Kurdish Card And Prospects Of Resumption Of Hostilities In Northern Syria

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The conflict in Syria does not seem to be nearing its end despite the diplomatic efforts to find a solution for it. Every participant in the standoff is undertaking actions to pursue their interests, and many of them evidently are in conflict with one another.

Israel and its never-ending fight against the ‘Iranian threat’, as usual, appears to be in the middle of it.

On January 31st, along the separation line of the Golan Heights, a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) post was attacked by unknown gunmen. They came from the Israeli-occupied side, and a loud explosion followed. No casualties were reported, and it is possible that Israel was behind it, since the IDF has done raids such as these in the past, including twice in 2020. According to pro-militant sources, the IDF operation was carried out to deter purported Iranian forces in the area.

Israeli media reported that several months ago that in Damascus itself, an unnamed “Western Intelligence Agency” carried out a raid the headquarters of Iran’s Quds Force Unit 840. While the report remains questionable, at minimum, it can be considered as a direct threat to Tehran and Damascus.

In Northeast Syria, a severe conflict appears to be in the making, as US President Joe Biden seems to want an extremely negative outward scenario in order to reverse the limited involvement approach of Donald Trump.  Soon, MSM may get a new ‘war for democracy’ to cover, so, the population can focus less on what is transpiring inside the US.

The US-supported Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) appear to be the prime candidates to lead the situation towards critical mass. Hillary Clinton, and her daughter Chelsea are already moving with propaganda preparations: a Kurdish soap opera, focused on the lives and struggle of Kurdish women who fought not only against ISIS, but also fought for their liberty and their rights.

The Kurdish “freedom fighters” also fight against Turkey and reject a political settlement with Damascus.

Still, the SDF is now emboldened, it has support from the US, and little else in the region, except the poison hand of “friendship” from Israel. If all hell breaks loose, however, it is dubious whether or not Tel Aviv would come running to help.

This, however, does not stop the Kurdish leadership from employing harsh approaches to suppress local discontent with its anti-Syrian approaches. Just recently in Al-Hasakah, a pro-government protest was democratically put down by live fire and killings by the SDF’s “freedom fighters”.

It is an open secret the SDF-controlled area is in fact run by the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) “shadow government” and the SDF itself is full of PKK members, including the SDF commander in chief himself. This creates conditions for a continuous fight against the Turkish forces, and provides additional motivation for the SDF rejection of a political settlement with the Damascus government.

The Kurdish leaders are happy to receive weapons and funds from the US in exchange for loyalty to the project of the dismantling of the Syrian state.

Emboldened by the supposed support from the US, and the recent large deployments that have been carried out, the SDF and co. have recently become more active in their attempts to hinder the interests of Damascus, Russia and Iran.

The SDF’s mismanagement of the situation is further evidenced by the permanent tensions with Arab locals in the controlled areas and the deep humanitarian problems in SDF-run camps for displaced persons, including those affiliated with ISIS members. There are about 27,000 children in the SDF-run Al-Hol camp, where families of ISIS members and supporters are held. ISIS activity has seen an incredible increase in 2021, and the terrorist group would be more than content with “adopting” these young recruits.

With the new administration in Washington, the wind is blowing towards an incredibly violent scenario. The resumption of the ‘active’ policies to ‘deter’ Russia, Iran and the ‘Assad regime’ by playing the Kurdish card creates conditions for a further destabilization of Syria’s northeast. In some scenarios, the situation could swiftly descend into complete chaos.

To avoid this scenario, Kurdish leadership needs to remember that they are short on allies in the region and adapt a more constructive approach towards a political settlement with Damascus. Otherwise it is “highly likely” that dark clouds are soon to come on the horizon and the SDF card will once again become a small coin in the Big Middle Eastern Game.

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Potato Man

Kurds morons better know they are not Zion to have control over US government. Nor can they hold any part of Syria.
The US/Zion plan is not to make “place” for Kurds but to break all of ME apart – Syria is just one of those countries. But that plan failed face down and Zion and fat pigs having tastes of their own shit now.
Time is the key here, US will be gone and so will Satanic state Zion, beggars of the world.

BTW Russia sending in a lot more cargo into Syria. Also, Russian police break Kurds terrorists blockade in Al-Hasakah few weeks back. We will see more Arabs joining back to Syria from Zion/American/Kurds terrorists block.

Icarus Tanović

Kurds are real clowns. They don’t have manpower, army, they just litlle proxies of US, now Biden is their saviour in theirs eyes.
They as we all can see collaborate with theirs enemies, (oil smuggling)Turks, and in exchange the turks use them as a pretext to invade and illegally occupy Syria.
Wait and begold, when we finish dealing with Idlib.


Exactly…….well put. All these motherfuckers are on CIA payroll. The SDF, the kurds the turks……all of em! They are the ones behind this so called Daesh. We all know.

johnny rotten

The unworthy Kurds will face the same fate as the collaborators of the third reich, the only way to save their skin will be to escape to North America.

Icarus Tanović

They already have passports, air lifting and villas in Florida, just like Al Baghdadi is living there, no beard no funky clothes, modest multimillionaire citizen.

