Russia Isolated? US and Britain Excluded From Syria Summit

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There were several takeaways from the recent Quadrilateral Summit in Istanbul on finding a peaceful settlement to the war in Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin convened with his counterparts from Turkey, Germany and France for a two-day summit last weekend in a convivial and constructive atmosphere.

Russia Isolated? US and Britain Excluded From Syria Summit

The four powers signed a communique emphasizing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. It was Putin who underscored the inviolability of the Syrian government of President Assad as the internationally recognized authority in the Arab country. The communique also endorsed the right of the Syrian nation to self-determination over the future political settlement, free from external interference.

These principles have been stated before in a previous UN Security Council Resolution 2254. But it seems more than ever that the sovereignty of Syria has been widely accepted. Recall that not too long ago, Turkey and France were calling for President Assad to stand down. That demand is no longer tenable, at least as far as the four powers attending the Istanbul summit are concerned.

The upholding of Syrian self-determination bears the stamp of Russia’s long-held position. The acceptance of this position by Turkey, Germany and France is testimony to the key role Russia has established in ending the nearly eight-year war in Syria and now creating the framework for a peace settlement in the war-torn country. This framework has been made possible after Russia’s principled military intervention nearly three years ago, which prevented Syria from being destroyed by Western-backed insurgents.

Ironically, the US and Britain have been pursuing a policy of trying to isolate and delegitimize Russia in international relations. Evidently from the Quadrilateral Summit in Istanbul, Moscow is far from isolated. It is perhaps the linchpin power for the reconstruction of Syria. Furthermore, Russia has emerged as having newfound leadership on the international stage owing to its laudable contribution in salvaging Syria from a foreign-sponsored war to destroy that nation.

Another important takeaway from the Istanbul gathering was that Washington and London were not invited to attend. That speaks to the diminished role these two powers have previously claimed in international politics. Their absence also speaks to the tacit recognition that the US and Britain have played a destructive part in fomenting the war in Syria. Turkey and France have also blood on their hands from likewise sponsoring regime change. But at least, it seems, the latter two have come significantly some way to accepting that the illicit objective of regime change is now a dead-end.

It remains to be seen if the Istanbul communique can be translated into substantive results in terms of Syria’s reconstruction. Both Germany and France appeared at this stage to not commit to providing financial aid. Berlin and Paris appeared to with-hold specific aid, perhaps as a way to maintain some kind of leverage over shaping a final political settlement. That contradicts the principle of recognizing Syrian self-determination. Nevertheless, if millions of Syrian refugees are to return to their country – a paramount issue for the European Union – then the EU must do much more in financing Syria’s reconstruction.

Another glaring contradiction in the communique is that the territorial integrity of Syria is being violated by the US and Turkey. Both have troops occupying swathes of Syrian territory in what is an egregious breach of international law. For a comprehensive peace settlement, all foreign powers present in Syria without a legal mandate must be withdrawn from the country.

While the US was excluded from the Quadrilateral Summit, Washington still exerts a baleful obstacle to peace.

Days after the Istanbul conference, the US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, made provocative statements that do not bode well. He gloated in the fact that the US has some 2,000 troops in the country, and the State Department official warned that Washington would not permit a normalization of Syria by giving up occupied territory.

Jeffrey told media in Brussels. “We are not going to put it [Syria] back together, and we are going to do everything we can, and that’s a lot, to ensure that nobody else does.”

It was a staggering admission of criminality by the US diplomat. It flies in the face of UN resolutions and the Istanbul communique endorsing Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the threat of further destabilizing Syria by Washington illustrates that US objectives are in direct conflict with those of its European allies.

Germany, France and the rest of Europe need a peaceful reconstruction of Syria if they are to mitigate the refugee crisis that has destabilized the EU. A major political challenge to German Chancellor Angela Merkel from within her own country stems from the refugee crisis that the Syrian war has generated. The US policy of interminable interference in Syria is deeply incompatible with Europe’s interests for restoring peace to the Mediterranean and Middle East region.

Russia has helped decisively to win the war in Syria. But to win the peace, other powers must play a constructive role. Moscow has also decisively led the way to finding a peaceful settlement, from its diplomacy in previous summits in Astana and Sochi.

Far from being isolated or delegitimized, Russia has demonstrated an admirable leadership with regard to Syria. It is the US and Britain that are seen to be woefully isolated, and still pushing a destructive policy.

