Russia Delivers Over 5 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Syria’s Hama

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Russia Delivers Over 5 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Syria's Hama

© Sputnik/ Ali Abrahim

The Russian center for Syrian reconciliation at the Hmeymim airbase reported on Saturday that over five tons of humanitarian aid have been delivered to the town of Suqaylabiyah in Syria’s Hama province.

‘The center has delivered five and a half tonnes of food, which include the most essential items, flour, rice, food rations,’ reconciliation center representative Ruslan Tokarev said.

The delivery of humanitarian aid has been coordinated with local authorities. According to Tokarev, families who lost family members in fighting, elderly people, disabled people, women and children were in the priority.

‘As a peacekeeping country, we are first and foremost helping the population to help them survive the war and reach victory,’ the reconciliation center representative said.

According to local administration head Muhammad Taros, the pre-war population of Suqaylabiyah, a predominantly Eastern Orthodox town, doubled due to the influx of refugees from other parts of the country. Refugees receive food, shelter and medical assistance from the government, but local residents also are not idle – they have housed a large number of refugees.

However, the city was fired by al-Nusra Front militants, and ‘town’s farms have suffered as a result of its proximity to the line of contact between government forces and terrorist groups’, Muhammad Taros added.

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