Priming For Great Power Conflict: U.S. Army To Field Mid-Range Missile Battery Soon

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The US Army is hard at work on its newest medium-range missile battery, and plans to field the first unit by September 2023.

This unit would also be the first ever mobile medium-range missile battery of the US Army, and three more are to follow.

The Army is pursuing a Mid-Range Capability (MRC) to fill the gap in the service’s fires portfolio between the Precision Strike Missile’s (PrSM) initial capability of roughly 499 kilometers and ranges it expects to achieve with ground-launched hypersonic missiles.

After the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty fell apart, the US immediately began revealing in-development missiles that would be in breach of the treaty.

The effort on developing the new mid-range missile battery is being led by the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) but once the first battery is fielded, the program will transfer to the Army’s Program Executive Office for Missiles & Space.

In 2022, the Army will assemble both the MRC launcher payload deployment system and the first Battery Operations Center (BOC) for the first battery.

A battery will consist of four launchers and one BOC, but the number and distribution of missiles included in the battery is classified.

A system integration and checkout is scheduled for the third quarter of FY22 followed by initial fielding and training to the first unit beginning in the first quarter of FY23.

The Army will seek a release to deploy the system in the third quarter of FY23, according to the schedule in the documents and will conduct an SM-6 test and a Tomahawk test also in the third quarter of FY23.

This development is moving rapidly, but the US Army works in several directions, as it is also beginning funding in FY22 to extend the range of PrSM out to 1,000 kilometers as part of its layered approach.

Mixing and matching ranges from different locations “creates an incredible dilemma for the enemy,” Brig. Gen. John Rafferty said. Rafferty is in charge of Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) modernization.

These developments and more are part of the renewed US strategy, poised at great power conflict and the need to defeat “peer aggression.”

All of the U.S. military services are investing in new long-range strike systems to meet this need.

The Army is investing in medium-range and very long-range surface-to-surface missiles to equip its newly formed Indo-Pacific and Europe Multi-Domain Task Forces (MDTF).

The Air Force, which has long provided DOD with the preponderance of its long-range strike capacity, is acquiring B-21 stealth bombers, next-generation cruise missiles, and other munitions that can be delivered by aircraft against targets in contested areas.

The Navy and Marine Corps are fielding new strike munitions for sea control and sea denial in the Indo-Pacific, including ship-borne long-range hypersonic boost-glide land attack weapons and vehicle-mounted medium-range missiles capable of attacking ships in littoral areas.

The Navy and Air Force are also increasing the range, effectiveness, and capacity of the “kill chain” needed to find, fix, track, and attack targets over long ranges.

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All the US theoretical crap listed above is years away from actual deployment. Congratulations american clowns, you are still 20 years behind the Russians & Chinese.

Last edited 1 year ago by block

These Americunts are vastly superior!

Look out ruskies and chinks… Emma is gunning for you!

Icarus Tanović

I was just about to say that, but not just 20 years, but something like 45-55 years.

Marco Polo

Depends on the weapon and platform in question, it’s much smaller than 45-55 years (smaller than 20 years as well). The Russian equivalent to this is the Iskander.

Ultimately you have lost sight of the bigger picture, the strategic situation is rigged and that is why Israel handed the most sensitive US military secrets over to Russia and China ever since 1947. The back and forth, deep infiltration of the Mossad/CIA/MI6/former KGB-GRU and current SVN/RU is intentional and long-term.

The current situation was predetermined long ago, they only had to work out minor details.

If you import disruptive populations, you get something like this:

I don’t think Stalin was jewish, there is a rumour he was a crypto jew.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco Polo

Idiot zioshill. You look like a fkn clown on instatard. Enjoy the cucumber gayropa clown.

Djibril Al Kamylles

I dont think so


Believe it bitchtard.


And the people in the us, are they happy when there sons, husbands, wives come home in bags ? Time they get a “democratic” spring, and take the country back from the zionist parasites. Stop playing wars all over the free world in the name of zion. All there “soldiers” home to fix the mess provoked by the A.I.P.A.C. and supporters. Nobody is ataking the usa, its the usa that declared war to the free people on our planet !

Arch Bungle

2 years on this site and neither your English nor your thinking patterns have improved.

Are you going senile?

Last edited 1 year ago by Arch Bungle
Tommy Jensen

As long as its for freedom I am willing fight everywhere for my Constitution.

southfront fan

The americans are christians for Israel. They will sacrifice themselves to Israel as they have since 1948.
Luv the god stuff, it makes it so much easier to deceive the people.

Icarus Tanović

I spit on you!

Icarus Tanović

I spit on him!

Arch Bungle

Some accident invented Christianity.

Some really nasty accident came up with joodaism.

Islam is the consequence of crappy Joo religion.


As long as no one is near a wedding party or school in the countries the Jews’ US Tyranny wardog occupies, they’ll be okay.

Icarus Tanović

Now all Americans goes gangasta ama husla mode. USSR have this back in the days.

Raptar Driver

Like I’ve said before regardless of technical abilities, intelligence and talents, if you have unlimited money to throw at it, you will get what you want.


Coming soon, like railguns, Prompt Global Strike and Star Wars, lol.

Tokyo Rose, Lord Haw Haw and Comical Ali come to mind.
Compared to BloJo, Bidet and sTrollburger, they appear to be more believable.

peter mcloughlin

It is ominous that the INF Treaty was not restored after the election of President Biden. It is largely these type of weapons that will be deployed in Asia against China and in Europe against Russia. But leaders are not reading their history books: this is not a lead-up to a new Cold War but the nuclear war the Cold War managed to avoid.

Arch Bungle

None of that ‘mid-range’ crap will survive a Chinese retaliatory strike.

Anyone manning those batteries and the country hosting them will be vaporized.

Tommy Jensen

We are invincible. We won again!

Djibril Al Kamylles

Be prépared to use it against russia in syria Ummites will prevent a nuclear war