Qatari Diplomatic Crisis. What Is Behind?

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Qatari Diplomatic Crisis. What Is Behind?

The row between Qatar and the Saudi-led block has been growing in the Middle East since Monday when Saudi Arabia and some other countries broke diplomatic ties with Qatar. Qatar was also excluded from the Saudi-led coalition operating in Yemen.

According to experts, the rift among Middle Eastern countries that had played a joint role in the Syrian, Iranian and Yemeni crises is a result of the ongoing collapse of the ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

The US and its Middle Eastern ally, Saudi Arabia, are deeply concerned that this may increase further the influence of Iran and organizations like the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) and Lebanese Hezbollah in the region.

In turn, Qatar has a much bigger freedom of action than its American and Saudi counterparts. Doha used to use ISIS as a tool for pursing own policy in the region. However, it looks that at least a part of the Qatari elites has got that the terrorist group is on the verge of collapse in Syria and Iraq.

Thus, they decided to build better ties with Tehran and the PMU in Iraq. The goal of this effort is to keep the influence in the region and to remove from the line of attack at least a part of the ISIS economic and military political leadership. Strategically, this may allow Qatar to keep some influence in Iraq.

In this case, the recent actions of Riyadh could be seen as an effort aimed to put an additional pressure on Doha and to prevent it from developing relations with Tehran and the PMU. Washington supports this effort, at least on the unofficial level, because it looks as a common part of its wider anti-Iranian strategy in the Middle East.

There are little doubts that Washington is also concerned that Qatar may follow the Erdogan-like approach increasing ties with the Russian-oriented alliance operating in the region.

Some experts describe the current situation is a sign of another round of escalation in the Middle East. If Qatar starts building up better relations and increasing coordination the Russian-oriented powers, it will deliver a major blow to the US interests in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Nigel Maund

Lte’s hope Qatar sees the light and decides to join Russia and Iran. I shall celebrate if that happens. It will at last undermine the US Deep State’s evil strategy in the ME which has brought othing but death and destruction to millions of ordinary people and created a massive terrorist problem in Europe and immigration on an unprecendented scale. Do we all hate the US Deep State – you bet with a vengeance!!!

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

It only makes sense (politically speaking) for them to join the Axis of resistance now,if they don’t want to stay isolated that is.

Nigel Maund

Good comment! Thanks!

Neo Anderson

I really appreciated your realization that the deep state policies are affecting ordinary families ,these psychopathic Zionists don’t care about us or have a shred of empathy for any goy! I don’t like using the term deep state though as america clearly has been taken over by a hostile nation is the guise of about Russian interference in elections but dare not mention Israel. Israel sucks billions away from america for their plan to dominate the middle east.

Nigel Maund

Neo, its far worse than even I have stated. The impact of the US – Israeli – Saudi – UK backed wars for oil / gas and other resources to underpin their otherwise worthless US$, and project their awful New World Order dictatorship, is to kill and maim millions of people, destroy cultures in the ME and Europe; set civilisations and religions against each other, wreck the infrastructure and finally, but not at all least, enrich themselves immensely through war and their “disaster capitalism” via their controlled Military Industrial Complex, lucrative mercenary organisations and “reconstruction companies” like Halliburton, Brown Root, Bechtel and other such organizations. Not only dies the entire rotten enterprise stink to high heaven but its downright evil.

Ezwat Binsalah

I still don’t trust those qatari’s. It seems like a stupid political game to me.


A good article about the demands of the Saudi’s is this:

John Whitehot

I’m not sure that this particular issue can be explained right now.
Yet, it’s evident that some changes are happening behind curtains, which means one thing: whatever ISIS was created for (and by now it’s kinda clear), that strategy failed.
Hence countries are starting to seek new ways. Qatar is one of the mayor financer of jihadism, if it got out the wahabi alliance it could be good news.


Arabian game of thrones: Qatar is trying to play its own game but the house of Saud demands the utmost obedience from their vassals.


Qatar is the scapegoat – they know where the bodies are buried and skeltons in the closet
which makes them dangerous to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The NGO called Foundation for Defense of Democracies set this backstab up.

Tom Tom

One Russian naval base in Doha, coming up.

Nigel Maund

Let’s hope!

Tom Tom

Soon Russian ships will dock in Saudi ports. “Saudi Arabia” from henceforth will
be called “Arabia.”

Nigel Maund

Not till they’ve gottent rid of the corrupt despots that run the place with their Royal Family of 7,500 Kings, Princes and Princesses all living high on the hog!