Polish Foreign Ministry Up In Arms Over Vladimir Putin’s WW2 Remarks


Polish Foreign Ministry Up In Arms Over Vladimir Putin's WW2 Remarks

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz. Click to see full-size image

Poland is in hysteria, after a comment by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact, in a response during the President’s annual press conference.

The question was asked by Kira Latukhina from Rossiyskaya Gazeta, and is the following:

“I would like to return to the issue of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Next year we will celebrate the anniversary – the 75th anniversary, the Year of Memory and Glory. But at the same time, in September this year, the European Parliament adopted a resolution stating that Nazism and fascism are equated with the Soviet regime, having timed it with the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. They are calling it totalitarianism and suggesting introducing a new international holiday to celebrate the day of heroes of the fight against totalitarianism on May 25. What do you think about it? What is your opinion?”

In response, Putin said the following:

“There is nothing good about totalitarianism, it is worthy of condemnation, without any doubt.

I know about the European Parliament’s decision. I consider it absolutely unacceptable and wrong, because you can condemn Stalinism and totalitarianism as a whole, and in some ways these will be well-deserved reproaches. Our people were the biggest victims of totalitarianism. We condemned it and the personality cult and so on.

But to equate the Soviet Union or to put the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on one level is incredible cynicism. This means that people do not know history; they cannot read or write. Let them read the documents of that time, let them see how the so-called Munich Agreement was signed in 1938, when the heads of the leading countries – France, Great Britain – signed an agreement with Hitler on the partition of Czechoslovakia.”

But, the part of his comments that angered Poland followed afterwards:

“How did Poland behave in this situation, which, as one diplomat wrote at the time, “did everything possible to participate in the partition of Czechoslovakia?” How did the Soviet Union behave then, proposing to all participants in international life to create a united anti-Nazi front?

And how, by not creating it, they were really trying to push Hitler to aggression to the East, not realising then that Nazi Germany was interested not in Polish-German relations, but in expanding their living space to the East, that is, war against the Soviet Union.”

Putin asked whether Poland saw its own hypocrisy in the situation and how it took part in the division of Czechoslovakia.

“Yes, they say there were secret protocols, the division of Poland. Poland itself joined in dividing Czechoslovakia. It entered two regions – Tesin and another one. And that’s it. Poland took them over. They in fact gave an ultimatum and set up an entire group for the aggression. But it was not needed because Czechoslovakia surrendered under pressure and gave those territories away. But the Poles did the same.”

Finally, Putin asked the question if the Red Army really did not invade the Polish territories, but rather German troops abandoned them and the USSR forces simply moved in.

“By the way, yes, Soviet troops entered Poland under the protocols. I draw your attention to the following circumstance: the troops did enter but only after the Polish government lost control over their armed forces and over the developments in Poland while the government itself was somewhere near the Polish-Romanian border.”

In response, Poland’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that Putin’s remarks regarding World War II reminded of Stalinist-era propaganda.

In its statement, the ministry wrote that it had received Putin’s words “with concern and incredulity,” and accused the Russian state leader of presenting a false version of history.

According to the ministry, the Russian President’s words forfeited efforts by Polish and Russian experts to-date to achieve rapprochement in Polish-Russian relations.

“It was with concern and incredulity that we received the Russian authorities’ and President Vladimir Putin’s words concerning the origins and course of the Second World War, which present a false picture of these events and are reminiscent of the propaganda practised in the era of Stalinist totalitarianism. The Russian president’s words (threaten to – PAP) forfeit the work carried out by Polish and Russian experts (…) to find a path of truth and reconciliation in Polish-Russian relations,” the ministry wrote.

The ministry also claimed that in the inter-war years Poland sought a balanced policy towards both Germany and the USSR. It also mentioned the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, saying that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany agreed on the Red Army’s operations in Poland, and then subsequently divided it between themselves.

According to the Polish Foreign Ministry, on September 17, 1939, in defiance of the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact, the Red Army crossed into the territory of the Republic of Poland, carrying out agreements enshrined in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed the preceding month.

Attempts to portray Poland as an innocent white sheep are anti-historic and easily broken up on facts and documents. Just in 1938, Poland patriciapted in the occupation of Czechoslovakia together with Nazi Germany. However, it 1939 it somehow turned into a victim of some agression.



