Pirates Of COVID-19 Era


Pirates Of COVID-19 Era

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On March 23rd, Tunisian Trade Minister Mohamed Msilini said that a ship loaded with medical alcohol intended for the manufacture of hydroalcoholic gel had been hijacked while at sea.

“What happened to this shipment is similar to the Czechs stealing a cargo of medical face masks that China sent to Italy to help combat the coronavirus,” explained Mohamed Msilini in a televised comments. “Today, all European countries are hysterical, and all of them are stealing equipment for fear of this virus.”

محمد المسيليني وزير التجارة :" باخرة كانت قادمة الى تونس محملة كحول طبي سرقت في البحر"

محمد المسيليني وزير التجارة :" باخرة كانت قادمة الى تونس محملة بالكحول الطبي سرقت في البحر" #TounesElyaoum

Posted by Elhiwar Ettounsi on Monday, March 23, 2020

On March 14th, China announced its intention to send sterile and antiseptic masks and other materials to reinforce the efforts taken by Tunisia to curb the spread of the pandemic.

On March 23rd, the government in Tunis announced the deployment of army units across the country to support security efforts during the nationwide quarantine, which was imposed on March 22nd.

As mentioned by Msilini, Czech authorities had seized 110,000 masks, with some report even up to 680,000, as well as thousands of respirators, which China had sent to Italy.

After appropriate steps by the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Italian embassy in Prague said that the Czech authorities have undertaken to return the medical material sent from Beijing and destined for Rome for help and solidarity.

The note from the Italian diplomatic office in Prague said:

“This morning the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Tomas Petricek, informed Ambassador Nisio that, pending the conclusion of the investigation by the Czech police on the theft of the medical material that took place in Lovosice, the Czech Republic will send 110 thousand masks from its own stocks to Italy as soon as possible, in numbers equal to those which should have reached our country and which instead have been stolen and seized by the Czech authorities.”

“The cargo will leave within 48 hours,” continued the embassy note, and explained further:

“In the face of the urgent need for medical supplies, the Czech government, in close collaboration with the Italian embassy in Prague, has decided to send immediately the load destined for our country without waiting for the conclusion of the investigation still in progress, and focused on finding out how the large stolen property was stolen and where. The complexity of the case, which branches off to other countries, would require days, but the situation in Italy does not allow for waiting”.

The statement then announces “Minister Tomas Petricek is writing a personal letter to the Italian Foreign Minister Italy Di Maio”.

The initial version was that Czech authorities thought that the supplies were being “smuggled” by organized crime groups to be sold for profit in the country, despite the numerous stickers and writings of support for Italy by China.

Similarly, in Ukraine, it appeared that 750,000 coronavirus tests had vanished, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office attempted to shift the responsibility to the regional elites.

“The media of the Presidential Office, obviously confident in their genius, began to rock the topic that now the entire regional elite – the governors, police chiefs and the SBU – will immediately grab the tests that arrived at night for themselves and their friends,” Alexander Dubinsky, a member of the Servant of the People and a member of Ukrainian parliament, wrote on his blog.

According to him, the president’s office even compiles relevant lists. Thus, the current government is trying to divert attention from the fact that “insignificantly few” tests arrived in Ukraine.

“That 750 thousand tests disappeared somewhere along the way, and that each region received only miserable crumbs from needs, which will last only a few days,” the MP explained.

Prior to that, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky recorded a video message to the citizens of the country, in which he promised the delivery from China of ten million tests from China, “which will be distributed across all corners of Ukraine.”



  • JustPassingThrough

    European Dis-Union on full display.

  • Charles Homer

    Here is an article that examines death statistics from normal seasonal influenza:


    Governments around the world are using a faulty and incomplete data set to suspend the rights of their citizens to freedom of movement, engineering a “health crisis” to justify their control over all of us through the coercive use of fear.

    • Lars
    • Wayne Nicholson

      Statistics in general can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to and in this case death statistics are irrelevant.

      What’s important is the rate of infected people needing hospitalization. Influenza may end up killing more but with influenza it’s generally very sick people already hospitalized or under care that die and those deaths are uniformly spread over the entire flu season.

