Russia Deployed 40 Military Boats, 2 Small Missile Ships In Azov Sea: Ukrainian Intelligence

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Russia Deployed 40 Military Boats, 2 Small Missile Ships In Azov Sea: Ukrainian Intelligence


Russia has boosted its presence in the Sea of Azov deploying 40 military Boats and 2 small missile ships, Vadym Skybytsky, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, told Ukraine’s Channel 5 on July 27.

If confirmed, this development will be the latest in a series of Russian moves to secure its waters in the sea and to prevent illegal actions from the Ukrainian Navy and Coastalguards.

On March 25 it became widely known that Ukrainian coastguards had seized the Nord fishing vessel flying the flag of the Russian Federation in the territorial waters of Russia. The Ukrainian side ignored all Russian attempts to solve the issue via diplomatic channels. Now, the Ukrainian leadership is facing consequences of this decision.

Russia has boosted its presence in the Sea of Azov and started checks of vessels moving to the Ukrainian ports.

During his speech to Channel 5, Skybytsky complained that Russian forces have established control of all the maritime traffic proceeding to Ukrainian ports in Berdyansk and Mariupol through the Kerch strait.

Russia actively monitors everything taking place in the Sea of Azov and the entire coastal zone of the Sea of Azov. Another reason behind this stance is repeated statements by representatives of Ukrainian radical groups threatening to attack Russia’s bridge linking Crimea and the mainland through the Kerch strait.

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Russia has to guard against Ukrainian pirates and possible sabotage.

You can call me Al

Maybe, but “40 military Boats and 2 small missile ships” –> maybe there is something that we dont know.

My view only.


” maybe there is something that we dont know”

Than make lucky guess
Half of the answer is in his comment and other half ifs in possibility that
Ukraine tries to make some false flag attack on themselves to start the conflict.against Russia
So 40+ Russian ships is reminder to Ukraine to cut the crap…if not it won’t last long…

Feudalism Victory

Russia is preparing for an escalation in the Ukraine.


so it seams
….to prevent it and not to regret it

You can call me Al

The SAS stole them to watch England win the World cup ?


I think that SAS is too occupied changing the diapers to ISIS in Syria at the moment, to do anything else.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes on sight. But you seem to forget, what massive support from main land, in missiles this boats have.

You can call me Al

Good point. I know this sounds daft, but I stand by my feel that something is going on, that we do not hear about.


Military boats can mean any small craft. The missile boats are obviously the heavy hitters. The Sea of Azov is fairly large so this doesn’t seem like an abnormal force at all.

You can call me Al

I agree, but something is happening, and we do not know about it.


Dear South Front: If you want to be taken seriously as an impartial reporter, don’t characterize anyone’s actions as ilegal. I’m going to guess that the seizure of the fishing boat happened in Crimean waters? That makes this part of the frozen conflict over a land dispute.

It’s pretty silly that South Front claims to be immune to MSM’s vices.

Tudor Miron

Smaug, you don’t have to even try “to be taken seriously as an impartial” commenter. It would not help unless you stop spreading BS around here.

El' kerym

“I’m going to guess…” hahaha guess again! it was in Azov sea waters, 15miles from “Обитічна коса” – wanna lecture someone, stop guessing and start finding facts. If that’s not too hard for you =D


Good for them the Ukraine is trying to drag others into this conflict I have no sympathy for them.


Something tells me that if Ukraine damages Putin’s brand new bridge there will be hell to pay.