El Mashi

Poor Kurds. Nobody loves them. Only Israel loves them. They should relocate in Israel, and enjoy living the Apartheid Dream along with comrades of the South Lebanese Army veterans.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Here’s some fun facts, the PKK has been fighting a defensive war against Turkey in Iraqi Kurdistan that’s lasted for decades, and yet Turkey is no closer to eliminating them in Iraq than they were when they first started, and that’s despite the fact Turkey’s coordinating their military campaign with the KRG.
So if Erdogan hasn’t been able to stop them in Iraq even with KRG assistance, what makes him think he can stop them in Syria, only the sympathetic Russians and Iranians could help him do that, the US definitely wont, and as for Assad helping him, LOL, go home Erdogan.

March 20 – May 4, 1995. Operation Steel

Turkish Armed Forces started a military offensive into northern Iraq with around 35,000 troops targeting PKK, which was carrying out an insurgency in southeast Turkey from bases in northern Iraq.
Turkish losses, injured/killed 555, 13, – PKK losses, captured/killed 64, 185.

May 12 – July 7, 1997. Operation Hammer

Turkey sent 30,000 soldiers to northern Iraq to fight PKK units and to support Massoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party.
Turkish losses, injured/killed 2730, 418, – PKK losses, captured/killed 114, 338.

Sept. 25 – 15 Oct. 15, 1997. Operation Dawn

Thousands of Turkish troops, backed by air power, initiated Operation Dawn targeting PKK camps in northern Iraq.
Turkish losses, injured/killed 865, 37, – PKK losses, captured/killed 31, 91.

Feb. 21–29, 2008. Operation Sun

Thousands of Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq to attack Kurdish rebels using the Iraqi region as a base to stage attacks in Turkey. A senior Turkish military official said around 8,000 troops took part.
Turkish losses, injured/killed 240, 0, – PKK losses, captured/killed 27, 0.

28 May 2019 – present. Operation Claw

Turkish losses, injured/killed 417, 0, – PKK losses, captured/killed 17, 0.

25 years of fighting the PKK in Iraq has gotten Erdogan absolutely nowhere and now he want’s to do the same thing in Syria, LOL, what a moron.
The casualty figures from both sides tells the real story, the Turkish intervention has done more harm than good to their own interests, because apart from the lopsided casualty figures that are bad enough, both the KRG and the Iraq Government have warned Turkey about their indiscriminate use of artillery and air power, which has been causing the loss of many innocent lives in northern Iraq. So Erdogan’s not only annoying the Iraqi Government, he’s also annoying his biggest Kurdish supporter in Iraq, and now he’d like to be able to do the same thing in Syria, just what Syria needs, another 25 years of carnage.


Kurds are still Turks and Muhamedans.. that means unreliable, opportunistic liars and thieves.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right Trollstoy.

Jens Holm

It seemes the author of the article dont remember very much itself.

USA as least partly are back in “Obama Care”, where one point was to defend them until some even thin gagreement with Assads or leftover was made.

The author also seemes to think its a great succes Turks and their friends has taken over great parts of the SDF as well as Afrin. I think it makes things worse and even more complicated and here also made a mix up with the thin line Assads. Noe even Russians are driving around there hardly doing anything in ´plus as well as minus.

And those 2 camps. How are they involved. Actually they are kept there because they are captured ISUS people and many of them hardcore. SDF many times has asked for help for any orther solution. None will have them – for good reasons.

And again I see not a single connection to Israel. That poor Assad and Iran made propaganda of the worst kind. That some very low educated SDF villiage and country farmers should have much in common with Israel makes no sense.

The only sense could be Kurds and others there actually could improve their dry land farming much better by tech form there as well as waetr use is true. But here Assads has forbidden any changes to the more productive from very poor to only poor.

So whats wrong with that. Many parts of the dry parts of ME could need som expertice from people, which has many years og know how and expertice. It even makes more and more sense, when Turks and the cliomate changes gives more and more lack og water and also salty fields.

Here the Kurds are the only ones having plans for the dry land.

Assads has no plans for the future apart from killing excluded Syrians and a third of the population not in the country seemes to be a succeds. He even seemes to love internal displaced ones as a must. How can anyone support that ???

Here its even insinuated SDFs dont want people back. I see thats notr even possible. Those millions cant go back, because there is closed supply lines from Tyrkey as well as from Assad. As we see as it is now, the SDFs has no ressources even to make their kind of delegating things, because there is notrhing to delegate. They are kept down hard to even try to show the rest morons there, that structure and hartd work can be rewarded.

As private person Im like many. I would love to donate a lot to rebuild the SDF parts, but I will not give a single lira of any kind to Assad unless they only were Emirs of Latakia or something after many years in prison.

I partly agree about Hasaka but things are both ways. They are in a limbo and still deny to understand facts. In the other hand SDFs are not and can only keep it as it is.

We see the same for Assad land. There are kind of opposition many places and even filled up with foreigners from Lebanon, Iran and Russia not even make people shoot each other. I see more demonstration there too, even it also is a much bigger territory.

It would be nice if the author and others was allowed to see, there are need for other solutions. One could be Assads as well as Iranians joined th rest of the world.

None need Syria more then the Syrians and most of them can never get it with no changes. The reasons are well descriebed by the rest of the world in text videos and declaration.

Maybee Putin has build that castle to resettle all thise ISIS ones as refugium and funeral place for all ISIS ones. If so that would help too. Erdogan has his palace too and still with no bars in it.