Proposing Harsher Sanctions, Senator Says: “We Have Been Attacked By Russia. That Is No Longer Subject To Any Debate.”

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Proposing Harsher Sanctions, Senator Says: “We Have Been Attacked By Russia. That Is No Longer Subject To Any Debate.”

Originally appeared at TheDailySheeple

Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) appears to have gone insane. He said today “We have been attacked.  We have been attacked by Russia.  That is no longer subject to any debate.”

He was joined by Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others to announce the introduction of a Bill in the Senate to strengthen Sanctions against Russia over it’s alleged meddling in the November Election; a claim which has been repeated despite not one shred of proof.

It almost seems as though these US Senators are trying to start a war with Russia in the ten days that Barack Obama has remaining in his Presidential term!

It’s time to get these profiteering warmongers OUT.

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Russell A Wilson

So we have the US soldiers invading Poland and Lithuania at this moment getting ready to surround Stalingrad before Jan. 20 and John McCain in Ukraine on Jan15 will they try something like cause a diversion in Crimea and then jump Stalingrad and blame it on the Kremlin? I really believe this is the most dangerous time in history to be played out within the next 8 days. If not there is a slight chance for peace. Until the Donald cranks it up on China. There is not a single sane person in the US Government at this capable of bringing peace.


I would be impressed if US pathetic contingent of 4000 troops try to take on Russia’s 20,000 on Crimea and upwards to 80,000 on western border.


What nonsense.



All with 4.000 troops?

Have some more pills or get a better medicine.

Russell A Wilson

That is what it really is where ever the US goes. When was the last time have you seen the US pull out of a foreign country without leaving an operating military base behind. Once they are in they never leave. The US is not the only one with troops in Poland. There is the possibility of something being staged before Jan. 20th


US foreign bases ensure ‘security’ – security that the US controls the host state.

Robert Ferrin

Well lets face it most Americans are fed up with the traitor McCain, and his fellow bed partners Graham Coker etc, and would be more then happy to see them long gone from the political scene, and if anything happens to Trump they will be and it won’t be pretty at all,They might want to think about that.>>

888mladen .

Bunch of hopeless psychopaths.


The essence of EVIL, these bloodthirsty, psychotic demons.


At some stage both Russia, and China must realize that they are dealing with an insane people in the overall US population. These clown’s were well know by the people who elected them just as Obama’s views were known by the electorate that put him in power. All of them have been returned to office repeatedly. Ergo, The United States of America is a land of fools, and lunatics.

Don’t fall for Donald Trump. Trump may be well intentioned, but he is just a safety valve to allow things to cool down. After Trump the American madness will return even if it goes away for four or eight years.

Russia, and China need to sanction America, and the EU to awaken the people. Russia: Turn off the gas. China: delay shipping retail goods for just one week. Both Russia, and China must immediately begin a new global banking system, and free the world of American economic slavery .

Be ready for war, because the empire is dying, and history will repeat itself.

Brad Isherwood

Since the Trump team confirmation hearings began….Iran has been pushed
As Threat to America security and enemy of Our Allies **….
These hearings not only have the interviewed cast Putin/Russia as adversary,
But also Iran.

The Zionist/Neocons are signalling they want to confront Iran next.
Russia then faces the test of what defence or assistance They will provide
Should Israel get its way vs Iran.
The US has no security issues in reality vs Iran,
Only that it would act in interest of Israel and Miserable house of Saud

Recent interviews on the John Batchelor show had lying Media and Political
Guests saying that Iran sponsored Terrorism in the ME,…and that America
Is responsible to stop that …as Putin is with Iran and Assad.

Just incredible Zionist mind f**k….

888mladen .

Nearly all US oligarchs amassed their riches making deals with Saudis and Zionist banking families and lets not forget the ample assistance of Vatican in all of that. There are plenty of sources on line to document it. In the ME bribery is legit and Saudis are very skillful in using it. Fallow Trump’s fortunes and it will get you there too. Only thing that matters in corporate world is money. I’ll believe in Trump’s sincerity only if he seals it with his own blood. Corporate structure is perfect replica of Vatican hierarchy and for the same reson it’s totally void of any form of representation. And I agree Iran has been marginalized jet another proof that money has been the only concern. Russia and Iran owe the resources however US owes the printing press by which the whole world has been mesmerized since the end of great depression.