The Istanbul summit was a vindication of Russian policy. The coming together of Turkey, Germany and France with Russia is further vindication. What these four powers must do is insist on Washington abiding by international law and respecting Syria’s sovereignty. By getting illegal American forces out of Syria that would also go towards solving Turkey’s concerns over US-backed Kurdish separatists occupying territory in northeast Syria.

Washington is the one that is isolated over Syria, not Russia. The Europeans and Turkey are right to recognize Russia as a viable partner with regard to Syria’s future and their own security. By contrast, Washington as currently positioned, and for the foreseeable future, has nothing to offer except a dead-end.

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A little off topic:


“Not to demonize any one group or ethnicticity”, right.

Tommy Jensen

We have been for a long time. Suppressing women and children with our violent nature and ………………..our hard work to earn money……OOPSS…….WTF?

Here is the devil in disguise, we work and earn MONEY! Like the women, the jews, the royals, the disabled, the liberals, now the lazy niggas also found the trick and wants our money.


Ergo, Black Men are a greater terror threat in Africa, Brown Men in Central Asia and Yellow men in China etc etc :)

Religious zealots of all creeds and colours are also a terror threat and have been since man walked this earth.

Floyd Hazzard

White men make all the weapons and sell it to everyone else. They also own the finance and multinational trading companies that profit from as well as provoke most wars. They exploit everyone else and all the known resources to points of exhaustion and extinction and infact are a threat to the entire planet with their uncontrolled greed. Not everything is racist, some things are just the honest truth.


You are wrong.
Brown men in India/Pakistan make weapons, Yellow men and do as well. Other nations of varying ethnicities also make weapons that are very capable of killing.

In Ruanda about a million black people were butchered in a few weeks with knives and axes by another tribe of black people in the 90’s, so please spare me your anti white crap.

Floyd Hazzard

Yeah, and if you have any knowledge you will know that it was white jesuits that provoked Rwanda and it was white UN troops that stood by and watch it happen. And, I don’t see India and Pakistan invading all kinds of countries or selling arms wholesale to butchering warring states. Perhaps you should come to your senses. White American politicians today are boasting about how profitable the Yemen war has been. I think the same could be said of Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan etc. Who are responsible but white men?


It is not whites who are the problem.

The problem lies with a cult that is largely made up of white skinned people BUT who do not consider themselves to be white.

The ‘you know whos’ have always been stoking the fires of hatred for personal gain. They were and still are heavily involved in the slave trade.

Tudor Miron

“Predictions” that I posted 3 years ago (regarding US being removed from their role of global policeman by same powers that created it) sounded weird at the time. I would assume that by now it’s becoming obvious. US is destroying itself from within.


Thank God for that….”What you do to others you do to yourself” or “paybacks a bitch”.


Like the ancient Maya, the unstable positive feedback loops of insane ideology will bear their fruit, the Maya met economic and political challenges by building ever larger useless pyramids commandeering larger and larger proportions of resources, US economy is doing same in various subsystems (in MIC subsystem, see F35, carrier groups, etc.) and its PC culture totally binds the societies from making intelligent and rational adjustments…when you are not allowed to discuss things openly, how is it possible to fix anything???


The origins of political correctness (PC culture):


The second video includes a wax cylinder recording of British black magician and part-time MI5 agent, Alister Crowley, performing a ritual where he allegedly invokes the
fallen demon angel Raziel with the phrase “EnHaRa” (the ‘magical’ name for the evil eye, which is depicted as having a blue iris in eastern religions).


comment image
comment image
comment image


comment image

The All Seeing Eye/ Evil Eye:

comment image

The Pineal Gland compared to the Eye of Horus (an all seeing eye?):

comment image

The Evil Eye (Eastern religions):

Where Did Blue Eyes Originate (probably older than 8,000 years via the Black Sea civilization, also found in animals)?

comment image

comment image


” US is destroying itself from within.”

Long may the rot last :)


White men are just being used by their masters, those ugly zionist gangs and Goy freemasons. Askhenazi fake Jews who own the world by possessing London City, Washington DC, Rome and Tel Aviv. They abuse every race and community in the world to their benefits and goals. The New World Order has no plans to keep up with all those human species and that’s why it is unrolling that awful depopulation plan, to decimate the world population with 90% so they can control their world through a real technocracy and the help of many robots, soft-bots and humanoid hybrids … Nothing to really look forward to!