      With the novel Corona virus 16% of the people infected that show symptoms end up with pneumonia that need at least a week of hospitalization to recover and unlike influenza the majority of these people were walking around healthy before ending up in hospital.

      On top of that the virus spreads so quickly that these victims with pneumonia all need hospitalization within a window of a few weeks whereas influenza cases are spread over an entire year or season and rarely affect the otherwise healthy population.

      If you wanted to create a crisis to control your population why would you do it with a virus that shuts down economic activity, crashes the economy wiping out tens of trillions of your own wealth, crashes the health care system to the point where all patients, viral or otherwise don’t get care and die when all you have to do is create a false flag cyber attack on the power grid that causes rolling blackouts and panic for a few days but leaves the economy intact and the people united against a common enemy but also allows social control to flush out the ‘enemy within”

      The false flag route would give you much more flexibility to issue measures of control, allow you to arrest whoever you want on terrorism charges and unite the people behind you without destroying the economy, without killing doctors and nurses you have trained and rely on and without seeing $trillions of your own wealth evaporate.

      My wife was on the floor as a nurse practitioner in respirology in a hard hit hospital in Ontario during the 2003 SARs epidemic. I currently know ICU nurses and doctors who are on the ground treating Covid-19 patients. This is real and this is serious. You would be well advised to drop the conspiracy theories for the time being and listen to what you are being asked to do or you risk losing the entire hospital care system … all of it …. for accidents, cancer treatment, heart attacks, emergency surgeries … you name it. The entire hospital system WILL become overwhelmed where this virus is propagating rapidly whether this is a misguided conspiracy or not.

      • Bobby Twoshoes

        Whether intentionally released or not the reaction to this virus from the aristocracy is exactly the same as every time they have done a false flag just this time there is less resistance from the plebs. Fear is a cognitive short circuit and invisible killer germs cause more fear in more people than threats of violence, people will acquiesce to a virus where they might have questioned the actions of people.

        Crashing the economy is exactly what you want if your goal is buying companies. Wealth is not wiped out unless you can’t ride out the storm. After every downtick there is a corresponding uptick, those who bought undervalued companies for pennies on the dollar rake in astronomical profits and more importantly for people who already have too much money, you remove the competition. Not to mention the “stimulus” you can count on from the banks meaning you don’t even have to spend your own money to buy the companies.

        Overcrowded hospitals as well are not a concern for people who can buy all the equipment and people for their own care at their own mansion. If you feel that the problems of today are caused by too many people and the only alternative to sharing your money is to reduce the number of people you may even hope for this outcome.

        • Wayne Nicholson

          I’m telling you conspiracies or even outright war aren’t the issue right now. Regardless of how it started, where it started from or who may have started it the virus is very real as is the danger.

          This virus is nothing like influenza …. the symptoms are similar but the virus is very different in the way it causes those symptoms.

          For whatever reason some this virus doesn’t create a long lasting immune response. Like the common cold some people who get it can be reinfected soon after recovering.

          Also the accumulated viral load seem to have an affect on how seriously this virus affects you. a disproportional number of health care workers are getting pneumonia and dying because of this.

          Of the people diagnosed 1 in 6 end up in hospital with pneumonia and once you are there and on a ventilator only 5% recover.

          We don’t know yet if there is long term damage to the lungs like there is with SARS. many SARS patients were crippled for life once they recovered.

          To date it’s primarily those over 85 who die but those patients only make up 10% of patients needing hospitalization. the vast majority of those needing hospitalization are between 30 and 65.

          As resources like ventilators, rooms with negative air pressure and skilled doctors and nurses get used up the rate of those who die skyrockets and other patients in hospital get infected.

          This is a virus. Viruses are extremely difficult to ‘cure’ with drugs because viruses aren’t alive. They are strands of RNA or DNA that bind to cells and hijack them. Forget about a wonder drug like antibiotics for viruses. This virus doesn’t seem to produce an effective antibody reaction either so a vaccine is going to be difficult to make.

          This virus doesn’t show symptoms from 4 days to up to 14 days so you could have it and be walking around infecting people and don’t know it and this virus has an R factor of 2. An R factor of 1 is exponential growth.

