Pentagon: Russia & US Did Not Discuss Joint Military Operations in Syria

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The Pentagon opposes cooperation with Russia.

Pentagon: Russia & US Did Not Discuss Joint Military Operations in Syria

Cooperation within the framework of military operations in Syria was not discussed during a recent video conference between Russian and US military, spokesman for the Pentagon Peter Cook said.

According to the US official, during the last talks, Russia and the US discussed measures to prevent incidents, but military cooperation in Syria will be negotiated separately.

As Cook said, officials of the US military department held a discussion on security operations since the last bilateral meeting between Russian and US military. “The both sides confirmed the need to adhere to measures to strengthen operational safety for avoiding accidents and misunderstandings,” the Pentagon spokesman said.

One of the central topics of the last video conference was security measures on flights over Syria in accordance with the previously adopted memorandum of mutual understanding. Cook stressed that the conversation with Russian military was constructive. The both sides intend to continue it in the similar format.

The agreement between Russia and the US to cooperate on Syrian settlement has deepened the rift between the White House and the Pentagon. US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter still has many doubts about advisability of the coordination of efforts of Washington and Moscow to fight terrorists in Syria.

Carter was one of the politicians, who opposed the agreement, when Secretary of State John Kerry was discussing details of the agreement with Russia with US officials last week. Despite the fact that US President Barack Obama has ultimately approved the agreement, the Pentagon remained of the same opinion, The New York Times reported.

According to the plan of Lavrov and Kerry, the truce in Syria has come into effect on Monday. It should last for seven days. On the eighth day, the Joint Executive Center will start its work, and Russian and US military should begin to coordinate strikes against terrorists.

“I will not say yes or no. To say that we will participate in this, it would be premature,” Commander of the Air Force in the US Central Command, Jeffrey Harrigian, said.

Earlier, officials of the White House also expressed doubts. Agreement on Syria increases the pressure on Russia, and the US administration has doubts that Russia will fulfill its terms, spokesman for the White House, Josh Ernest, said on Monday.

According to The New York Times, the controversy between the US Secretary of State Kerry and US Secretary of Defense Carter reflects the internal conflict of Obama’s policy in Syria.

In this way, probability of beginning of the joint airstrikes in Syria in the coming days is very low. This calls into question the whole idea of the agreements because if military pressure is not put on the ‘democratic opposition’, it will just ignore the agreement. Now there is a break in connection with the crushing defeat of terrorists near Aleppo. But what will happen next?

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