Putin: Humanitarian Aid In Syria Must Be Provided Without Discrimination

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Putin: Humanitarian Aid In Syria Must Be Provided Without Discrimination

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the process of providing humanitarian aid in Syria must be carried out for all residents of the country without discrimination, and that it must be conducted through the country’s central government.

Putin’s statement came during an interview with the American channel “NBC”, in which he said:

“Unfortunately, too many tragedies have occurred in Syria, and all our measures in general must aim at stabilizing the situation and returning it to a normal course.”

Putin pointed out that the Syrian state, with Russia’s support, has recovered more than 90% of the country’s territory, and now the delivery of humanitarian aid to all people must be organized regardless of any political context, but Russian “partners in the West, that are, the United States and Europe, say that they will not Help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad!”

And Putin said: “The aid should be for the people who need it so that they have the most basic necessities for living, but Western countries do not lift restrictions even on the supply of medical equipment and medicines in the conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic, and this matter is inhuman and cannot justify harsh treatment anything with people.”

The Russian president also stressed that his country’s position is that “the need to provide humanitarian aid through the Syrian government without discrimination, as is happening in the whole world, and as stipulated by the provisions of international law,” stressing at the same time his support for President al-Assad in this regard, because any other method of behavior represents undermining the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Putin’s statements come a day before a summit meeting between him and US President Joe Biden, and the Syrian file will be one of the most important topics to be discussed, especially issues related to humanitarian crossings and cooperation between the forces of the US-led international coalition and the Russian army in the fight against ISIS.

During the past period, many statements and measures have emerged indicating that US President Joe Biden is seeking to get closer to Russia and come up with understandings between the two countries, which would end the ten-year Syrian war, which makes the summit scheduled for Wednesday, under different anticipation. The international parties, especially as they will more clearly reveal the truth of the new US administration’s orientations towards the Syrian issue.


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If Putin says that, we will only give aid to the 10% Syrians and only distribute the aid to Syria through ISIS.
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