Ron Paul Liberty Report: “Playing Chicken In The Straits Of Hormuz – Red Lines And War Talk”

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After designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, will the US make a physical attempt to shut down any oil export by citing the oil business’s relationship with the Iranian Guard? Will Iran make good on its threat to shut down the Hormuz Straits, which would take out 20 percent of the oil from the world market? Clearly Trump’s sights are set on Iran. How far will he go?

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bet they might try although iran is better equipped to defend itself than the usual parties moronistan (aka usa -home of the criminally corrupt mass-murdering band of neo-nazi morons, fatso, bolton, abrams, kushner and the head idiot – donny the dunce) prefer to bomb back to the stone age. iran is one of the super-oil powers with more oil than can be found back in moronistan so it’s tempting and as is well known, moronistan doesn’t forget and doesn’t forgive so remember the ousting of the shah of iran, unforgivable. moreover, the squatters are in dire straits and need to finish off iran before the squatters are finally evicted from the land they have stolen from the palestinians and which people, the plestinians, the squatters are busy exterminating, with the blessing of moronistan and jared kushner.

will be a sight to behold when the squatters finally are kicked out from palestine and on their way to nowhere! what a larf! and remember to be an anti-zionist is a badge of honour to be proud of. support BDS!

Wolfgang Wolf

Iran is not Iraq… so do not fall for the same “success” story like desert storm)


no I have not fallen into any delusional idea that iran is similar to iraq and that is why the neo-nazis are reluctant to start anything there – think about donny the dunce’s re-election bid when the crude price hoovers in the 250 bucks per barrel and when saudi’s main load port, ras tanura is made inoperable due to some well aimed iranian missiles. then you’re talking 500 bucks per barrel. and donny the super dunce won’t chance such an outcome of a whim to attack a country with a population of 70million and a lot of friendly neighbours, iraq, turkey, hezbollah und zu weiter.

Mr Bray

Watch carefully what the US is now doing because whilst we are concentrating on the right hand the left hand makes the moves………

The US is slowly but clearly preparing to use thier carrier groups and suface fleet for the long term interception of oil tankers (carrying Iranian oil) moving towards Europe.

They are currently moving to position at, or close to, the old empire choke points –
English Channel, The Gibralter Straits (and now The Suez Canal too), The Gulf of Aden, and of course the Straits of Homuz.

The intention is to prevent all and any Iranian oil from entering the European markets.

It would be very simple for the US to prevent the free movement of tankers at these points (along with the movement of military surface vessels and even Iranian Kilo class subs) with the very wide range of tools available to them.

The methods have been well practiced and will not resemble the incomplete embargo / blockade of North Korea – it will be much more comprehensive.

There is little Iran can do to resist (on the face of it).

Should any military threats – direct or assymetrical – be made against US assets enforcing the ‘blockade’, or against bases / forces in Afghanistan / Iraq / Syria / Cyrprus / Israel (or should any atempt be made to run the blockade through force) then limited disabling force can easily be used by the US against surface targets such as tankers.

Destructive US airpower, including the bombers carrying cruise missiles (some recently moved to the UK), and of course subs in the med and indian ocean, could be used should military confrontation ensue.

The blocade could be extended to include ships carrying goods to Iran.

The US have calculated that Iran will not use military force due to the risk of – quote -“being bombed back to the stone age” (John Mccain and others), by massive (potentially even tactical nuclear) US counter strikes which Iran could never defend themselfs against.

Short term Iran can resist, but long term Iran can not hold out without great suffering and damage – even if supported by Russia via the Caspian sea and China overland.

Especially under Financial and trade sanctions too, there is little Iran can do to resist to a long term slow stranggling of both thier exports and inports.

Going to war with the US would be unwinable – espesially against prolonged US ‘standoff’ attack.

The ultimate aim is the complete and unconditional submission of Iran to the US (and therefore Israel too).

Finally, any talk of the closing by Iran of the straits of Homuz (unless used strategically as part of a wider plan involving attacks on the US mainland and behind the lines elsewhere) will be self defeating as it simply reinforces the US blockade of all shipping both out of Iran and into Iran and then gives cover to impose a no-fly zone by the US too.

The term between a rock and a hard place comes to mind…………..