Russia Boosts Crimean Anti-Missile Shield with S-400 Systems

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A new battery of the S-400 Triumph systems has been deployed in Crimea after five months of training.

Russia Boosts Crimean Anti-Missile Shield with S-400 Systems

The S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft weapon system (Photo:

An air defense regiment of the Southern Military District of Russia, armed with the S-400 Triumph system, has taken up combat duty in Feodosia (Crimea).

As the Zvezda TV-channel reported, citing the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry, personnel of the regiment successfully passed retraining, and, in August 2016, carried out training launches of missiles within the framework of the Kavkaz-2016 military exercise.

“This truly large-scale system is going on combat duty and overlaps with the existent anti-aircraft defense system of our nation in a radius of hundreds of kilometers,” commander of the fourth army of Air Forces and Air Defense, Lieutenant General Viktor Sevastyanov, said.

According to the press service of the military district, the ceremony, marking the deployment, is scheduled to be held on Saturday.

The 18th Guard Anti-Aircraft Rocket Sevastopol-Feodosia Regiment is one of the oldest units of the country’s air defense, which was established in 1922 as an air defense battery in the Black Sea Fleet.

The S-400 is a Russia’s anti-aircraft missile system, designed for large and medium-range missiles. It is capable to conduct simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets, aiming up to 72 missiles. The Triumph can hit speeding missiles at ranges of up to 60 kilometers and aircraft at a range of up to 400 kilometers. The system is meant to protect strategically important sites, such as military command centers, populous cities and ICBM missile silos, from aerial attacks.

The system was developed by the Almaz-Antey defense company and passed into service in the Russian Armed Forces in 2007.

Earlier this week, an S-400 armed regiment, stationed near Moscow, reached full combat readiness.

The S-400 Triumph system has also been deployed in Syria in order to defend a Russian military base, located near Latakia city.

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As an American and a Christian I state openly that the United States and Israel are both Satanist nations. They use my Bible, and use a so called fighting for freedom front to merely extend control over the world for a wealthy and Satanic few. It is an occult and spurious lie that we are righteous. We are evil. People have died horrid and unexplainable deaths exposing this monster.

Umm, Israel fly’s right through this system on a weekly bases bombing Syria.
The S-400 system is not only suppose to be able to shoot down planes, but also incoming missiles like the ones that are bombing the Capital Syria this week.
So far the S-400 system has failed at everything.
It has scored 0 downs, as Israel conducts all flights and bombing runs it wises on weekly bases using F-16’s and F-15’s.
Israel could right not today fly and F-15 over Moscow and bomb the Russians, and Russians are helpless to stop the Jews from hurting them, just as Russians failed to stop the Jews from conquering Russia in the Jew-Marx revolution that wiped out millions of indigenous ethnic-Russians.

John Whitehot

Umm, total bullshit. if anything’s failed is this attempt at spreading utter lies. First of all Israel does not bomb nothing, its planes don’t venture in syrian airspace since months and if attacks were launched, they were from inside israeli airspace / territory. Secondly, the russian systems are deployed to defend its own military, not the one of Syria hence they would not engage any Israeli plane if they weren’t attacking russians. Thirdly, Russia is not at war with Israel, nor it will be, and it does not give a fuck about the nazi-fascists dreams and agendas.
Or maybe, zionist ones, who are pushing to escalate the syrian crisis into a full conflict involving all the regional and world powers. Provocations have been tried, they failed. Also, cut on the nazi-bullshit linking zionists with soviet revolution, that shit is good for retarded kids zigheiling and jumping around drunk at punk shows in mitteleuropa, not for people who know a little about history, and even less for those who lived stuff.

Actually, Russia announced a long time ago that any more planes bombing Syria (even from Turkey) would be shut down.
Also, the S-300 and S-400 is designed to shoot down incoming ground to ground and air to ground missiles.
Syria is an ally, and Russia.
If one cannot defend ones allies against their enemy, then one looks very bad and very weak.
What if the US allowed Russia to bomb Canada for three years straight?
And the US missile defense systems stationed all over Canada failed to shoot down even one enemy missile or plane?
This would all look very bad right?
It is the same premise. It just looks very bad and weak is all I pointed out.
If South Korea was being attacked by North Korea, and all the US systems could not or “would not” bring down a single North Korean missile, then the US looks very bad right?
After all, they are equal allies as is Syria and Russia.
Makes logical sense.

