Philippines’ Marawi: Clashes With ISIS Still Ongoing


On Tuesday, clashes continued between ISIS terrorists and Philippines security forces in the city of Marawi.

The Philippines government is using the army and the police, backed up by military equipment, warplanes and helicopters, against ISIS in the city.However, the battle is still ongoing.

The government says that about 2,000 civilians are trapped in the ISIS-held area.

According to the military, at least 65 ISIS-linked gunmen, 15 Philippine troops, and 19 civilians have been killed in the fighting so far. However, local sources argue that the civilian death toll is much higher.

ISIS-linked gunmen entered Marawi and size large areas inside it including the Police Station and the jail last week. Since then, the fighting has been ongoing in the area.

Philippines' Marawi: Clashes With ISIS Still Ongoing

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