Putin Proposes Meeting Of 5 UN Founding Members To Ensure Global Stability


Putin Proposes Meeting Of 5 UN Founding Members To Ensure Global Stability

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On January 23rd, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to organize a summit of the five permanent UNSC members to “defend peace” in the face of global instability.

Putin said the leaders of Russia, China, the United States, France and Britain should meet.

“You need to be vigilant and not to miss, not to overlook, when the first shoots of hatred, chauvinism, anti-Semitism appear, when xenophobia and other manifestations of this kind begin to indulge. Oblivion of the past, disunity in the face of threats can turn into dire consequences. We must have the courage not to not only to say so directly, but also to do everything to protect and defend the world. In my opinion, the founding countries of the UN can and should give an example. Five powers that have a special responsibility to preserve our civilization, “Putin said, speaking at the Fifth World Holocaust Forum.

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He suggested holding a “meeting of the heads of state of the permanent members of the UN Security Council – Russia, China, the United States, France and Great Britain.”

“In any country, anywhere in the world where it will be convenient for colleagues. Russia is ready for such a serious conversation. We intend, without delay, to send appropriate messages to the leaders of the Five,” Putin added.

He said that such a meeting was needed in order to contribute to finding collective ways in countering the current challenges.

“A summit of the states that made the main contribution to the routing of the aggressor and the formation of the postwar world order can play a big role in searching for collective ways of responding to current challenges and threats and would demonstrate our common commitment to the spirit of allied relations, historical memory and the lofty ideals and values for which our predecessors, our grandfathers and fathers fought shoulder to shoulder.”

Putin said Moscow had proposed the summit to “several of our colleagues and as far as I understand, saw a positive reaction”.

China supports the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to host a summit of permanent members of the UNSC, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying.

“We are ready to maintain contacts and coordination with Russia and other permanent members of the Security Council on this issue,” she said.

The diplomat emphasized that the Security Council is the basis of the mechanism of international collective security, and the five permanent members have a special responsibility for maintaining international.

“The UN Security Council is the core of the international collective security mechanism and the five permanent members of the Security Council bear special responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. With rising instability and uncertainty in the international landscape and emerging regional hotspot issues, multilateralism and the role of the UN face severe challenges,” Hua Chunying said.

The UN welcomes any efforts aimed at conducting discussions between representatives of the five countries of the Security Council, Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary General of the World Organization Farhan Haq told RIA Novosti.

“The UN, in principle, encourages friendly relations between all member states (organizations-ed.). Therefore, of course, any efforts to facilitate discussions between the five permanent members of the Security Council are welcome,” said Haq.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he agreed with Putin that the five founding countries of the UN had special responsibility for the situation in the world, and supported the idea of ​​a meeting.



  • Z.P.

    If they really care about the peace and want to talk about “global stability” than they should better not invite US on that conference!!

    • daniel

      Are you joking, Cant you see where there are? There are in Tel Aviv, the capital of US ,

      • Z.P.

        It is not my problem where the U.S. capital is.
        My problem is the Russian reflex to seek dialogue with US, who shows in every possible way that they don’t care about dialogue at all.

        One cant have dialogue with terrorists or their sponsors.

  • IMHO

    To ensure global enslavement is more like it.

  • Charles Homer

    Here is an analysis showing the very high human casualties that would result from a nuclear exchange:


    While our elected leaders play games, we are the ones that will pay the ultimate price for their nuclear brinksmanship while they huddle in underground bunkers.

  • jade villaceran

    those 3 are all vassals, decision will be made by washington

  • Ivan Freely

    Why bother? Three of the five are the source of all the problems.