Poland Hit by ‘Nuclear Option’: Brussels Makes Polexit Feasible

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Written by Alex Gorka; Originally appeared at strategic-culture.org

The European Commission has decided to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the EU after two years of dispute over judicial reforms that Brussels says undermine Polish courts’ independence. The Commission believes that “Judicial reforms in Poland mean that the country’s judiciary is now under the political control of the ruling majority. In the absence of judicial independence, serious questions are raised about the effective application of EU law.” One of the reforms was the government’s move to grant the president greater powers to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, whose duties include confirming election results. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron had publicly agreed to back Article 7 proceedings against Poland before the Commission’s meeting.

Poland Hit by ‘Nuclear Option’: Brussels Makes Polexit Feasible

The executive branch of the EU triggered Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, popularly known as ‘the nuclear option’. The procedure could eventually lead to Poland losing its voting rights in the EU. The European Commission has taken an unprecedented step in the history of the bloc. This is the first time an EU member will face legal procedures for non-compliance with the rules established by Brussels. One senior EU diplomat told the Financial Times it was a momentous decision to “cross the Rubicon”. The Commission will now ask the other EU governments to declare that Poland’s changes to the judiciary constitute a breach of law.

As the standoff escalates, EU officials are separately considering limiting access to EU funds in the post-2020 budget for any country that disrespects the bloc’s values. Brussels has pledged to deliver a total of 229 billion euros ($271 billion) in aid to Poland through 2021.

EU governments, meeting in the Council of the European Union, will hear Poland out and discuss further steps. But if 22 out of 28 members (a majority of four-fifths) and the European Parliament are not satisfied in the end, the process will move on to the next stages, which may mean punitive measures. Warsaw is given three months to correct the situation; otherwise it risks the prospect of coming under sanctions, including the suspension of the voting rights and EU financial transfers. Poland is the biggest beneficiary of European funds aimed at improving living standards.

Poland’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has explained that he is committed to the judicial reforms and has warned that Poland will not “allow ourselves to be blackmailed”. He believes that the move is taken to punish Warsaw for its refusal to take in more refugees.

EU’s First Vice President Frans Timmermans said he was acting “with a heavy heart” but was obliged to take action to protect the Union as a whole. According to him, “As guardians of the treaty, the Commission is under a strict responsibility to act … If the application of the rule of law is left completely to the individual member states, then the whole of the EU will suffer.” European Council President Donald Tusk, a Polish citizen, said that “Poland is currently seen as a force for disintegration of the European Union (EU) and hence it is important to end the destruction of Warsaw’s reputation.”

The step against Poland – one which may herald the future fracturing of the EU – is taken at a time the UK is on its way out of the bloc and the EU institutions are battling a rise in Eurosceptic nationalism across the Old Continent. With sanctions in force and hard pressure exerted by Brussels on the immigrants’ issue, Polexit may not be so far away. Other members facing the same problems may follow the example to trigger a chain reaction and make the “European unity” become history.

Fierce differences of opinion have been evident in some of the disputes between Western and Central Europe. The Visegrad Group, made up of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is an alliance inside the EU. Hungary has already declared that it would not support such a motion against Poland. It even threatened to use the right of veto if such a decision were taken. The European Parliament adopted a resolution in May 2017 saying there was “a serious deterioration” of the rule of law and democracy in Hungary and calling on the EU to trigger Article 7, but the process has not yet started. The Czech Republic and Slovakia may also side with Poland.

Poland and Hungary support strengthening the role of the national parliaments in European politics and ensuring the proper application of the principle of subsidiarity. They point out the need to concentrate on securing external borders and oppose the EU’s quota system for refugees, emphasizing that this problem should be tackled at national level.

In February, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions on strengthening centralization of the bloc. One of the resolutions proposes limiting or even totally abolishing the right of individual member states not to comply with collective decisions – just exactly what the Visegrad group members so vehemently oppose.

The divisions inside the EU have triggered discussions of the ways to move further creating multi-speed Europe.

The idea boils down to EU integration in subgroups, which is already de facto happening. But the creation of subgroups means breaking up the much-vaunted unity.

Poland and Hungary are not the only targets for “punishment”.