John Whitehot

no they are not “equal allies”, not by a long shot they have the same relation as US and Canada. you are also a total analphabet on them, since those two particular countries, in addition of being NATO, also have shared responsibility for air defence over North American airspace – US and Canadian assets operate their assets under a single command network. Russia is being provoked into using its air defence systems to allow NATO elint and sigint assets to record and analyze their emissions. Russia will not use them if the reason outweighs this cause, which is very, very unlikely. Israel launching a rocket every now and then does not correspond to “bombing for three straight years”. Russia announced that planes bombing Syria would be engaged, but it cannot attack planes outside Syrian airspace, which would account to an act of war against the other country. Of course that would suit you the most, but it’s not gonna happen.

Russia’s only foreign military base in in Syria. They are the closest ally that Russia has.
Their is not foreign nation that Russia would commit more to defending.
Their only foreign Naval and Air base are in Syria.
And Russia gives them more advanced weapons for the past 60 years then to any other nation.
Syria was the first nation to field night vision on large scale during war time, because Russia gave their greatest ally Syria the equipment first mounted on tanks during wartime.
Also, Russian commanders commanded many of the Syrian military unites during wartime against Israel in the 70’s.
Do you not know all of these publicly available facts?

John Whitehot

everything you say has not any political significance – Russia has not an obligation to defend Syria like NATO countries have among theirselves, it’s not a military alliance, it’s a joint counter-terrorism operation, Syria asked Russia intervention to help with the destruction of internal terrorism, Russia has acted accordingly.
“Russians commanding syrian units in the yom kippur war?” – Total bullshit israeli propaganda. Soviet advisors were present, their operational significance was close to zero – their comments on arab armies were dismissive to say the least.
How come by those extreme “Anti-zionist” position you have you are now drawing from Israeli propaganda?
Israel has always been one of the most exagerating nations in telling tales on military themes. Remember Israeli press telling “God has sent down a fog to prevent ISIS to attack the IDF”? and another one: during the ’73 war, Egyptian commandos were wreaking havoc in the Israeli rear, they used helicopter insertion tactics (with soviet know-how) and started guerrilla war on the IDF supply lines and logistics, causing hundreds of casualties and destructed vehicles (with high losses among them as well).
Israeli military press invented they had formed a 12 men team (a la “dirty dozen”) to counter that threat, and that this unit successfully destroyed hundreds of Egyptian commandos on their own. It was a psyop directed to the IDF, since their morale was waning, as those Egyptian specops were actually handing their asses to them and they had to reassert that no goym commando could take the fight to the elects. This tale survives to this day, and most ppl in Israel still believes it.

Joseph Scott

Actually, no, he is right about Zionist masons and the Russian Revolution. Putin himself has made public reference to it.

John Whitehot

were there jews among the russian revolutionaries? Yes, of course. Lev Trotsky being one of the most famous. But which superpower was the one actually ruled by “masonic zionists”? Of course not the USSR (You referenced this same fact in a previous comment). Have you ever watched Hollywood movies made by US jews when it comes to “how were jews treated in the Soviet Union”?
I’m sorry, but I’ll never buy into that paradigm, and I’m also pretty sure is being pushed for propagandistic reasons. If there has been a country in history who has really put fear into the zionist (and non-zionist) global financial elite, that was the Soviet Union.

Joseph Scott

You misunderstand the nature of Masonic operations. Masons are great belivers in ‘the Hegelian Dialectic’ as they see it, the sin wave motion that seems to govern so many phenomena in the universe. Masons have had a long habit of creating deliberately (and artificially) opposing factions, and playing a sort of game against each other. The game has rules; certain attacks on fellow Masons are not allowed. The other pieces, however, are all fair game. As they play, they use the artificial contention to enact things that benefit their common agenda. This is like in 1984, where Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia’s leaders pretended to be at war with one another, to distract the public and serve as justification for their policies, but the war itself was just a game, as illustrated by the opponents changing every few days.

