57 Stealth Fighter Is Doomed to Fail (December 2107); The Russian economy looks doomed (March 2018); Russia is doomed to steadily fall behind the rest of the world (August 2018); Why Putin’s 5-100 project is doomed to fail (October 2018). And its soccer team too! Aging and Inexperienced: Why Russia IsDoomed to Fail (June 2018).

You’d think, with all this doom dooming away at Russia, that no one would be much worried about it. Except of course for the risk of getting bits of it spattered on you when it finally crashes down. Said collapse confidently predicted three years ago by Alexander Motyl, who, making his wish the father of his thought, declaimed that Russia might even “disappear”:

As the new year begins, both Ukraine and Russia are making steady progress. The difference is that, while Ukraine is slowly, and more or less surely, adopting a raft of systemic reforms that will make it a normal Western market democracy, Russia is becoming a failed state. If current trends continue, as they probably will, Russia may even disappear.

But, amazingly, Russia has become more powerful than ever before. Not even Stalin in his wildest dreams imagined choosing the next US President. Yet, even as “weak and dying” Russia freefalls, Putin has done exactly that: “Vladimir Putin has a plan for destroying the West—and that plan looks a lot like Donald Trump” Trump being what Putin would design to “undermine American interests – and advance his own”. “Trump is Putin’s ally in Russia’s war on the West”. But even before he animated his Trumpenpuppet, his tendrils had slithered deep into Washington: “Putin’s Got America Right Where He Wants It: And that’s bad news for Obama”. So Putin, although he’s no genius, just another Brezhnev, has a puppet in the White House.

But not just there: Putin (Aspergers, “gunslingers’ walk”, lonely psychopath that he is), through his “useful idiots”, affects everything, everywhere. Brexit. French election. Italian election. German election. Austrian election. Dutch election. Canada’s next election. Catalonian separatism. Gilets jaunes. Hungary’s Prime Minister is a Putinist. And it’s more, so much more: Russia and the Threat to Liberal Democracy: How Vladimir Putin is making the world safe for autocracy. Moscow’s unstoppable “Hybrid War” weaponising Information, Culture and Money. Separatism, migrants, left wing right wing.

Sounds as if we’re the ones who are doomed.

In this race of the doomed: who will get to the FINAL DOOM first?

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Bigaess Wangmane

Projection is the modus operandi of the Zionists;
When they speak of putin/russia hacking/influencing elections they speak only of themselves.
When they talk about putin/russia encroaching on NATO(what country is called NATO, again?) borders, they talk about themselves.
When they point out that “Putin’s Russia” is on the brink of economic collapse, 3 fingers are pointing right back at their dying empire carrying $21T+ of unpayable, crushing debt (that’s just the US alone, not to mention the EU & Japan’s debt bubble)

Projecting their own evil deeds and compounding failures, same as it ever was.


After it does die, the phoenix will rise from the ashes and be born again once more with no shills to get in its way. ZOG however will be permanently terminated for good.


They also like their scapegoats; they plan their upcoming sacrificial pawn to be whitey who they’ve worked hard to demonize over the past 7 decades (while ignoring all the good deeds and exaggerating the evil deeds, including downplaying or outright ignoring the evil deeds of other peoples around the world throughout history), but only after they took us over so the could takeover much of the world and then blame us for all of the strings they’ve pulled.

(((They))) will fully latch onto their next hosts (Asia) and repeat the very same process until they’re the only ones left standing, at least that’s what they hope for. The 2020s and 2030s will see a series of revolutions take place throughout the world, particularly in Europe and North America to begin with before quickly spreading like rapid fire. This of course will most certainly offset their schemes by exposing them to the world for who and what (((They))) truly are (children of the devil); in other words, it will spell the beginning of the end for them as the 21st century will be their last.

Patrick Armstrong

Putin is a man of dignity, lacking any themselves they attack unceasingly, betraying their real weakness.

Patrick Armstrong

You might want to go back to SCF to get all teh hyperlinks.

Carol Davidek-Waller

NATO = unelected US imperialists. Confused narrative=Integrity Project.

Kelli Hernandez

Projection is one of the key traits of psychopaths and the US is FULL of them.
Not all of us buy into anti Russia, pro Zionist hybrid propaganda warfare campaign against Russia.
Though the elite desperately want us too
Russiagate is for the following reasons:
1. To cover up Clinton/DNC primary rigging and election fraud.
2. To tie Trump’s hands in normalizing relations with Russia.
3. A hybrid propaganda warfare campaign against Russia to manufacture public consent for war on Russia..