Romania could face penalties from the European Union similar to the procedure launched against Poland this week if it presses ahead with the changes to its judiciary system. Romania’s Senate has also approved a bill that is part of a widely-condemned judicial overhaul, which is also considered to be an attempt by politicians to take control of the justice system. The move has been criticized by the European Commission.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have failed to form a coalition with Germany’s Free Democrats (FDP) and the Social Democrats. The end of Merkel’s era is in sight. Germany may be moving to a snap election and there is a big chance Angela Merkel will not lead her party being blamed for the prolonged political crisis. Another chancellor may review Germany’s EU policy with ensuing institutional reforms to reform the bloc. The stance on the relations with the countries of Central Europe as well as Russia may alter. Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP), the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Left-wing party (Die Linke), and the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) – all of them are calling for improving the relations with Moscow.

If a new election is held sometime in March, the outcome is to be by and large the same as it was in September. Unlike French President Macron, a new chancellor will not enjoy strong support of the ruling party in parliament. Many things will change. The bloc will have to reform or face the threat of disintegration. The triggered “nuclear option” rings an alarm bell for the European Union.

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Tudor Miron



When has the EU ever been interested in true democracy ? :)
It all sounds rather like The Pot Calling the Kettle Black to me :)


If Pol’s has any sense they would leave the EU as fast as they can. Getting “free stuff” isn’t worth the loss of national sovereignty.


Poland was used by the west to attack Germany in WW2.
WW1 was the time of the creation of Poland in German lands to give Poles access to the sea.

After WW2, millions of Germans in Poland were expelled.

Real Anti-Racist Action

100% right.
Polish atrocities against Germans
Postby Chief Whip » 28 Apr 2002, 18:46
In the wake of the Versailler Vertrag, many Germans found themselves living in Polish territory and ruled by Poles. Poland was highly hostile to Germany and especially the German minority which found itself dislocated, something that spawned from even before W.W.I but would reach its peak after the first World War.

The first Polish atrocities against Germans took place during the what is called “dritten polnischen Aufstands” (the ‘third Polish uprise’) in Upper Silesia in May and June 1921. (1)

On the fifteenth of May 1927 an anti-German pogrom took place in Rybnik. (2)

Starting from April/May 1939 regularly assaults started taking place, the atrocities were no longer sporadic but the increasing hate-feelings of the Poles started to show. Several months before Germany invaded Poland, the news and radio services in Poland spread the message that; “daß im Kriegsfalle kein einheimischer Feind lebend entrinnen wird”. (3)

“In the case of war, no ethnical enemy (meaning the Germans living in Poland) will escape alive.”

Also before the outbreak of war, the Poles constructed two concentration camps where the German population was to be brought too after being arrested, and, if we listen to the Polish media, annihilated. One was situated at Polowanie, the other one at Niemcow. (4)

The outbreak of the war on 1.9.39 between Germany and Poland was to seal the fate for a lot of Germans. The hunt against them began immediately, as planned by the Polish authorities. The main centre of outbreak of these pogroms was the city of Bromberg, where German inhabitans were slaughtered like beasts. This day is known in German history as “Bromberger Blutsonntag” (5). Lodz, the Polish corridor and Ostpreußen were also the background of Polish deportations and atrocities.

Murdered, pregnant, German woman during the anti-German pogroms of September 1939. She was killed and buried. Even after her death, birth took place as can be seen from her dead child which did not yet left the womb entirely.

Deportations started with lists of all German residents who were to be arrested and deported. These lists had been long prepared. Officially, the ground on which these people were arrested and deported concluded ‘espionage’ or ‘subversive activity’. The arrested civilians were brought to Eastern-Poland on foot-marches. Those, who could not follow, were struck dead. Of the 700 arrested Germans from Obornik, 231 were killed during the march (6). The perpetrators of these acts were Polish policemen and paramilitary youth-units.

The Ukrainian minority in Poland also suffered from these attacks by Poles. (7)

Poland now admits that these atrocities took place, and the government has come up with the number of 3.841 casualties. German sources, however, established a total of 5.490 deaths and missing people, with hints that the total number is likely to be over 6.000. (8)

1. “Die Geschichte der polnischen Nation 1918-1978”, Hans Roos, p. 180.
2. Alfred Bohmann, “Menschen und Grenzen”, p. 38.
3. Peter Aurich, “Der deutsch-polnische September 1939”, p. 48, Theodor Bierschenk, “Die deutsche Volksgruppe in Polen 1934-1939” p. 319
4. Zayas, Alfred M. de/Rabus, Walter: “Die Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle” p. 249
5. Mühlfenzl, Rudolf, “Geflohen und vertrieben”, p. 36
6. Nawratil, Heinz, “Schwarzbuch der Vertreibung 1945-1948”, p. 43-52
7. Ibid. op. cit.: de Zayas
8. Zayas/Rabus, p. 244 (an estimated 4000-5000 casualties) op.cit.: Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle + Schubert, Günter: ‘Das Unternehmen “Bromberger Blutsonntag” ‘, p. 199.



