Russia Slams CBS News For Cooperating With Syrian Al-Qaeda In Idlib


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The Russian embassy in Syria has slammed CBS News for sending its reporters into Idlib province, which is controlled by the al-Qaeda group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), at a moment of a stepped up joint Russian-Syrian aerial assault campaign over the northwestern territory.

Over the weekend the embassy tweeted of the CBS team’s reporting from Idlib: CBS News crew + a “white helmet” (not wearing one, apparently) = another act of media warfare in the making. 

Note the “dress code” the female CBS correspondent has apparently willingly donned. 

Both Moscow and Damascus have long accused US and western media correspondents of essentially giving terror groups operating inside Syria a major platform to air their propaganda, including claims of chemical weapons attacks. Russia as well as some western commentators have also described the White Helmets as essentially “the rescue wing of al-Qaeda”.

As some Middle East analysts were quick to point out, the CBS crew would have had to receive permission from HTS/al-Qaeda to be in Idlib in the first place. The Russian embassy accusation that CBS is engaged in “an act of media warfare” seems geared toward that fact.

A number of American journalists, including the Washington Post’s Liz Sly were outraged, noting that the CBS crew was  “on the ground” to report “on the Russian-Syrian offensive there”.

However, it remains that HTS and thus Idlib province itself, is under the military control of none other Syrian al-Qaeda leader Abu Muhammad al-Jolani.

In 2017 the US State Department offered a ten million dollar bounty for information leading to Jolani’s whereabouts or capture, based on his US Treasury listing as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” – also featured on the FBI’s wanted list.

Interestingly, we wonder… less than two decades after 9/11 are major US news networks asking the head of al-Qaeda’s most powerful branch permission to enter AQ territory in cooperation with its “rebel” fighters on the ground? It appears so.


  • Rob

    US, NATO, Israel and Saudis are trouble makers in our world. These are rogue states in our world.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      Oh please. Jamal Khashoggi a journalist, that’s rich; next you’re going to tell us you consider the WaPo to be a newspaper? Among his pearls of journalism was a column praising the ISIS beheadings of SAA soldiers as an effective way to terrorize their enemy. He was the nephew of one of the world’s most notorious arms dealers, moving in the world between Saudi intel and the CIA. He was so deep into this milieu that he’d played jihad with Uncle Osama in Afghanistan for chrissakes. More recently he was stirring the pot back home with help of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood; his lovely fiancee came from those circles.

      Problem was that he was the protege of a prince who’s currently out of favor. At the end of the day he was plotting some regime change in Riyadh and got caught. So the Saudis dealt with their own guy on their own territory, big deal. He was disposed of bestially, yes, but bestial acts get committed against innocents all the time, why not focus on the latter.

      For me, the only interesting thing about this episode was how it exposed the low place of the House of Saud in the true pecking order. All their apparent status they need to buy, every day anew. Contrast our kosher friends, who could nuke Switzerland tomorrow and the whole system would piously drone “Israel has the right to defend itself”.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Well it just adds to the impression citizens have within F/UK/U.S.that their govts are essentially whores for Israeli and Arab lobbyist interests and that Wahhabism is being embraced by their very own, so called, security intelligence agencies.

  • Hasbara Hunter


    Mujahideen-Al-Qaeda-ISIS-Nour-al-Din-al-Zenki-FSA-HTS-Wahhabi-Takfiri-Muslimbrotherhood-WTF……it’s all CIA…MI6…Mossad….

    • Toronto Tonto

      And putin sells them guns nice . But Russia sells to all terrorists don’t they , North Korea and Iran are big customers .

      • Xoli Xoli

        No doubt Russia supports terrorists. Putin force Assad to relocate terrorists with smart buses to Idlib knowing it will be in Erdogan interest.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        It is you and your Jewish & Masonic Brothers who are the True Terrorists….don’t try to fool us Filthy HasbaRat….

  • Rob

    The Trump tweets indicate that Trump consider UK his slave state because he directly interfere in UK internal business.

  • frankly

    Oh one question, since when did they cease being afraid to cover the war in Syria? Since they got rid of ISIS? But Al Queda, being such good friends for taking the fall for 9/11, don’t scare us.

    White Helmets “the rescue wing of al-Qaeda”.

    Officially financed by With the CIA for logistical support and USAF for ground support.

    The war on terror needs a slight rename, Our War to help Terrorists.

    Very similar to the war on; drugs, cancer and drunk driving, etc. The only success is fantasized in the propaganda.

    • zman

      F’ing well said! Every facet of life in the US is a farce and a fraud perpetuated on the boob tube.

      • frankly

        The tube is insidious. Just like 1984 predicted.

  • seawolf

    Russians lost it !!!!

  • AM Hants

    ISIS by night and White Helmets by day. She must have been so proud to be shown around, by the CIA funded thugs.

    Now remind me, how do they handle a chemical weapon attack and without protective clothing, as I go back in time?

    Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin
    Who needs basic protective gear when dealing with chemical WMDs? The White Helmets have superhuman abilities…

    Have they finished filming the next production, for the Western Media to cry over? Wonder if they will be using the same old crisis actors of old?

  • jm74

    This is how the US fights its’ wars, they set up bases and then fly in the propaganda machinery. Major mistake allowing the US coalition put boots on the ground and that blame lies with Russia. Too late now.

  • watcher12

    It appears there was an opportunity to clean up Idlib a year or so ago. Someone backed down when Turkey, the US and Israel (and the poor suffering, and wealthy white helmets) objected. Now Russia and Syria get to have more men killed due to that backing down, because Turkey (once considered a semi-ally of Syria and Russia) and US players provided heavy and copious armament to the Idlib occupiers. A less serious matter and it could be presented as a joke. Syria and Russia had final resolution in their hands and they refused it because it was unpopular by the very people that supported the whole incursion. So now you face the result of the international popularity vote. As to Turkey – nothing can be said about agreements there.

    • Rhodium 10

      While Russia told about reconciliation….Turkey was building military post and creating and arming his own “Hezbollah” version sunni wahabi HTS!.. it is a well armed and trained force vs SAA!..HTS , Turkish army and turkish backed forces will never enter in Raqqa as all east Eufrates are under USA occupation…and both USA and Turkey are NATO members and partners!

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Let’s get real, all Jew owned “western” media is a mouthpiece of Wahhabi terrorists, even the Jihadi propaganda is printed in Indiana. CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, PBS etc are all the same Bilderberg Jew propaganda machine.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    LOL, HTS, Al Qaeda and all the other major rebel groups are made up of many dozens of smaller splinter groups that don’t always get along or agree, the journalists may have security guarantees from this particular group, but there would be other groups that would prefer to take them hostage and use them for different propaganda purposes, hopefully they’ll fall into one of those groups hands while they’re here.

  • Xoli Xoli

    No need to slam CBS because Putin is also working with Erdogan and Israel which is terrorists weapons suppliers and protectors.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Putins instruction of S-400 only for Russian protection means if Syrians become fed up and turn against Russia for supporting Erdogan then S-400 will take out all outdated Syrian defence Systems.