Recent Israeli Strikes Targeted Research Center In Syria’s Masyaf, Killing 6 – SOHR

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According to the reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the recent Israeli strikes on Masyaf countryside in the western Hama governorate caused human loses and significant material damage. The missiles, which were fired from Lebanese airspace, allegedly hit positions held by Iran-backed militias in the Masyaf district of Hama province.

“Israeli missiles coming from over Lebanese territory have destroyed warehouses and manufacturing centers for short and medium-range missiles belonging to Iranian militias in the scientific research area, the “Defense Factories”, within the area of Al-Zawiya in Masyaf countryside.” – SOHR report reads.

The strikes allegedly targeted a government-run research center, where surface-to-surface missiles are developed and stored. Iranian experts are believed to work there. Among the other targets was the al-Talae’ training camp in Sheikh Ghadban area in the same Masyaf countryside.

Citing “reliable sources”, SOHR indicated that the strikes had claimed lives of six people who were not Syrians and injured others. However, SOHR claims are yet to be verified. The London-based observatory is known to falsify the information concerning the Iranian-backed militants in Syria.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that Syrian air defenses “confronted the enemy missiles and intercepted most of them”, without reporting any casualties.

“Our air defenses intercepted an Israeli attack on the Masyaf area,” SANA news agency stated.

There was also a video spread by Syrian State TV reportedly showing Syrian air defense system preventing Israeli attack.

The Israel Defense Forces did not comment on the recent strikes, maintaining a policy of ambiguity regarding its activities in Syria, as usual.

The Masyaf area has reportedly been targeted by Israel many times. The last attack was carried out on June 4, when a series of Israeli airstrikes targeted a sensitive military research facility. The previous time, the airstrikes were also launched from Lebanon’s airspace.


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