WW1 and WW2 where directed by the west to destroy and occupy Germany : the leading country, powerful and independent country in Europe. Germany was the greater threat for the west.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That’s quite appalling. How do they get away with saying these kinds of things?

Real Anti-Racist Action

Masters who dominate a population group get away with a lot.
Just like the unelected crown over the UK-Empire.
The Welsh and Scottish and English have fought multiple wars and revolutions and civil wars to depose them.
Over time all the blood lines that provided what is needed to resist and stand for freedom where killed off.
Today their is no more strength lefts to oppose the Queen or her Jewish husband Prince Philip. The back of the indigenous people have been utterly broken in every way shape and form. Sadly….


Surely not, the Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Defender of the Faith. She’s like the Ayatollah of Iran, but for Christian England. I’m sure she’s not involved in whatever conspiracy goes on.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Queen has never publicly declared that Christ is her savior.
The Queen funds schools saying we are apes. She has not funded any missionaries to Saudi Arabia or any place else.
She is as Atheist as China is. She is more like anti-Christ then anything.
You will never find a youtube video of her saying that Christ is the way to heaven ever. And the Church of England is just that, the Church of England, not the Christ of Jesus.
The Church of England worships England. The church of Christ worships Christ.
Whatever the church is ‘of’ is whom it worships.

Uche Anthony Esealuka

The Queen is the official head of the Church of England. She is not the spiritual head in the same way that the pope is of the Catholic Church. There are notable differences. It may also interest you to know that they are more Catholics now in England than they are Protestants. Granted, some of these Catholics are aliens.

Whether one accepts or rejects, there is testamental proof in Scripture that Christ gave the key to heaven to Peter and told him, that whom so ever he sets free on earth that Christ will set free in heaven. That who so ever he binds on earth that he, Christ will bound in heaven. The Church of England accepts this fundamental scriptural fact and see themselves connected to this promise given to Peter as part of the “apostolic succession”. They have never claimed that Elizabeth was given this key.

It is you who is claiming a non- existent standard, and it also you who is using this non-existent standard to assess the English monarchy.


What a disgusting lies… First read some history books about Germans attrocitties against Poles during war and racist plans towards all Slavic nations before war. Poland started WW2? What an utter idiot :D Educate yourself

Uche Anthony Esealuka

It is amazing the ignorance that some of these posters marinate themselves in and they believe they are entitled to have an opinion. I mean, how can one hope to contribute to knowledge when one is not even familiar with the history or the dominant ideas of their times?Germany, in the past, had always looked eastward, either to civilize or to kill the natives.


That’s also why the west is entering massive “refugees” into Germany. To be sure that this country never recover. Because without being destroyed by stupid foreigners, Germany will recover one day.


Germany has allowed an inflow of refugees as cheap labour to care for its fast ageing population, and to make itself more multi-cultural


Nope. The german politicians (that don’t work for Germany but for the globalists) imported massive “refugees” in Germany to destroy Germany for good. After Germany is dead for good, Europe is finished.


I agree that Germany is the core of the Europe, the rest sink or swim with Germany.

However, a couple of million refugees from a diverse range of African and west Asian countries are not going to bring down that historic superpower. The uptick in the crime rate will be small. They’ll make German culture a bit more socially conservative with their more traditionalist attitudes to sex. Being young, they’ll raise the birth rate a bit. Some will marry Germans, some won’t. All their children will grow up speaking fluent German.

The descendants of Syrians and Lebanese who migrated to the USA 50 to 100 years ago are now completely indistinguishable from Americans with a European background. These new refugees to Germany, making up 1 or 2% of the population, will only have a small cultural impact on Germany. Mostly positive.


If you keep imported low IQ people and foreigners, they will at the end destroy the country. Low IQ will create big problems. And foreigners will integrate after 100 or 200 years. And jews never ever integrate.

It will also bring islam into Germany. And so, it will bring serious problems into the country.

It will also allow the globalists to maintain their power into Germany by creating problems with religion and racism. Divide to rule.


I don’t think immigrants have low IQs. Immigrants are at the bottom of the social ladder, with no influence on how society is run, so they won’t have any ability to make Germany’s political or social establishment more Islamic. However by bringing new and different ideas, they will make German culture tougher and more resilient.


I don’t think so. Foreigners will destroy the cohesion of the nation by inside just like Germans let jews enter their country and after jews have returned against them.

