Popular Mobilization Units Advancing Along Iraqi-Syrian Border

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The Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) are advancing along the Iraqi-Syrian border. The mid-term goal of the advance is to retake the important town of al-Baaj from ISIS terrorists.

Popular Mobilization Units Advancing Along Iraqi-Syrian Border

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Nice – go PMU

Wahid Algiers

Purge the region of ISIS and go on…


the problem is what is going to happen when isis is gone

Kristy Rain

An intensive, white-knuckle, nail-biting, nerve wracking land grab that will be a M.East, militarized version of Amazing Race with violent, sharp, and quick jabs of intense and shockingly vicious confrontations on the ground and devastatinget attacks from the air.

The chips are down, all bets are off, and the Mother of the Mother of all battles commences – A war on the shore of the Sea of Sand and desert.


Impressive adverb adjective collection in one and the same sentence!


Even the 1967 conflict will look pale by comparison ! :)


will turkey be reduced finally?


Kick out the next batch of US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers.


The winners duke it out, then the winners of that fight duke it out, then of that fight, etc

Pave Way IV

Note how the Barzani mafia & KDP cling to the east side of Mt. Sinjar at the behest of their U.S./Israeli/Turkish masters. The U.S. and Israel want that mountain for electronic spying and air defense.

The U.S. originally ordered Barzani to absorb the Yezidis living around the Sinjar mountains into the KDP, The Yezidis resisted wanting their own autonomy – they didn’t want to be part of Barzanistan. As a result, the U.S. ‘steered’ ISIS to Sinjar to genocide the Yezidis. Barzani waited until they were mostly slaughtered before lifting a finger to help them.

The PKK Kurds hate Barzani and rushed in to help the Yezidi as best they could. That’s the reason the map shows YBS and PKK. The YBS is basically the Yezidi YPG/YPJ. For appearances sake, Barzani can’t order his KDP to fight/kill the Yezidi directly – he used ISIS for that. The day will come when the YBS and their PKK pals try to kick Barzani’s ass off of the Sinjar Mountains for good. The only question is how will the U.S./Turkey and Israel get their little bitch Barzani to hold Mt. Sinjar for them.

The PMU like the Yezidi and are cool with the PKK. I think they would step in and help them in Sinjar in a heartbeat if Barzani tried anything. The U.S. is pissed that the PMU is screwing up their plans for Headchopperistan in eastern Syria, but they’re really worried that the PMU might help the Yezidi. The U.S. wants that mountain and would have CENTCOM slaughter every last Yezidi and PMU militiaman if they could get away with it. They can’t, but they’re getting desperate.

The U.S. is dangerous when it gets desperate – expect more evil around Mt. Sinjar in the near future.