Pro-Government Forces Crushing Defense Of ‘Mighty Turkish-backed Rebels’ In Southwestern Aleppo


Pro-Government Forces Crushing Defense Of 'Mighty Turkish-backed Rebels' In Southwestern Aleppo

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On February 13, Syrian government forces continued their operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies in southwestern Aleppo.

According to local sources, the Syrian Army already liberated the areas of al-Muhandisin 1 and Kafr Joum. This advavnce is ongoing as a part of the Syrian Army operation to secure the part of the M5 highway that runs through this area. It’s likely that in the coming days, Syrian troops will make even more gains in the battle against militants in southwestern Aleppo.



  • Barba_Papa

    As usual the Turks are proving to be a paper tiger and the Syrians and Russians seem to be calling their bluff. It will be interesting to see where their advance will go to next.

    • Arbaches Glaukus

      The M4 highway …

      • xTheWarrior22

        Or maybe all the way to the turkish border to cut off the border crossing.

        • good american

          I hear the jihadis are looking for a good russian cauldron that can cook a lot of turkeys. Does anyone know the biggest size to be had?

          • Adrian

            Take the M4 and made a lovely Russia-style cauldron.

  • Caesar

    It seems to me that the days of the Taftnaz airfield in the hands of Erdogan is numbered.
    First the village of Taftnaz, which will cut off the Taftnaz airport from the rest of Turkish forces, and a few days after that the airfield will be added to the existing sites of the Erdogan’s holiday resorts in Idlib if not the illegal tenants will be sent packing.
    SAA is doing pretty well.
    My respects for SAA, Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah.

    • Liberal guy

      Ya right

  • cactus

    i think after fully securing the m5 we will see a big ceasefire …i don’t see the saa continuing their advance after all this turkey/ nato histeria over idlib maybe the military opperations will continue in a few months after spring i think

  • Tim Williams
  • Tim Williams
  • Tim Williams