Pro-Russian Bloggers Slam Bellingcat MH17 Investigation

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Pro-Russian Bloggers Slam Bellingcat MH17 Investigation

A newly appeared team of pro-Russian bloggers, ‘Anti-Fake’, blasted the open-source investigation into the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash over Ukraine in 2014 by Bellingcat. Anti-Fake have issued a 44-page report (find it here), blaming Bellingcat for a pro-Kiev stance and relying on fake and falsified evidence.

The publicly stated goal of Anti-Fake’s report is to establish the truth about the MH17 incident and avoid the spread of disinformation. The report is focused on studying Bellingcat’s claims on the icident.

According to the report, one of Bellingcat’s main assertions was that it is “logical” to assume that Russia would have provided a BUK missile system to Donbass rebels. Anti-Fake argues that the assumption is, on the contrary, illogical.

The group emphasizes that various modifications of BUK missile launchers are in service in both the Russian and Ukrainian Armed Forces. These are highly sophisticated systems, used to target planes at very high altitudes, which didn’t correspond to the type of threat faced by the rebels.

“The main attack units, used by the Ukrainian Air Force against self-defense forces in May-July 2014 were Su-25 jets, Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters, which operated against ground targets on small altitude, being in the effective area of Strela-10 short range system,” Anti-Fake noted, adding “In these circumstances, it’s unjustified to use the expensive and complex BUK system.”

The report also said that pro-Kiev bloggers deliberately based their investigation on unreliable evidence due a lack of real data backing the position they chose. The Anti-Fake team analyzed documents and photographs, mentioned in the Bellingcat report (find Bellingcat’s posts on MH17 here) as proof of Russian guilt, which they have reason to believe are fake or forged.

2 years after the MH17 tragedy, there are lots of unanswered questions.

  • Who is responsible for downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?
  • Who ordered to down the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?
  • Why the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was there?
  • Who did point the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to the closed corridor?
  • Was it an accident or a planned provocation?

It appears that the reports by Bellingcat and Anti-Fake are an element of the informational warfare. It’s pretty clear that such reports are aimed to shape informational battlefield in order to pursue foreign-policy objectives or political and military objectives of the global powers.

Despite the both sides use various tools of informational warfare, the West’s states have much more resources than their opponents. So, the quality of pro-Western content is higher.

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