Propaganda… Again?

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In September 2018, the French Foreign Ministry’s Center for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS) and the French Defense Ministry’s Institute for Strategic Studies (IRSEM) released a joint report entitled “Information Manipulation: A Challenge for Our Democracies“. Among multiple issues challenging “democracies” around the world, the report adressed the role of SouthFront:

Russian information operations are expanding in the Middle East. The case of Syria is the most well-known, but it is not the only one. In January 2016, the “South Front: Analysis & Intelligence” website ( was launched. It claimed to be a product of a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth but it “looks more like a professional info-war project run or backed by the Russian military.

The quote that SouthFront is “run or backed by the Russian military” can be traced back to the 2016 article entitled “An allegedly citizen-sourced project that looks more like a suspicious information operation“.

SouthFront Team wants to say thank you to the French Defense and Foreign Ministries for a high evaluation of our joint work. Unfortunately, the report’s evaluation of SouthFront is weakened by some factual gaps. For example, it is interesting how did the aurthors conclude that SouthFront was launched in January, 2016?




Propaganda... Again?

Propaganda... Again?

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Propaganda... Again?

Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again?


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