Brad Isherwood

Rumor that US/Jeckyl Island Federal Reserve. …can move towards Digital currency
Value..vs physical.
Several nations have taken large denomination bills out of circulation.
Some countries are ending coinage.
The NWO money side in China, Russia understand this game must continue…or
It IS War …for certain.
Iran may be a Opponent USD $ oil dollar,
Methinks that Israel has angst over Iran with GCC following shortly behind.
Question is….will US risk asset loss to take Iran on.?
This is parallel to Pearl Harbor and accept % loss to clinch the war.
Iran can/could really tear up the US fleet, Saudi Gulf Coast and Israel.
Hezbollah would certainly kick in…and this might be where Israel gets busted open
With Palestinians surging too….

North Korea is messy too…
Just where does Empire March next?.
Libya would be a diversion for a few years.

If Libya…..Empire is shit scarred : )

888mladen .

What kind of money whether coins, paper of electronic doesn’t matter. However what matters is who will be in control of issuing it. Surely it will be electronic which will reduce cost of issuing it to next to nothing.


WE where fooled, get it, we will have an war, not Stalingrad, Christ, but the enclave Kalliningrad.
Trump is equally rotten as Obamalama, I know that now, His generals, bonkers, drools about war.

I think you are dangerously naive, of course we hoped, because Hitlary wasn’t any better, but Trump and the MSM fooled us again, another Syriza styled media show, not that we where idiots, but the options where just 2, and we got the same, that I do know by now, the Trump will continue this war, and will of course use Obamalama as The Excuse but never the less, they are already filling the MSM with rhetoric about Russia, witch even by this Tiller thing is been confirmed, that they want war, against Russian “aggression”.

No, brothers and sister, our world will change, and America will be great again, after millions of Europeans is slaughtered, and our land laid bare, and anyone believing the Wankees care is an brain dead human, they have never cared before, why on earth should they care now, the war is thousands of km from their land, as it always have been.

This is also my last comment, and I am in fact scared, weird, but this time I know its real.

Good night Europa, we will go down together, once again.



Kallliningrad , is safe and Stalingrad , Trumps men are just telling the Congress what they want to hear , as they know their political system . After approval , and Jan 20th then , Trumps policies can and will be implemented . We can not give up , idiots like McCain are not be taken seriously . Do not under-estimate the power of consciousness , especially positive consciousness . Your awakening and maintaining that is a tidal wave for the entire universe .

John Mason

If Russia did and their is doubt it is deservedly done considering what the US and the West committed since the USSR disintegration.
Putin came to power in 1999-2000 he inherited a system completely designed and controlled by the USA. During the Yeltsin years, Russian ministers had much less power than western ‘advisers’ who turned Russia into a US colony. In fact, during the 1990s, Russia was at least as controlled by the USA as Europe and the Ukraine are today. And the results were truly catastrophic:

Russia was plundered from her natural wealth, billions of dollars were stolen and hidden in western offshore accounts, the Russian industry was destroyed, a unprecedented wave of violence, corruption and poverty drowned the entire country in misery and the Russian Federation almost broke up into many small statelets. It was, by any measure, an absolute nightmare, a horror
comparable to a major war. Russia was about to explode and something had to be done.
Putin saved Russia hence the animosity.

888mladen .

Russia was even more plundered by bolshevik revolution financed by wealthy American families and Vatican. Can you please find out what is an annual salary of the vice director of Rosneft Sechin? He was the man who brought Putin to power. A picture is not so rosy. Find out who are Kremlin’s Siloviki? “Putin saved Russia” it’s definitely an overstatement.

John Mason

In US dollars, 25K, don’t believe the propaganda. Putin did save Russia from US and West hegemony, fact.

Siloviki here:
Yeltsin put Putin in power as Prime Minister.


The Neo-Cons dream and plot – Kagan/ Nuland et al – to regain US control over Russia and its resources and to politically neutralize the nuclear arsenal.