Thank you for replying Django, and everyone else as well. All great comments in my opinion. :)

Roughly 92% of jews throughout the world aren’t ethnically Semitic, 80% of these jews are the Ashkenazi jews who are a cross-breed between Europeans (white skinned Caucasians) and Asiatic Caucasians. Although I don’t know the exact passage, the ethno-religion that is Judaism teaches that Gentiles who aid the jewish cause (world domination) can be taken in and treated as if they are jews themselves; more prominent examples include the Bush family and members of secret societies such as Freemasonry and similar ones like the Skulls & Bones, and dozens of others.

Jews are known to intermarry and breed with other peoples as a method of biological crypsis, enabling them to blend in easier with the host population. They have done this almost everywhere they have lived, but most prominently with Caucasian peoples throughout the near-East (technically apart of Asia, previously known as the Orient) and the Western world. Although the vast majority of jews throughout the world are not ethnic Semites, they do however possess a very small percentage of Semitic genetic ancestry varying between 1-10%.

Ultimately, the only difference between an Ashkenazi jew, a Sub-Saharan African jew of Ethiopian descent, or a Semitic jew such as a Sephardi jew (consists of up to 5% of the world’s jewish population) are their racial and ethic differences; while their overall mentalities are nearly identical.


Thank you for your comment, SG. Strange though is that my reaction was drastically shortened and rewritten, … By whom and why I do not know myself but the essay gave a clear insight into the abuse of all peoples, not just the ‘white’ race by the same masters and bloodlines through the ages.

It is shocking that even within Disqus censorship and editorial action is taken instead of leaving the debate free, allowing information to
circulate to form opinions.

I think this is very hypocritical, especially since this was certainly not a hateful piece of work, but it gave a clearview of what history is and gave insight into the machinations and structures of certain groups and secret societies whose power, greed and status are superior to everything … Too bad!


Germany and Turkey are not going to get sideways of Uncle Sam. Frankly, neither is Russia. There is no upside to it.

The spheres of influence are established. Turkey will consolidate its hold in northwest Syria. It is by far the strongest force in theater. It has no reason to depart.

The US will maintain its presence from al Tanf and Manjib east, and up and down the Euphrates.

Russia owns Tartus and Latakia and its air base triangle, and therein lies the Alewite future.

Time will stabilize this arrangement and Syrian expats can go home. This is the new normal.

Russia’s collusion with Israel, by way of tacit accommodation primarily, will continue. Iran will not realize its vision of a Shia bridge to the Mediterranean.

Watch the Straits of Hormuz next week.


You are calling “spheres of influence” to illegitimate occupied territories, if Turkey was “by far the strongest force in theater” why they can’t even use their air force in the “theater”?Sorry, guy, your “new normal” its only the product of your imagination, and nothing is going to happen as you say.


Jorge: Turkey is next door with the largest standing army in Europe behind it. No one can push Turkey out. Russia included.

The Ottomans have never left, they’ve just taken a breather.


Their air force was already “pushed”, their proxies more proxies are being “pushed” off a buffer zone with 15-20 km (a good stake of the de-escalation zone in Idlib/Aleppo/Hama/Latakia). But the most important is that the Russians (and not only the Russians) will never aloud a partition of Syria. You can hope and believe what you want, but your “new normal” isn’t going to happen.


Obviously you did not read the joint statement that Syria’s integrity will be maintained. How the Heck can Turkey even dare to think they can stay as well as US … all easily defeated INSIDE SYRIA…

Even Houthis can finish of Turkish forces not to say Hez and Iran and SAA


Joe: you like joint statements? They make you feel good? That’s what they’re for. So feel good.

The reality is based on steel. Turkey has tanks and artillery and a massive army and a modern air force that already shot down a Russian jet, and could play with devastating effectiveness if required to do so.

But there will be no shoot out. No one will try to oust the Turks. The present status of forces is the new normal.

Putin is sly. He is solid where he is and can’t afford to overplay his hand and won’t. But he will orchestrate the peace and will gain a Nobel if he succeeds, and success is normalizing the present configuration of forces. The Turkmen are once again at home and will stay there.

The Iranians on the other hand are horribly over extended, and not in charge. It’s a Russian dance, and the Russia won’t over extend. He will consolidate.

Brother Ma

Turkey can’t do squat without Russia or America telling it to do so.

Frances’s army appeared invinvible in WWII as well …on paper! And Greece’s and Finland’s was the weakest. Who put up the biggest struggles and kept off the enemy the most!

Turkey is a paper Tiger and everyone knows it.

Tudor Miron

Jon, I would suggest that you look at bigger picture in time – last 4 years. Simply compare situation in Syria in 2014 and 2018. Does it look like US achieved their objectives?