Germans must liberate Germany from the globalists. Otherwise, they are just simple slaves.

And the globalists are bringing more foreigners to use the divisions to always submit Germans and make them work for them.

So, Germans are in front of three universalism that help each other to reach the same goal : globalists, jews and sunnis.

Then, if Germany recovers one day, Germany can help poor countries developping like they want and can reach an enormous economic growth because Germans can just make everything.


Globalism is necessary though. The advance of science and technology mean the old ways of ethno-nationalism can’t work any more. There needs to be supra national governance and universal values to establish peace and stability in the world.

The breaking down of old cultural values is a necessary part of this, it is creative destruction. Part is done by international migration, most is done through Hollywood, capitalism and sexual liberalism. When people no longer feel attached to the old ethno-nationalist values, which caused all the wars and conflicts of old, they can adopt something better, to build the new global society.


A new society with people with no root no history no origin no culture good to be slaves. Exactly what want globalists. So, you lied about what you said before.


About what? I said a couple of million refugees wouldn’t make Germany Muslim. That is true. I didn’t say Germany or the rest of Europe would stay the same forever. It won’t. Western countries have already changed hugely, they’re more or less unrecognisable from how they were 120 years ago. That change isn’t going to stop. Even 100 Donald Trumps can’t stop time.


That’s exactly what zionists that flooded Europe with foreigners say. Of course, people like you like bastard people with no root no culture and no origin druged with religion like Americans. They make very good slaves. The new devise is “Work for the globalist corporations slaves”.

When I hear you, I hear Barabra Specter.

Yes you lied.


You haven’t said what you think I lied about.

What makes Americans slavish is the culture of plutocracy, tipping, and the complete absence of social protection.

If you have to suck off your customers to earn more than a starvation wage, of course you’re going to learn to be servile. That’s not the fault of muslims or globalists. That’s the stupidly low minimum wage in America.

If you have no employment rights, and losing your job means you lose your healthcare, of course you’re going to be a slave to your boss. Again that’s not the globalists and it’s not the muslims. It’s capitalism.

Immigrants are not rootless. They have a culture that they’re from. But they know they can’t live their lives in the same culture. They know they have to adapt, learn new ways and customs. That doesn’t make them bastards. It’s the sexual liberalism that has made most of Europe fatherless.


Americans are slaves because they have no civilisation. Their society can’t survive. They survive by destroying what have no been destroyed.

Children of immigrants will be rootless like their children and the children of the children. I even don’t know why someone will go live to USA knowing that their children will be rootless bastards.


i see your point and fully agree with you. however! by engaging yourself in communicating with him you are doing him a favor; you are giving him a platform to spread his propaganda. let him be whatever he wants. ignore him.

Arthur Smith

Besides globalism there are other forms of supranatonal integration, which is what actually necessary.


And I’m not talking about syrians or lebanese. I don’t think that these people will migrate by millions. If the west didn’t destroy their country, they will never go into Germany.


are you a spokesperson for merkel or her attorney?


I’m not German, but I do admire her political skills


like what skills? complete subordination to the zio-mafia? and if you are not German then let the Germans decide for themselves


Like ruling over her party and country. She has no natural charisma, she maintains her position through pure competence and ruthlessness. Got to admire that.

Arthur Smith

Many people don’t want to assimilate or even learn language.


Polish assholelickers EU and USA,gets Christmas present ! HO,HO HOOO!

Doom Sternz

There is substantial evidence indicating that the Poles had been participating actively in the formation of death squads in Ukraine since September 2013. Also there is substantial evidence that the Right Sector militants were trained by Donald Tusk’s government in Poland two months in advance of what was obviously a pre-planned coup. The Polish press even published the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup where the Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski invited 86 members of the Right Sector to the police training center in Legionowo. There, they received four weeks of intensive training in crowd management, person recognition, combat tactics, command skills, behavior in crisis situations, protection against gases used by police, erecting barricades, and shooting, including the handling of sniper rifles. Donald Tusk, who is now President of the European Council, whose grandfather, Josef Tusk, served in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, has consistently demanded that the Kiev regime imposed by the US and EU deal with the Donbass people brutally, “as with terrorists”.

While the Polish special services were training the future participants of the Maidan operations and the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made this official statement (02-02-2014): “We support the hard line taken by the Right Sector… The radical actions of the Right Sector and other militant groups of demonstrators and the use of force by protesters are justified… The Right Sector has taken full responsibility for all the acts of violence during the recent protests. This is an honest position, and we respect it. The politicians have failed at their peacekeeping function. This means that the only acceptable option is the radical actions of the Right Sector. There is no other alternative”.

