Recent Israeli Strikes Wiped Out Two Warehouses Near Syria’s Damascus

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The recent Israeli strikes on Syria have destroyed two warehouses of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), satellite images shared on November 26 revealed.

The strikes, which took place early on November 26, targeted the warehouses, which are located near the al-Mani’ Munt in southern Damascus, as well as other positions near the town of Rwihinah in the countryside of al-Quneitra.

The newly-released satellite images, which were provided by Planet Labs, confirmed that both warehouses were wiped out as a result of Israeli strikes.

The Israeli attack inflicting heavy material damage on the SAA. However, no human losses were reported by the Syrian Arab news Agency or any other official source.

Early on November 18, the Israeli military launched similar strikes on the outskirts of Damascus as well as the southern region. A number of Syrian and alleged Iranian positions as well as air-defense systems were reportedly struck.

Israel hopes that its repeated strikes on Syria will force Iran out of the country, at least from the southern region. This is yet to happen, however. Tel Aviv’s military pressure appears to be a failure.


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