There is no question Russia played its hand very well. There is no question that at the cost of little in terms of Russian lives lost and Russian treasure spent, Russia has accomplished its ostensible purpose of keeping its long time ally the Assad family in the saddle, albeit astride a smaller horse. Militarily the Russian general staff has accomplished a great success. It has a permanent presence now in the Levant and its client can’t ever afford to require Russia to surrender that presence. While Putin may rightly claim his laurels internationally as the predominant power broker in that part of the middle east puzzle represented by the Syrian Iranian Lebanese Shia-Sunni contest, the general staff crafted the projection of power that has gained Russia this valuable beach head in the Levant. Kudos to the Bear.

Now what next? Consolidate the gain.

Trying to put the shards of this broken pot back together with military might would prove exponentially more expensive and fraught with greater peril for no net gain. So pronounce platitudes about maintaining the integrity of the Syrian state and get endorsements from foreigners ministries far and wide, but don’t lose what you’ve gained by becoming inextricably drawn into a protracted losing battle trying to reconstruct old Syria by the blunt force tool of military might.

And for those who discredit the military power of Turkey, think again. Turkey is dug in and has perfect logistical integrity by virtue of being next door. Russia has wisely avoided committing infantry to the contest. Special forces and advisers to teach the use of air defense systems is one thing but the logistical challenge of using Russian forces to oust Turkey from its northern redoubt is insurmountable.

Likewise kicking the American Kurdish Sunni coalition out of east Syria is an impossible task.

And finally, Israel is in the Golan to stay and Russia has no intention of changing that reality. There is nothing in it for Russia to do so. Russia will leave Israel free to protect itself and a critical part of that for Israel in the Golan.

Consolidate the gain. Stabilize the status of forces. Give Putin his Nobel when he defuses the Iranian Israel powder keg, and focus Russian power on it eastern front. Europe will never invade. China will.

Tudor Miron

It all sounds logical but I suggest that you look at even bigger picture. Both distance and time.

Jens Holm

Yes, they have. They could not remove or replace Assad and the Baathists. So nr 3 was to reduce the Syrian regime well.

Thats a great succes. 500.000are dead. 12 millions are not in own homes as well as many tell, they never will return. So many things are damaged forever. And there is no menoney for rebuilding. Russians has already taken oil incomes for 25 years.

And fibally there are no needed reformes for making the Syrian production cake bigger and to share it having no incitatments.

The grotesce in that is, that the only ones having a good plan for changes are the SDFs and people prefare Baathistas and Jihadism fot theirkind of try for the many poor ones.

So Yes, USA and we have achieved the objectives and partly Turks taking a bite as well. Russians are stronger in Syria as well with improved bases at for sea and air.

For a time ISIS became target number one, but now Assads are again. I see Assads run less then ever.


Well let’s see if Turkey will honour their commitment to a United Syria.
Turkey was dead scared when SAA massed forces to o attack idlib and got the Russians to stop SAA attacks . Russia obliged as it wants to maintain the relationship the relationship with Turkey until Turkey has solved the Kurdish problems.

Say what you like, the Iranians will be SAA’S main card and there is no way Turkey can stay once Assad is ready.

No country will allow a foreign power to take it’s land without a fight and that includes US forces .

No Turkey in my opinion will not stay ….

As it is they had not indicated they date to stay permanently or Assad would not have agreed to the ceasefire in Idlib

Jens Holm

You answer Yourself well. You have no vital knowledge for “how the h…. ” and deny to make changes to change it as well.

You have chosen Your own “Hec.” Yourself.


Well perhaps you can explain how …
Do you seriously think Turkey few miserable tanks can handle Hez , SAA, Iranian and local Syrians attack when the Houthis can take care of the Best US weaponry in Yemen.

Tell me how…. Tanks are really useless in urban warfare like the one being fought all over Syria when there are powerful ATGMs …

How the heck can US forces even be able to fend of local attacks///with war planes? hey they would be quickly shot down.

My take is that … if Turkey chose to stay then they have to face not only SAA and allies with or without Russia but the Kurds as well.

Right now Turkey is free to take areas because it is understood they would withdraw once they have settled the Kurdish problems.

So unless Turkey acts otherwise , the expectation is that Turkey will withdraw when time is ripe and when Assad says ” go back home”
Even US forces cannot take on Assad forces in Syria not to say Turkey .

Jens Holm

Of course they anytime can.

