Royal Navy Seizes ATGMs, Ballistic Missile Components En-Route To Yemen (Photos)

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Royal Navy Seizes ATGMs, Ballistic Missile Components En-Route To Yemen (Photos)

Anti-tank guided missiles and medium-range ballistic missile components seized by the United Kingdom Royal Navy sit pierside during inventory at a military facility in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations, Feb. 26, 2023. (Photo by Sgt. Brandon Murphy)

The Royal Navy has seized a shipment of weapons from a vessel traveling in the Gulf of Oman south from Iran, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence announced on March 2.

In a statement, the ministry said that the smuggling vessel was first detected by a United States fixed-wing intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance platform. The vessel was then tracked by a Wildcat helicopter from HMS Lancaster. The vessel’s crew attempted to navigate to Iranian territorial waters. However, the vessel was bordered on February 23 by a team of Royal Marines before they could do so.

Upon inspection, packages include a number of anti-tank guided missiles, the Iranian versions of the Russian 9M133 Kornet that is known as “Dehlavieh,” and medium-range ballistic missile components were found.

The interdiction occurred along a naval route historically used to transfer weapons and equipment to the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen.

The UK MoD said that the United Nations was informed about the seizure and invited to conduct its own inspection of the materiel, in accordance with Security Council resolutions 2216 and 2231.

“This seizure by HMS Lancaster and the permanent presence of the Royal Navy in the Gulf region supports our commitment to uphold international law and tackle activity that threatens peace and security around the world,” British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said.

In mid-February, the UK said that it had presented the UN with evidence linking Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to the smuggling of weapons to Yemen.

The Royal Navy retains a permanent presence in the Middle East. HMS Lancaster began operating in the region a few months ago. It carries a Royal Marine boarding party and Wildcat helicopter. An Auxiliary ship and three Mine Counter Measure Vessels are also operating there under the control of the UK Maritime Component Command.


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These are all claims and not proven to be true, I would never believe Zionists, yanquis, and British or fuking dogs on leash… oh sorry I meant to say (UN) independent organizations. If they are going to say IRGC send these Russia can point finger to UK because Ukraine drones were carrying explosive devices that were sent by British ministry of defense. Where is the UN? No, that is different case…ahhh I see they are dogs on leash.

Facts, The KSA, UAE, ISIsreal, US, UN, NATO (France/Germany/UK mainly) were supporting Wahhabis war against Yemen/Houthis – how that ended for them? They lost against Houthis. They all back down and sit for a cease-fire… for a sec think about that, KSA/NATO/Zion/US had to do a cease-fire against Houthis. Something doesn’t add up.

The same thing is happening in Ukraine, all of NATO/US/Wahhabis/Zionists aids/support did nothing. Russia is advancing into Ukraine but Ukraine has so much support from the West, why couldn’t they stop Russians? Houthis aren’t armed to teeth by any country but they could stop West/KSA/Zion that spends billions each year for their military and Houthis now can launch their own attacks against Wahhabis.

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