Russia: States Supporting Terrorism Responsible for Situation In Eastern Ghouta

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Russia: States Supporting Terrorism Responsible for Situation In Eastern Ghouta

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States supporting terrorism are responsible for the current situation in the Eastern Ghouta region in eastern Damascus, Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov told media on February 22 commenting on reports accusing Syria, Russia and Iran of civilian casualties and a poor humanitarian situation in the region.

“Those responsible for the situation in East Ghouta are those who support the terrorists, those that are still there. As you know, neither Russia, nor Syria, nor Iran belong to the category of such states, for it is they who on the ground are engaged in an irreconcilable struggle against the terrorists in Syria,” Peskov said.

Answering to the question about the proposed UN resolution on the introduction of a ceasefire in Syria, the spokesman said:

“Now I cannot answer this question, they are engaged in the line of our diplomatic department, our mission in New York, it is better to address this issue to the Foreign Ministry.”

Earlier, Sweden and Kuwait shared with the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the introduction of a 30-day ceasefire in Syria. The voting on the draft is expected to take place later on February 22.

Meawnhile, a large-scale media campaign aimed against the widely expected anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ghouta is ongoing. Mainstream media outlets and pro-militant sources accuse Syrian, Iranian and Russian forces of civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis in the area.

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The French Mainstream Medias disinformation propaganda
is moving in an amazing overdrive full speed !

The War main victim is the “Truth”


Finkelstein on Gaza: Who or What Has a Right to Exist?


Gaza: An Inquest into its Martyrdom (Verso, 2018), is an extraordinary book. It is also a difficult book to read. In his preface, Norman Finkelstein writes that this work “has been a painstaking, fastidious undertaking born of a visceral detestation of falsehood, in particular when it is put in the service of power and human life hangs in the balance.” He writes that “Gaza is about a Big Lie composed of a thousand, often seemingly abstruse and arcane, little lies. The objective of this book is to refute that Big Lie by exposing each of the little lies.” His meticulous inquest into Israel’s atrocities and the moral depravity within humanitarian institutions demands answers about who or what has a right to exist.

The book primarily investigates the official reports about Operation Cast Lead (2008-09), the Mavi Marmara (2010), and Operation Protective Edge (2014). Finkelstein attributes these assaults in part to Israel’s intention to prove its deterrence capacity after its defeat by Hezbollah in 2006. A pattern emerges of Israel’s surreptitious provocations that conceal its own aggression, use of disproportionate military force and targeting of civilians, specious legality, and lies that exonerate Israel and permit ever-increasing brutality. The Dahiya doctrine refers to Israel’s military strategy of acting immediately, decisively, and with disproportionate force. Dahiya is a suburb of Beirut that was flattened by Israel in the 2006 war.

Operation Cast Lead was preceded by Israeli assaults that destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure, cruelly named 2004 Operation Rainbow, 2004 Operation Days of Penitence, 2006 Operation Summer Rains and Autumn Clouds, 2008 Operation Hot Winter. After the democratic election of Hamas in 2005, Israel imposed a punishing blockade which UN Special Rapporteur John Dugard noted was the first time an occupied people was subject to sanctions and that were a violation of major UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions and a ruling by the International Court of Justice. Israel attacked a civilian population imprisoned within its territory and already decimated by a ruined economy.

Israel attacked Gaza with the most advanced combat aircraft in the world, flying nearly 3000 sorties and dropping 1000 tons of explosives. The U.S. Senate unanimously supported the attack and the House vote was 390 to 5. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman “joined the chorus of hallelujahs during Cast Lead” and expressed hope that Israel would “’educate’ Hamas by inflicting a heavy death toll on Hamas militants and heavy pain on the Gaza population.” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni “audaciously declared in the midst of Cast Lead that ‘no humanitarian crisis’ existed in Gaza. UNRWA director described what was obvious from eyewitness photographs and newscasts: “‘We have a catastrophe unfolding in Gaza for the civilian population…. They’re trapped, they’re traumatized, they’re terrorized.” What was also obvious was that Israel systematically targeted Gaza’s civilian infrastructure. 1400 civilians were killed, including 350 children.

Amnesty International and the Goldstone Report established that Israeli soldiers, not Hamas, used civilians as human shields. The Goldstone Report found that much of the devastation was premeditated and anchored in a military doctrine. The Report stated that the assault constituted “a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize a civilian population….” The Report also paid tribute to “the resilience and dignity of the Gazan people.” It recommended that individual states “start criminal investigations in national courts, using universal jurisdiction….” It noted Israel’s “seemingly deliberate cruelty” to children.