  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    I still don’t get what poland is upset about?

    • Bob Starsky

      then you need to educated yourself about history. ruskies all the time tried to conquer Poland but always were losers, Poles even conquered russia one time, pillaged it, killed their tsars and burned moscow to the ground. since then ruskies are mad cuz they cant do shit to Poles but only cry. ruskies are so pathethic they praise they butchers – bolsheviks – just because bolsheviks at some point hit hard Poles too. Also Ruskies still owe Poland money cuz of treaty of Riga when Poles destroyed ruskies commie invasion

      • meridius

        You are correct in rendering the events, ( the Russians having expended territoriality at the expense of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth). The Russian still own a lot of other nations a lot, however the stronger will always prevail and the weaker has to stay quiet otherwise will get punished yet again.

      • Tiresia Branding

        and Peace Nobel Prize to Jòzef Pilsudski for his Intermarium project(that is still alive)… LOL

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        It wasn’t Russia that was dismembered for 2 hundred years you muppet.

        The German states, Austria, Sweden and Russia all took part, rightly so as the Poles always talk a better fight than they can actually fight.
        Polish troops fight better for foreign armies, than they ever did for Poland. Give Silesia back to Germany.

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        lmao sounds like bullshit, russia can annihilate poland anytime it wants, and you included

  • Redadmiral

    Putin, if anything, was altogether too diplomatic. For when we analyse the Europeen Union we find it is a Fascist construct. The EU parliment is a toothless tiger which rubber stamps all the Noteworthy decisions made either by The Council of Ministers or the Commission. Neither of which are democratically elected bodies. Of course it can be argued that the Council of Ministers has some semblence of democracy as the ministers are elected in their own countries. This is not quite true as many ministers are selected not elected as is the case with Greece and Italy, while a number of other countries have a panel system from where many Ministers are selected, although their selection is predicated on their national election process. (For Example, let’s say there are 5 parties running for 300 seats with another 100 up for grabs depending on the partys %performance in the election in office and all parties must reach 5% of the national ballot in order to secure members of parliment from their panel. Party A gets 35%, B gets 25%, C gets 22% D gets 14%, E gets 4%. Es vote is below the quota, so they do not get a top up from the surplus panel, although they may have gained 10 seats in the election while A may have gained105+35 from the panel with maybe 1/2 more depending on the horse trading. To say the EU is a Democracy is akin to saying the General Electric is a democracy, both are corporate institutions run for their shareholders. And, we whol live and work in the EU are Not shareholders, we are expendable serfs.

  • Michał Hunicz

    Czechoslovakia invaded Zaolzie by 1920 during the Polish-Soviet war, killed PoWs and expelled Polish civilians. And we took what we deserved later, it has nothing to do with collaboration with Germans. And well Soviets were snakes which capitalized on German aggression on us.

    • UncleBourbon

      Exactly, long standing Czechoslovakia-Polish relations do not justify Soviet collusion with the Nazis.
      The Soviets would later invade and occupy Czechoslovakia in 1968 too anyway, so the Czechoslovakia argument is incredibly hypocritical.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, I knew that Putin knows, of course, been a Russian, I can even understand the chousing of using careful wording, and in an sence I agrees, not completely, this isnt the time for going the full monty, but I was a bit surpriced, hehe, now slack jawed but not far off, because and eventually we all have been victims of desite, propaganda and flatout lies.
    Again Putin have my respect, and whom the f…. cares about the Polaks, they, have done much more shit than mostly admitted, incl attacking and slaughtering Russians thru the centurys, incl back to the old days when Russia was an Dutchery of Moscowy.
    They, the Polaks have no credibility and above all, even before the real ww2 started, 1940, Polaks took Checks, etc, like why dont people talk about the second front, the French whom invaded German land, the Brits thru Belgia and Netherland, causus belli, the facts shows us that this was indeed true.