          Please just isolate yourself until this is over and you can start spreading your theories once this is all over. No bullshit brother this is serious. If we do this right we can kill this virus in it’s tracks.

          I sincerely hope I’m wrong but people that I know and trust in the medical profession who’ve been through this before are scared shitless right now. They’re going to war and they know not all of them will survive if we get a full blown runaway pandemic. Just for now support the troops.

          • Ronald

            As you know this is (another sars) Sars Cov19
            “In this case death statistics are irrelevant”
            “With the novel corona virus,16 % of the people who show symptoms end up with pneumonia and need at least a week of hospitalization to recover”.
            With no disrespect to the medical profession I object to calling them ‘troops’. Because we the people have been lied to by that government that sends real troops into unnecessary wars, killing millions, and use the media to sell our acceptance.
            There is no testing, of the general population, only of those with symptoms, so we do not know the % of infection out of the total population, or at least in the US and Canada.
            So out of the 16 % with pneumonia only 5 % recover ? Is that right ?
            Death statistics are important, because if we kill our economy, the death count will dwarf the Sars Cov19.
            Millions dying is much worse than hundreds of thousands.
            Loosing our freedoms to fear based propaganda is not to be tolerated.

          • Wayne Nicholson

            “So out of the 16 % with pneumonia only 5 % recover ? Is that right ?”

            No. Only 5% who end up in an ICU bed survive. 16% have pneumonia severe enough to end up in a hospital. I’ve had pneumonia twice in my life and never needed to be admitted to hospital. To end up in an ICU bed you’re pretty well drowning.

            “There is no testing, of the general population, only of those with symptoms, so we do not know the % of infection out of the total population, or at least in the US and Canada.”

            That is unfortunate … you’d think they’d at least take the temperature of everyone getting off a plane or entering the subway so they could identify who have fevers and pull them aside. We don’t have enough test kits …. the strategy now where I’m at in Canada is have everyone isolate as much as possible and have a phone number to call if you get symptoms. You can then go to a special clinic to get tested. My wife and I have been isolated for 9 days now …. by 14 days without symptoms we know we don’t have the virus. Then it’s just a case of social distancing, masks and gloves to go out.

            “Death statistics are important, because if we kill our economy, the death count will dwarf the Sars Cov19.”

            I agree it counts but it’s still irrelevant. Death follows the infection so stopping death is a function of stopping the infection from spreading. Focus on the infection rate because if the infection is allowed to spread uncontrollably not only will raw number of dead rise but the rate of mortality will rise because there are less patients recieving care from a limited number of patients. Also if they get swamped with covid patients they will lose infection control in the hospitals spreading the virus to the non covid patients.

            “Loosing our freedoms to fear based propaganda is not to be tolerated”.

            This isn’t fear or panic …. it’s respect for a deadly pathogen. The loss of freedom is an interesting way of looking at things. When you end up in hospital, tubes stuck in every orafice with a machine breathing for you and a medical team making life and death decisions for you are you free?

            What you’re being asked to do is limit your freedom of movement for a time to keep people from getting sick and dying. Were not just talking about losing sick parents or children but doctors nurses and patients at hospitals because the risk for serious illness with this virus seems to increase with exposure so by slowing the rate of infection you are saving the lives of the very people you may need to save yours.

          • Ronald

            Wayne Nicholson
            Thank you for getting back and trying to answer my questions.
            You say this is not fear or panic but respect for a deadly pathogen.
            Yet our governments actions appear irrational.
            The Chinese government built a separate 10,000 bed hospital in ten days in order to treat this pathogen, so that ‘normal’ hospitals and their functions were not compromised. That was rational.
            Our governments appear to be willing to do nothing except tell citizens to stop working, ‘self isolate’ and engage in ‘social distancing’, without defining for how long.
            Starvation, chaos and anarchy are also deadly.
            There are still no masks or test kits, never mind talk of building separate hospital facilities.
            In stead we have the banks and the airlines in queue for the dole, and if they don’t get it all, there may be a few crumbs left for small business owners and normal working people. Meanwhile we have Trudeau spending big money supporting jihadists on the Greek islands, and Trump still trying to crucify Iran. Forgive my ranting.
            “Focus on the infection rate”, but how do we do that without even sample testing.
            I certainly do not hold you accountable for the lack of reasonable leadership, and do thank your for communications.