On April 1, 2011, Goldstone disowned the “devastating UN report of Israeli crimes carrying his name.” The gist of his recantation was that Israel did not commit war crimes and that it was fully capable of investigating violations of international law. The other three investigators issued a statement unequivocally affirming the Report’s original findings. Finkelstein goes into considerable detail about Goldstone’s recantation which essentially legitimized Israel’s alibis: that Israel does not target civilians but that civilian casualties were due to error or were collateral to targeting militants, and that its grossly disproportionate destructiveness was justified self-defence.

Goldstone attributed his recantation to a drone photograph of the Al-Samouni family compound that Israel offered as evidence 22 months after the massacre of 29 family members. Several family members were actually gathering firewood but the blurry photograph purported to show that they were carrying rocket launchers. Israeli soldiers based close to the house had even warned the commanding officer, Colonel Malka, that the Al-Samounis were civilians. The Israeli investigation claimed that the massacre was just a “simple mistake.” From his investigations, Goldstone also knew well from soldiers’ testimonies that they had license to go “crazy”, “lunatic”, “insane”, “to destroy everything in its way” and “ kill everything that moves.” John Dugard, previous UN Special Rapporteur, adjudged that “there are no new facts that exonerate Israel and that could possibly have led Goldstone to change his mind.” Finkelstein’s verdict: “In one fell swoop, Goldstone inflicted irreparable damage on the cause of truth and justice and the rule of law….He poisoned Jewish-Palestinian relations, undermined the courageous work of Israeli dissenters, ‘and – most unforgivably – increased the risk of another merciless IDF assault. … the singular distinction of Goldstone’s recantation was that it renewed Israel’s license to kill.”

Israel’s killing of nine passengers on the Mavi Marmara, part of the Gaza flotilla to break the blockade of Gaza, followed the same pattern of previous assaults: Israel characterized their victims as terrorists; the pre-planned attack by Israeli commandos was vastly disproportionate. The commandos opened fire on the unarmed passengers with tear gas, smoke and stun grenades, and live ammunition. Israel appointed Jacob Turkel, a former Israeli Supreme Court justice, to chair Israel’s investigation, and UN Secretary General Ban K-Moon appointed the corrupt and criminal Colombian president Alvaro Uribe to chair a UN Panel. According to the official investigations, the “shaheeds” armed themselves to kill Israelis but did not manage to kill even those in their custody, whereas the Israelis took “every precaution and exercised every restraint not to kill anyone but ended up killing nine people.” The UN Report invented a novel legal fiction by differentiating the land and sea blockades as if boats are for smuggling weapons, thereby justifying the naval blockade and attack on the Mavi Marmara. “It must be a first … that a report bearing its [UN] imprimatur vilified the victims of a murderous assault because they sought to cast light on an ongoing crime against humanity.”

Operation Protective Edge was the deadliest massacre. Again, Israel provoked and opportunistically seized a timely opportunity to attack. Israel assassinated Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari and exacerbated Israeli racism and paranoia through its concealing facts about the killing of three settlement youth. Arab Spring had turned into Arab Winter, with Egypt again closing the Gaza border. The 2014 downing of the Malaysian plane conveniently deflected attention from Israel, and Israel bombed Gaza hours later.

The disproportion is self-evident. Hamas killed 73 Israelis of whom only 8% were civilians while Israel killed 2200 Gazans of whom fully 70% were civilians. Israel killed 550 [recent figure is 556] children, and Hamas killed one Israeli child. The ratio of civilian dwellings destroyed was 18,000:1. As well, Israel again destroyed vital infrastructure, leaving Gazans without electrical power, potable water, medical care.

Finkelstein dissects the major investigative reports. Both the Amnesty and the UN Human Rights Council investigations of Operation Protective Edge refused to accuse Israel of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity or of violating the UN Charter or the Geneva Conventions. These reports appallingly presumed an equivalence of suffering by Gazans and by Israeli Jews. Joining in this whitewash were UNICEF, the Lancet medical journal editor Dr. Richard Horton, Jacques de Maio of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and International Criminal Court former chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo who heaped praise on israel’s respect for the “rule of law.” The International Court of Justice which had previously declared the settlements illegal, evasively claimed that Protective Edge was “highly complicated”, to which Finkelstein asks “where the complication lay: was it when Israel dropped 100 one-ton bombs on Shja’iya or when it indiscriminately fired 20,000 high-explosive artillery shells in densely populated civilian areas?”

These investigations bought into Israel’s claims that it only targeted “militants”. Finkelstein commented: “On this evidentiary standard, Amnesty couldn’t find that Israel had committed a war crime unless and until Israel acknowledged its commission .” Amnesty accepted Israel’s internal investigation which “found that the attacks had been carried out in accordance with international law.” The UNHCR even accepted Israel’s alibis about the killing of 18 people at the UNRWA Beit Hanoun School. Finkelstein: Israel did not take “all feasible precautions to protect civilians, even though it did take all feasible precautions to set them up for a bloodbath.”