    The lies are plenty, but again, nobody is attacking Russia to day, some morons cant differentiate that, I dont care if they cant, its their problem not ours/mine and I am de facto from an people whom have an reason to be angry, but again, times change, and to day, the problem isnt Russia, apart from my age, I dont have the stamina to start all over again, but the problem is the Nordics, like the present rulers of Norway and Finland, and on top of it they drool something about Minoritys, but thats ok as long you are black enough, the rest they dont give an f…. about, expect the fake North Sami, so called Indiginous.
    All this happened before 1940, and is also an part of why so many people, not because of hating Russians, but because of the Bolshewik rulers, do notice that, because this is what even Putin hinted on.

    But, to give you and others something to read about in this times, this goes to Russians, BalTicks, and Brits, just to mention some few, the Celts origin and so on, dont forget this, when you read history, and by that, European history you always read about so called Indo-europeans, aka from the Caucasus/Near eastern regions as the so called origin of the european people, culture and history, but somehow, even there, they never talk much about the people already living in this regions, up to the artic sea, 2 thousand years ago, the global temp was 2-3deg warmed, it have dropped consdierably since then, even Novaja Semljia had forest etc, etc.
    And I make this short, but reminds people about that the same people whom is faking history from the wars, etc is also the same people faking our european history, and have cutt of, like the ISISraelis is cutting off the natives history, inposess their own as the truth, while the facts isnt there at all, so is our history been obscured to oblivion.

    I give you an link, about the Veneti, this goes back to 3-4 thousand years ago.
    And their writing was in the dark, because it was an NON-indo european laguage, Finnish runes, etc is much older than the so called Norse runes etc, aka it was old Finnish, and Finnish is not indo-european, but is the remants of the orginal lanugage spoken all over the region in Europa, incl the mediterain sea.
    Do notice this, there are other languages that is originates on old Finnish, that is Sumerian writings, etc.


    My humble gift to the Russians, I have more, but is not in any hurry, I know they know, but now they know more.
    Have an nice day.


  • Bob Starsky

    pathethic ruskies not only with their dog mentality, praise their butchers but also lie about alleged polish part in participation of czechosloakia. lmao. so funny to see ruskies so butthurted that ruskies all over cry that czechs gave back in 1938 what they stolen with war crimes in joint russian – czech invasion on Poland in 1919

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    This fake outrage coming from a Poland that has allowed itself to be annexed by Berlin politically and Washington militarily since 1990, even before the bed was left cold with the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.

  • Jim Bim

    Poland together with the 3 Baltic are the most radical right, Russophobic, and pro NATO countries in the EU.
    They are pushing for more hysteria, sanction and confrontation with Russia.

  • Tiresia Branding

    how many polish officers in the SS? 😉

  • meridius

    It is pretty rich for the Poles to be upset about Putin comments, when the Russians gave them at the end of the second world world some of Germany’s most industrialized territories ( Schlesien) and some of Germany’s best ports ( Stettin and Danzig), and some of the most pristine German lands ( the Mazurian lake district in what was once south east Prussia) which now all belong to Poland and not to Germany anymore ( all thanks to Russia).

    I guess they can not still overcome the Polish- Lithuanian dream of extending from the Baltic to the Black See as they did in the 1300 to 1600 hundred when the Russians were still busy fighting the mongols hoards and keeping central Europe safe form the devastation that this would have otherwise inflicted on Poland and Hungary ( the most prominent central European powers at that point). Short memory!

  • UncleBourbon

    SouthFront is fantastic for unbiased news on Syria and Assad, but their Russian news is incredibly biased to the point of propaganda.
    This article is an embarrassment.

  • You can call me Al

    Dear Poloks – fuck off you whinging bastards,

  • Tommy Jensen

    Precisely what I said as the first person commenting about this years ago. Poland killed 6 million of you know who. We are trying to be polite but the truth must come out some day, and why not today.

  • Albert Pike

    Bloody theater then – bloody theater now. It was all question who eats who first, and who gets eaten later. The aim was to create the maximum possible duration of war time – at the cost of millions of dead people in Russia, Europe, China, Japan and Germany – and by the end the state of Israel was born…

    Looks like nobody has ever translated the Josef Landowsky, Rakowskij-Protocols into English which can’t be – gooogle is surly hiding it somewhere:

    And the State of Israel led to more wars – and war means money for the rich…