The Republicans and Democrats illustrate this system perfectly. The Masons who run the Republican party have historically tended to rule through religion, royalty and aristocracy, using well-paid and expensively equipped professional armies as their tools, whether national armies or mercenaries. The Masons who run the Democrats have preferred to use the middle class merchants, corporations, popular uprisings (which they often create), and resentment against the ‘elite’ as their power base, with economic warfare, mass conscript armies, and an enormous amount of espionage and subversion as their chosen tools. In Britain, these
two parties were respectively the Royalists and Parliamentarians.
(They switched colours in America, just to be confusing and illustrate that they are also the same.)

Communism was a creation of the Leftist faction of Masons. They first tried it out in the French Revolution. However, the Grand Orient broke the rules, and introduced new, higher degrees of initiation that did not follow the common system and other violations of Masonic convention, so the other Masons turned against them and crushed them. Marx and Engel, both Jews, were Grand Orient Masons. The Russian Revolution was part of the Masonic plan for WWI to undermine nation-states. Almost all
the key leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union were
Jewsish Masons. You can fnd a video of Putin stating exactly that.
Yes, Jews were not well liked in Russia. But that pre-dated the
revolution. Meanwhile, Jewish Masons have always, always been happy to exploit hatred of their kind as a tool where it was found useful.

Zionists actually funded anti-Jewish movements in late 19th
Century and early 20th Century Europe because it suited
their agenda. B’nith B’nai made an alliance with Hitler, who
agreed on their plan to create Israel (it actually totally fit his
ideas about each people having their own nation, that was not
intermixed), and the Germans supplied industrial and agricultural
products to Jewish settlers in Palestine, where Adolf Eichamann spent a year living in the house of a Rabbi learning Hebrew and Yiddhish. Yitzhak Stern and key members of Stern Gang received military training in Germany in 1939, which is why the IDF operates like a doctrinal clone of the Wehrmacht. The Soviet ‘opposition’ to Israel was not so different. Note the special deal the Soviets made to send hundreds of thousands of Russians Jews to Israel.

Soviet backing of Arab armies was just part of the great chess game. Remember, ordinary Jews are quite expendable to Zionist leaders. They are still regarded as playing pieces, merely favoured ones.

Most of the time, when you encounter starkly opposed ideologies, it is just a Masonic game. There was even a plan in the 50s to unify the US and Soviet systems, which is what McCarthy ran across, and got him understandably paranoid. The plan was cancelled because they were unsure of whether they could keep popular opposition, especially in the military, under control.

John Whitehot

This does not address the initial point – first of all I don’t confuse zionists or masons with jews in general. Secondly, by what you say, one can suspect that the purges Stalin inflicted on the armed forces were actually directed at a sort of “army inside the army”, in fact they culminated with the murder of Trotsky, so one could well speculate that Stalin actually eradicated a zionist structure that was menacing soviet power in its recognized form, and to get to that it used nationalistic and tsarist fervor to enroll officers on their side (which was the most likely ideal able to wins the hearts and mind of the senior officers coming from the tsarist empire army).

Also, you are missing to point out that US support for Israel was even more intensive than soviet support for arabs: in the war of ’73, the US had actually replaced every single fighter jet which was shot down by the arabs – that amounted to tens, or more likely hundreds of aircraft of different models (F-4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks and so on). The tonnage of materials airlifted by the USAF to Israel was an order of magnitude above the one the soviets airlifted to arabs.

As about the masonic games, I agree with you only in a small part. The subject is way under-documented and the existing historical material really isn’t enough to prove the “case” you are discussing. My feel is that somehow there is a will to make people accept general principles on the basis of a few, isolated particular events (documented in not-so clearways). Once those principles are accepted, people will reason by them – hence falling for the manipulation.

A plan to unify the Soviet and US systems? Seems right what I just described – have you suspected, for example, that it could be something made to get into the minds of McCarthy, Hoover and the likes, to manipulate them into the actions they committed?

Americans have a tendency to be extremely naive. They are honest people fundamentally, and sadly the masonic/zionist/else aberration uses their honesty and naivety against them and the rest of the world. Soviets and Russians are less naive, and in a different way however, a way that is of less utility to that same aberration.
As a sidenote, I wanted to express my appreciation for the time and the effort you put in your posts, and also my regret that most times I haven’t the time to reply at the detail level they would deserve. The link between Zionism and Masonry is not that evident to me, and it’s something I’d like to clear out somehow – historically the entity called “Freemasonry” is not linked to Judaism. I suspect there is a sort of manipulation going on on this subject too, and even if I have some ideas about it, I’m still not able to speculate much.