          • Wayne Nicholson

            We have a medical crisis and a financial crisis happening at the same time. They are 2 different problem and the solution for one makes the other one worse and visa versa. This is just a bad, bad, terrible, awful situation. Possibly the worst timing in history. All we need now is an earthquake, tsunami and wildfires to make the whole mess complete.

            As far as stocking test kits for this virus …. how do you have a stockpile of test kits for a virus that you didn’t know existed until a few months ago? The Chinese government has central planning and control over their economy …. they can build a highway interchange complete with concrete bridges and pavement overnight that would take us a year to build

            In my opinion Canada is prepared for the medical crisis better than the USA. It may not be evident but we’ve been prepared for this since the 2003 SARS epidemic and the feds have stockpiles of equipment and PPE and a plan for just this type of emergency. What we don’t have is a stockpile of respirologists and ICU nurses so we have to take special care of the ones we have.

            In the USA right now they can’t decide which crisis is worse. Fight the virus and the economy collapses …. restart the economy and the virus explodes. It’s a no win situation. if they do restart the economy and the virus does explode then fighting the virus takes even more severe measures and the economy ends up even worse. IMO this is a crisis 30 years in the making however if Trump would have faced the reality of the stock bubble and allowed the fed to raise interest rates and stop QE to ease the bond crisis that threatens to destroy the financial system perhaps they wouldn’t be in a panic today.

            “Focus on the infection rate”, but how do we do that without even sample testing.”

            The real infection rate will likely never be known through testing only derived through mathematical models. The do know this viruses Ro number which is how fast it’s likely to spread, but like a fire ( a fire you can’t extinguish) you can only guess at what it’s going to do …. environmental conditions like fuel density, weather and man made fire breaks can either slow it down or speed it up

            That’s why the focus has to be on social distancing and isolation. If you starve the fire of fuel you slow it’s spread. What you want to do is keep people out of the hospitals at all costs.

            “Forgive my ranting.”

            You’re ranting is more than justified. I’d join you but as long as my supply of weed and scotch holds out I got it under control.

          • Ronald

            Wayne Nicholson
            Enjoyed your come back, especially the scotch and weed !
            If we keep our heads on, we can hope to come out alive.
            I will offer you a perspective from a Stanford medical professor you may enjoy…. ((link below) One key point that he made is, we do not know if lock down and social distancing work.
            Personally, I think it reeks of insidious social conditioning aimed at discouraging social communication at a time when we need it most.
            Our governments have central planning, its called the budget. It just our governments would rather bail out the air lines than create solutions. We can produce newsprint, I’m certain we can budget face masks and specialized hospitals.
            Note; in Jan., I posted something I had found on Fars News Agency
            on face masks. The article quoted a study from the UofA, a Chinese professor had discovered a ‘salt solution’ that killed Sars 19 on contact when applied to a face mask. Here’s the link, enjoy the day.

            A Fiasco in the Making? As the Coronavirus Pandemic Takes Hold, We

          • Bobby Twoshoes

            “For whatever reason some this virus doesn’t create a long lasting immune response”

            Just don’t go believing in “conspiracies”.

            I’m telling you that you can’t see the forest for the trees. You may have specialist knowledge but the problem with specialists is they tend to write off anything outside their area of expertise.

            The Patriot Act was introduced to “fight” al Qaeda, now al Qaeda not only still exists but is receiving aid from the US, no terrorists have ever been convicted with the expanded powers but plenty of US peasants have and the rest are still subject to wiretaps and more. Why are smart people so dumb?

          • Wayne Nicholson

            “Why are smart people so dumb?”

            Madison Avenue and the PR industry …. particularly the work of Edward Bernays. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays

            That industry has been keeping the world engaged in the US ponzi scheme since the days of the robber barons. The last thing they want are Americans staying home thinking about their situation without access to retail therapy.

  • Garga

    I wonder how much of these things end up in a particular tiny land on the eastern shores of the Med, whose officials a couple of days ago boasted about a complicated mission by their intelligence service to acquire 100k masks and other items.
    What on earth that means?

  • klove and light