Turks are very well armed in tanks, artilery and fx Firtinas. And the have many more and better airplanes as well.

They do have problems in logistics.

But the war wont be the primitive old fashioned, You assume as well.

Look below for tanks and like that…

Reza Rezwani

Russia and Israel are Strategic Partner!!, not my words but Russians,,, I will add little bonus to this: Lavrov calls Colin Powell, My good friend?!

Brother Ma

New normal or not should be resisted and I hope it is.

Tudor Miron

Jon, US is written off by its own creators. They (US country level elites) may manage to start a global war (as a last hope to maintain their power) but even than US will seize to exist.

John Mason

Russia has stated on numerous occasions that they are in Syria to fight terrorism not to protect Syrian sovereignty. It stands to reason by Russian actions that a deal was made with Obama and Trump where the Turks, US, UK and France will partition off portions of Syria and Israel keeps Golan Heights.
Russia has taken on the mantel of Syria’s mouth piece and appears to make decisions in regards to Syrian constitution and sovereignty.

The longer this conflict continues the less the Russians can be trusted.


It’s your normal bla, bla, bla, as usual, and fake, as usual. As you are not stupid, you only can be liyng with all your teeth when you say that Russia “stated on numerous occasions that they are in Syria…not to protect syrian sovereignity”, when Russia stated numerous times that the sovereignity and integrity of Syria must be protected, and the worst is that you are trying to make of us stupids, believing on your hope that someone here is going to believe you. Go see if outside is raining, John (it’s a polite way of saying to you go to hell, no?)

Reza Rezwani

John is not going to hell and you are not owning the hell !

Tudor Miron

John Mason’s (note the last name that he’s usuing) role is well known on this message board. “Moderate Russia bashing” is his gang.


I only don’t block him because sometimes he’s dangerous, mixing fake and reality, here wasn’t the case (may be because it’s week end), as Joe have shown very well.

John Mason

Idiot! What are you, some zionist troll? Obviously you are since you can’t accept alternative views. A yank pretending to support the Russians?


Rubbish .. read the communique . Syria’s territorial integrity is guaranteed that means no partition.

Do you read the passage ? That also means Israel will be asked to vacant Golah and no other ways about it. It’s all there.
Not they way you think when your friends have practically lost the war completely.

Reza Rezwani

Read the acts ,not communique!

lene johansen


Reza Rezwani

Add to this that Russia call Israel for” Strategic partner”

lene johansen

Are you trolling. Putin said a week ago: NO PARTITION of Syria.

Tudor Miron

John Mason, claiming that your dreams are equal to reality doesn’t help your case.


I think we should not exaggerate the importance of the meeting.It was good that they met, but no critical decisions were made except the communique. Don’t forget that Germany and France are members of the coalition that kills Syrian citizens and occupy north east Syria. And of course all of them as members of NATO practice how to invade Russia in the north of Norway.


They are part of a coalition? What coalition? Are you talking about Kurds? I think you’re wrong there. You’re also wrong on NATO wanting to invade Russia. Especially Germany, but also France have no interest in a confrontation against Russia. The meeting is a slow but sure assertion that the EU has its own foreign policy. They cannot and will not break away from NATO just now, but they’ve shown more than once that they won’t have the US UKque dictate their policies. Now, the entende with Turkey is somewhat unfortunate, precisely because German authorities, divorced from the reality on the ground actually think there is somethin like a “refugee crisis” (just like the author of the above article assumes). There is no such thing. There are crises people are living through and hence flee. A whole-hearted approach giving the rule of law its way would make this a none-crisis even for Germany, that takes on more refugees than any other European countriy. These refugees can easily be accomodated and integrated. Money-wise it’s no problem and supposed ‘problems’ in society only serve as straw-men to distract from acutal problems like the crisis of capitalism. So, Germany paying Ankara millions again is not a good idea, because that money will be used to try to perpetuate “vilayet Afrin” and perhaps Idlib.

Brother Ma

I agree with everything apart from you saying we can and should accommodate the “refugees”. They are not refugees and we should not accommodate them.

Brother Ma

Jeffrey told media in Brussels. “We are not going to put it [Syria] back together, and we are going to do everything we can, and that’s a lot, to ensure that nobody else does.”

What a mutt! I would love to kick him up his mangy butt to see him run with his tail between his legs!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Right old Mafia thug, isn’t he, that Jeffrey creature. What a disgusting example of a blood-soaked US exceptionalist.

Brother Ma

Very true!

