Russia: FSA Is Planning To Use Chemical Weapons In Daraa

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Russia: FSA Is Planning To Use Chemical Weapons In Daraa

Shabab al-Sunnah

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the Shabab al-Sunnah militant group in Daraa has of chemical weapons and is planning to use them.

“We have received worrying information. According to Russia’s information, the Shabab al-Sunnah armed group has access to chemical weapons,” Zakharova said during a press conference.

Shabab al-Sunnah is one of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in southern Syria. The group participated in the attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Daraa city earlier this year. Furthermore, the groups is one of few FSA groups in Daraa that has received US-made TOW ATGMs.

Zakharova releveled that Shabab al-Sunnah has several missiles fitted with chemical agents in its warehouse in Daraa. Furthermore, according to Zakharova, the group is planning to use this weapons against a civilian area in Daraa.

Likely Shabab al-Sunnah is planning to sabotage the de-escalation agreement in southern Syria by faking a chemical weapons attack by the “Assad regime”.

Lately the group took part in the attack against ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed in the western Daraa countryside and made no gains what so ever.

Most of the FSA groups in southern Syria have proven that they are not interested at all in fighting ISIS. The main reason behind this might be the fact that these groups don’t see ISIS as a threat in the first place due to ideological similarities.

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Pave Way IV

Please wait until UN OPCW investigators are settled down in their Daraa hotel before your chemical weapons false flag. It will make the accusations of Syrian government use more believable, because that’s the same sneaky trick Assad used last time.


I do not think your are right, I could say that you are completely wring. Assad has never used chemical weapons at all, this is just west propaganda to justify a military intervention in Syria, and Russia proved it. The used of chemical by Syria in Homs result to be totally wrong. Please, just remeber “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” evidences presented by USA and supported by Englanda and Spain..


I do enjoy the way this lovely lady sticks her delicate spoke into America’s wheels…..


Yeah, and the 6f Pussy in the Whore House on the Potomac stated, of course, that the next time, if there was an “gas” attack, they would start bombing immediately, and of course, we all know whom will be blamed, Syria, how CONvinient and CONvicing.

This is what the videos we have seen about the people been instructed to play victims of an chemical attack, remember anyone, but this time the uISISa have stated their premises even before the attack ocures, to legitimize an aerial bombardment of Syrian people and military, witch if course will be blamed, and then we will see, whom is worthy, whom have the stamina and morale to fight the empire of chaos and destruction.
Time to chose, and we are fast approaching the hot line, they have no other choices than to start an war, their entire propaganda machinery is crumbling and back firing, incl AntiFa, and I smell trouble.
They hate to loose, and never forget, we are dealing with physcopaths not humans, pure evil.

The Yankikes are nuts, and I know that this is what they want, the uISISa is becoming the beast.

Yeah, the shit storm is coming.


Gary Sellars

I think you mean how CNNvinient and CNNvicing.

Yup, the Uh’Murikkkanz are outta their small minds…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have had a petition in the US wanting to list Antifa as a terrorist organization they had twice the numbers needed to send it , and in such a short time frame too.

Steve Dent

So, … Antifa is a “terrorist organization?” I guess that means your white-sheet brigade and their black-banner sun-wheel brothers are all just misunderstood kids that deserve a slap on the wrist and a statue of Gen. Lee?

Freedom of speech … ya, sure. Right. Like the “freedom” all those people who aren’t white, English speaking and Christian living in ‘those’ areas of America always get shoved down their throats.

Solomon Krupacek

antifa is the same as were agressive links before ww2. fanatic believer in stalin. tehy are also for dictatorship. both belong in prison.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The problem with the white sheet brigade is they are more a creation of the democrats and the deep state either filled with shills as their spokespeople like Richard Spencer who worked as analyst for CNN and has closer links to the democrats than many would believe. Jason Kessler claim is even weaker to being on the right he was a staunch Hilary supporter in fact his mother was one of campaign advisers to Hilary.

The last one Fields is an actor and registered as one but suffers from a mental illness , but the owner of the car is a known member of the DNC and a staunch supporter who and has worked with state officials prior to this.

The problem is they want your free speech rights and in some states they can enter your house without a warrant currently. They have added more state police departments to this militarization process. The faster they get people into clamping down on free speech the faster they will go after everyone and eliminate their free speech.

Welcome to the world of 1984 and get used to it as you’re a US citizen and I am not.

Expo Marker

These terrorists are desperate to save their best bud ISIS, so they wanted to create another case of “Bashar baby eating Assad kills more children today” so ISIS could reorganize, and reverse government gains, all the while demoralizing the SAA.

Young Fanjiens

stupid southfront dont you see fsa fight isis all fake news here