Philippine Army: Less Than 40 Terrorists Remain in Marawi City

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Philippine Army: Less Than 40 Terrorists Remain in Marawi City

On August 15, spokesperson for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Brigadier General Restituto Padilla Jr. announced that only 40 ISIS fighters are still alive in Marawi city.

“Based on the ground commander’s estimate, their number has decreased to less than 40. So maybe their forces have been reduced to between 20 and 40. The force is getting smaller,” he said. “Their capacity to inflict harm, by the way, is still there because they still have arms, they still have adequate ammunition and they still continue to hold hostages. So that’s the compounding factor.”

Brigadier General Padilla also revealed on August 14 that 10 ISIS supporters sneaked into Marawi city to support the ISIS force.

Brigadier General Padilla denied that any Pilipino soldiers were supporting ISIS.

“All our personnel, all our soldiers or marines on the ground are there, they all accounted for, we do not doubt any of their loyalties, in fact, many of those who gave up their lives in Marawi from day one up to present and still fighting.”

Padilla statement came after the Director General of the Philippine National Police Ronald dela Rosa reveled that some police personals are being investigated for suspicions of colluding with ISIS.

According to Philippian sources the AFP lost 128 soldiers in the Marawi battle while 562 ISIS were killed.

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