Russia Just Lost One Of Fighter Jets Deployed In Libya?

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A video, allegedly showing a Russian-speaking pilot in Libya waiting for an evacuation helicopter after his aircraft had supposedly crashed, appeared online on September 7 causing a wave of speculation in mainstream media and among military enthusiasts.

The clip shows a white-and-orange parachute on the ground, in a desert-like environment, and the Russian-speaking person claims that his aircraft was shot down at around 70km and that he ejected from it at about 40km from the airfield. He claims that he is waiting for an evacuation group of helicopters while the enemy is searching for him. After a break the video resumed to show an approaching Mi-24 helicopter in colors close to those used by helicopters of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

The video does not show any wreckage, nor indications of the near crash site, nor clues about the type of aircraft nor the real date or location of the video. The Russian pro-government military blog ‘Fighter Bomber’, which originally released the video, also revealed no further details about it.

The video came following several reports by the US military claiming that Russia had deployed several MiG-29 and Su-24 warplanes to the LNA-operated al-Jufra Airfield. The US Africa Command then claimed that these warplanes were possibly operated by Russia-linked private military contractors.

At the same time, the color scheme of the filmed helicopter is close to that used by the LNA. In particular, an LNA Mi-8 helicopter, which recently crash landed west of Sirte and was captured by forces of the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) had a similar painting scheme.

As to the video itself and the actions of the alleged pilot on it, the situation looks pretty strange. First of all, if the jet was really shot down in combat conditions and the pilot ejected, the decision to film a video that may fall into the hands of the enemy is quite puzzling. The behavior of the pilot making such a decision raises questions about the real purpose of the move. In real combat conditions, the pilot would likely try to retreat from the crash site as much as possible taking the crash-position indicator with him to allow the rescue force to find him. Another factor is that despite the claims of the ‘pilot’, no smoke can really be seen in the video. Further, the pilot is not wearing a proper flight suit. On top of this, Russian sources say that the survival radio set, likely the P-855, which can be seen in the video, is of a different color than those used by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

These factors indicate that the video, regardless of the location, could be from some sort of combat search and rescue exercise. This would explain the strange behavior of the ‘pilot’ who was sitting near his parachute and waiting for somebody, like in peace time, instead of retreating from the alleged crash site. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that these details are likely to be ignored by mainstream media, which will probably soon be full of reports about how Turkish forces downed a Russian fighter aircraft in Libya. If the abovementioned fun clip was really recorded in Libya, by some Russian-linked private military contractors, their leadership is now apparently interested in improving the operational security of their forces.

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S Melanson

Yes, like the Russian helicopter ‘captured’ after it was found in a junkyard in such bad condition that it must have crashed…

This tragedy followed by the terrible tragedy of a Russian jet crashing in the vicinity of a media crew ready to do a film interview with the Russian speaking pilot who takes time off his efforts to evade capture by speaking with the film crew…

That completes the news segment on events on the planet Pluto, next we discuss events here on Earth…

Servet Köseoğlu

who cares soviet junk?..

El Mashi

The opinion of a thief. Get out.

Servet Köseoğlu

you dont need to reply asshole..get lost…

Icarus Tanović

He’s just a punk, don’t let you drag into his trolling.

Jizzmo Onyabhutti

That place looks like NASA photos of Mars.


Or place where they have landed on the Moon with Apollo 11
And Neil Armstrong famous words:

“One small step for me and one huge bollocks story for everybody else”


Neil A spelt backwards . . .


I most definitely would believe much easier that he is Alien, than that he was walking in the boon.

Jens Holm

Me too. He had shoes one…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

A load of bollox ffs, lol.

Антон С

I don’t care if it was RuAF jet or libyan with contractor, because there is invitation from Haftar. So Russia can even send troops if needed. Others are not welcomed. Saraj with his expired parliament have no legit power.


says who?

cechas vodobenikov

the UN


UN recognises Haftar as the legitimate government?:)))

Антон С

Guaido was recognized by EU and US. Where is your Juan now, ha-ha-ha?


Do yu have an attention span of a fish? I am talking about Haftar. He is in Libya not Venezuela. Libya, its in north Africa

Антон С

Simple logic: terms of so called Government of National Accord – 2 years. It was established in january 2016. So it has no any legit power since 2018. Parliament of Libya (elected in 2014) should be re-elected, but it is impossible during civil war. It moved to Tobruk in 2016th after islamists took Tripoli, then moved to Benghazi. Parliament’s terms can be prolonged in extreme cases. So who is more legit? Western marionette in the head of islamist junta with intervention of Turkey or expired parliament, elected by libyans? Answer is pretty simple for me.


Russia can’t supply anything that Libya didn’t have before, to gain a plausible deniability. But Pilots are always more valuable than jets, and also fairly quick to change sides. But if its a Pilot that doesn’t belong to any side on the ground…..

Jim Allen

“A plausible deniability” to what ?


of arms sales embargo violation

Sol Invictus

Fake. No one even claimed this ‘plane’. Not even ISIS (and they claim everything).

Jens Holm

I dont think we know that. Most people know there are losses like that even its not in combat.