In this statement by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs we can see that the Polish government (NATO) is using violence (radical actions) as a means of ensuring the Ukrainian politicians fail in their peace keeping functions. Ukraine illustrates the role assigned by NATO to Poland. To overthrow the government of its neighbour state, Donald Tusk resorted to neo Nazi activists in the same way that NATO in Turkey uses Al-Qaeda (Al Nusra Front) to overthrow the Syrian government

The Maidan demonstrations in early 2014, which led to the overthrow of the legally elected Ukrainian government witnessed an estimated 15,000 people marching in celebration of Stepan Bandera’s 105th birthday. The neo-Nazi Svoboda Party along with the Fatherland Party of Yulia Tymoshenko both supported this commemoration of the former Nazi ally and war criminal. In the late 1930s Stepan Bandera became the leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was the name of the Ukrainian partisan paramilitary force that arose from the OUN and fought Soviet armies in the 1940s. During World War II the OUN worked with the German occupation and participated in the massacre of Jews, Poles, and Russians.

Lord Lemur

Interesting. Maybe we could use these RightWingPoleSquads to ferret out subversives in America

i bet they’d be really good at deporting fake American spics

John Whitehot

Predictably , the east part of EU acts to destroy it ,on US orders.
To make a long story short, the US want to destroy the euro as itsba threat to the dollar power , while the cabals want to destroy all the foundations on which Christianity has based itself.

If a poor bastard like me can make this hypothesis, I wonder if people in power in France and Germany ever give it a thought

Lord Lemur

lol the US is 100% behind the EU, or rather, the US elite is. Stop thinking in terms of blocks and start thinking in terms of transnational elite networks which may disagree on a few matters depending on which node they belong to

John Whitehot

i don’t think in terms of blocks but in terms of money.

the US has done everything to destroy Europe economically and to limit its independence.

NATO exist as a mean for the US to keep substantial military assets on EU territory.

And I won’t start thinking in terms of “transnational elites”, because they are something of which very little is known, and what is known is probably false and made to divert public attention where they need to.


The US has some elites who support EU, others who dont.

Poland is part of the neocon group, although their country is national conservatives.
If they leave the EU they would still be part of US axis of evil.

Neither EU or NATO is good.
EU would be good if it stopped being so liberal, but thats not the case.
In fact they easily bend to US pressure.

Ariel Cohen

This is exactly why a totalitarian political structure like the EU is so dangerous. The underlying shadow globalist agenda is to gradually destroy the sovereignty of each member, reducing them to Catalonian type provinces of the new united European states. Leaders of these member states must surrender their sovereignty for money, much like a prostitute surrenders her body for payment. The pressure and plan to accept millions of refugees further erodes the cultural foundation of the receiving state, gradually eliminating what’s left of their European Christian heritage so that each member state then becomes a mish mash, multi-cultural, mongrelized welfare state that can no longer offer any real resistance to the global manipulators . .


Good, the EU is an evil organization that needs to be killed-off.


Start preparing for a referendum. Save yourselves from globalism.

Langaniso Mhlobo

This is EU and USA agendas force you to belief in what their proposed.Calling brix buildings a church decide and implement Pagan feast day as Jesus birth day.Call it crismass to lead blinds to devils abyss.

Making Santa Crous and call him father Christmas.Corrupting small growing children’s minds.There is only one father in heaven.Do you think Jews and Muslims will celebrate if it was Jesus celebration.

George King

A little adjustment here, “Makes unelected Belgium a powerful lil country now don’t it”, indeed.


“This is the first time an EU member will face legal procedures for non-compliance with the rules established by Brussels.”
So …. according to Brussels, member nation sovereignty is subject to ….. Brussels?
Makes Belgium a powerful lil country now don’t it.

What started as an economic union looks like it wants to become a ‘United States of Europe.’ …Based on the American model I guess. Now would be a good time to get out.

Al Hope

Can the ESSU be made the EU again or must every European population preserve themselves by departing from the Marxist Occupied ESSU and their Mass Immivasion and Population Replacement Operations?

End the Euro-cleanse. Demand ZERO Legal Immigration!


Germany taking high handed, overbearing, approach towards central Europe – nothing new there.

Ariel Cohen

When you are a member of a Nazi-like political structure, that exercises domination over your nation in almost every sphere of life and government, then that totalitarian order starts threatening you because you are not following their hegemonist rules . . it’s time to get out and let the whole rotten structure collapse . .