Rare Example Of Truth Shakes European Parliament As Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Western Provocations

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Rare Example Of Truth Shakes European Parliament As Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Western Provocations

Clare Daly

In a rare example of the constructive look at the current sate of relations between the EU and Russia, Irish Member of the European Parliament Clare Daly slammed the posture of the union towards Moscow and the hypocrisy in its stance towards developments in the country.

She slammed the European Parliament for its ‘Russophobia’ and reaction to a visit to Moscow by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell.

Earlier, more than 50 members signed a letter last week condemning Borrell for not confronting the Kremlin ‘not enough’ over the Navalny case and other examples of alleged ‘human rights violations’.

“Listening to the relentless Russophobia in this place, why are people surprised that Russia sees no point in engaging with the EU? I am as happy as anybody else to stand up for anybody’s rights including Navalny’s. But let’s be honest about him.

‘He is a vicious, anti-immigrant racist on maybe four percent of the support and rallying hundreds of thousands in cities of millions, hardly a mass movement. And we would not be discussing him at all if he had been arrested anywhere else other than in Russia.’

She added that, meanwhile, Julian Assange has been detained for ‘exposing US war crimes’ and listed other people jailed for political reasons without sanctions on the countries holding them.

She also claimed that there is a ‘geopolitical agenda fuelled by a military-industrial complex that who need an enemy to justify their millions’ and that Borrell was right to go to Moscow because ‘we should be engaged in dialogue not war’.”

Meanwhile, Moscow sent even more signals that it is not going to tolerate no more regular attempts to meddle in its internal affairs.

On February 11, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during a weekly press briefing tat Western countries are making provocations to destabilize the situation inside Russia.

“It is obvious that a large-scale anti-Russian provocation is being carried out with a purpose. And this goal is illusory: it is concentrated on the internal political situation in the country and an attempt to destabilize and shake it,” Zakharova said adding that these attempts are doomed to failure.

A day ago, on February 10, the Russian foreign ministry slammed work of Western IT giants that were spreading fakes and endorsing content to fuel protests in Russia.

Currently, Moscow has been working to establish a legal network and means and measures to counter the permanent foreign meddling of foreign powers and Big Tech in its sovereign affairs.


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