Zionism = EVIL

Actually Americunt idiots are like schizoid nutcases who think that everyone else loves them and they are the center of the universe. The malignant narcissist fat orange moron Trump has just made the average ignorant redneck even more crazy. Infact US is a failed rogue state in decline as power shifts to an Asia centric multi-polar world. US is sheer desperation is sanctioning all and sundry.


i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s similar to Jeffery Epstein, minus the jew billionaire status.

Protester Shows Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, Media Outlets Ignore Child Sex Slavery Connections:

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal And How The Media Attempted To Ignore/Cover It Up:

Bill Clinton identified in a lawsuit against his pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein:


Once they admit the facts we all can move forward, and we all know whom is behind this, so to cut it short, the same nations, exluded is what is the sole reason for much of the problems we all have.

What you must not forget, Turks, the world is changing, the focal points is moving, the old system is dying, their sand castled bungling of debt, and all they have is monetised Heroin, and the dose increases every day, debt to their eyeballs, and when the economic side effects of printing mooney out of the thin air is denied, ignored and lied about, the UssA is going down, and will if the moron in chage manages to do something, after all, we dont know, but it will take time, gentlemen, an long time, and in the mean time, while their banking systems impodes, and the pedoDollar sinks or maybe even worse, becomes somehow just an obstacle, an road block for the rest of the world, economys, hammpered by an UssA whom is desperatly trying to level the field made entirly and by large their own people and now they blame China, pathetic whimps, you morons did to your self, been an slave is what you have been, and so far, will be, end the FeD and you may save whats left and wack the banks, the to big to fail, when they die now, let the rott, and the dope heads in the helm, the owners, I blame them entirly and why the fooook should we have anything to do with that.
This little rant incl Germany and Italy, and the prospects eastward is hold back by Trump.

I dont know if I should luagh or cry when the castrats running EU starts to yap something about irnoring Trumpstein, yeah, and I even will be so crachious I will pretend to belive that, since I am getting old and soft (senile?).
But we all have to sit here, watch the winter come, and await the moment the Germans finaly have found/find their own balls, I am afraid.
And for heavens sake, kick the wankees out, and the Brits, can just be ignored, the EU is an scam, and Russia and China is right there, at least, an far more reliable and honest broker, if you get assf….. its probably more due to you that anyone else.
If you dont take an stand for something, you will fall for anything.

I dont fear Russia nor China, I fear our own rotten scumbags, corrption and greed, where corpoRats rule the game, and then the cantral banks, the coice is simple, but to have an impack, it needs to be dealt with, and tell the wankkes that with due respect, go an f…. them selfs, they have just an military complex left, the rest is sould out.
What could possibly go wrong.


Titel Gogurion


VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is crystal clear that only Syrians can re-establish their sovereignty. As the limited Bush said, so should Assad: you are either with us or against us. Then war should be declared against ALL invaders to Syria.

Jim Bim

Regime change is still on the table by Turkey and the West, Germany and France called the Syrian legitimate Government a Regime at the meeting, while Erdogan pushed even further calling Assad responsible for the death of 1 million…..where he got that number from, is blowing in the wind. What the west did not achieve militarily, it will continue with keeping the sanction going, not funding any reconstruction, keep funding the terrorists, not letting the Syrian refugee come home, keep trying to divide Syria. It is far from over.

You can call me Al

I do not trust the French.

Zionism = EVIL

The froggies are backstabbers and historical surrender monkeys.


Ah… what bull, the brainwashed version of history. It was the French who stood by the American revolutionaries unwaveringly. And they rarely surrendered. In WW2 they were betrayed by the British. Now, their neo-colonial involvement and puerile wargames are regrettable, but I’d trust them over any Anglo-American a million times over.

Zionism = EVIL

OK, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but they were horrendous cowardly civilian killers in Algeria, Indo-China and Africa before being booted out. The Algerians really whupped their froggie butt.Ever heard of Dien Bein Phu?

Jens Holm

I am sure they dont trust You.

Brother Ma

Just wanted to see if anyone else is getting a “ is an unsafe suspect website” message.It started today on my unit. google and natozionists wanting to stop us finding out the truth?

Also can anyone tell me how to flag southfront themselves when i post a comment? Is there a way to surely get their attention- for them to read my comment- by me putting a character or something in the post?


Read between the lines of what Jeffrey is saying: We, the US are the proxies of Tel Aviv ( not the other way around ) and Tel Aviv instructed us to continue to disrupt the peace in Syria.