Both Freud and Marx explored the distortions of thinking in which abstractions are treated as material or animistic things, an observation that appears to be lost in much political discourse. The most egregious examples are that the “state” and “corporations” or even the “planet” have a “right to exist” while people do not. Finkelstein’s inquest concerns depraved individual behavior made credible and enforceable in association with abstract powerful institutions. Israel’s vicious massacres are hardly the first. Post Cold War, the U.S.’ 1991 bombing of Baghdad, the ensuing UN sanctions leading to ½ million child deaths, and the sieges of Fallujah were among many other atrocities showing that it is easy to get away with murder.

What are the forces from within and without that protest collusion with murder? Some institutions (always created by people and made up of people) are inherently and historically destructive to human life, like the military, corporations and a range of financial institutions, and perhaps the UN Security Council, while other institutions have an uneven record or are modifiable.

In today’s world, states must be assessed in terms of the deaths they cause or facilitate inside and outside their borders. Similarly, the humanitarian organizations investigated by Finkelstein necessitate this kind of standard. Amnesty and the UNHRC are cases in point. Astonishingly, Saudi Arabia remains chair of the UNHRC. In 2012 Suzanne Nossel was named chair of AIUSA. On Nossel’s watch, child murder justifier Madeleine Albright gave the keynote address to the AIUSA AGM in 2012. Maximilian Forte, author of Slouching towards Sirte: Nato’s War on Libya and Africa, reported that In her State Department job, Nossel had played a key role drawing up the UN Human Rights Council resolution that ultimately formed the basis for Security Council Resolution 1973 that led to the NATO intervention in Libya. Amnesty had also credited the unfounded reports about Iraq and the incubator babies that was used to justify the devastating 1991 war.

Was there dissent within Amnesty? Have there been retractions or admissions of guilt and of responsibility for complicity in so many deaths? The good work of Amnesty then serves to lend credibility to its disastrous positions.

In this book Finkelstein expresses outrage that Israel is exonerated by prestigious people and institutions, allowing escalation of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Persistent exposure of the little and big lies needs to be part of the struggle if there is really to be a Never Again for all people.

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More articles by:JUDITH DEUTSCH

Judith Deutsch is a columnist for Canadian Dimension Magazine, former president of Science for Peace, and a psychoanalyst by profession. She can be reached at

Steve Bell

Amnesty and HR Watch have recently parroted similar Western BS about Assad and Syria. However, their quietness about Yemen, Gaza and Libya have been deafening.


Amnesty, HR Watch, ICC, Doctors without Borders,
US Aid, and so may ONG are just CIA proxy !

You will like this site Map !

The anti-imperialist camp: splintered in thought

In 2011 when his country was subject to a jihadist siege, President Bashar el-Assad’s reaction was against the norm: rather than strengthening the powers of his security services, he cut them back. Six years on, his country is in the process of emerging victorious, in the most important war since Vietnam. This same type of aggression is unfolding in Latin America. Yet here, it is sparking off a far more classic response. In this article, Thierry Meyssan distinguishes the analysis and strategy of President Assad on the one hand and Maduro and Morales on the other. His aim is not to place these leaders in competition, but rather to call upon each of them to remove themselves from political catechisms and to pay due attention to the lessons learnt from the most recent wars.

In May 2017, Thierry Meyssan appeared on Russia Today and explained where the South American elites were going wrong in their fight against US imperialism. He insisted that there has been a sea-change in the way the US now wages armed conflicts and we now need to radically rethink how we should defend our homeland.

The operation to destabilize Venezuela continues. The first phase: violent gangs demonstrating against the government killed passers by, as if citizenship created no bonds between them. The second phase: the major food suppliers organized food shortages in the supermarkets. Then some members of the forces attacked several ministers, called for a rebellion and now have retreated into hiding.

Of course the international press never ceases to hold the “regime” responsible for the deaths of demonstrators. Yet it is a fact that a number of videos testify that these demonstrators were deliberately assassinated by demonstrators themselves. No regard is paid to this and on the basis of this false information, the press then proceeds to qualify Nicolas Maduro as a “dictator” just as it did six years ago with respect to Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar el-Assad.

The United States has used the Organization of American States (the OAS) as an arm against President Maduro just like it once used the Arab League against President al-Assad. Caracas, not expecting to be excluded from the Organization, denounced this method and left of its own accord.

Maduro’s government has however two failures on its balance sheet: the vast majority of its voters did not go to the polling stations for the legislative elections of 2015, allowing the opposition to sweep a majority in Parliament. it was caught out by the crisis of food products, even though the same thing had been organized in the past in Chile against Allende and in Venezuela against Chávez. It required several weeks to put in place new circuits to provide food.

In all likelihood, the conflict that begins in Venezuela will not be held back by its borders. It will ooze out, embracing the entire North West of the South American continent and the Caribbean.

An additional step has been taken with military preparations against Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador following Mexico, Colombia and British Guyana. The team responsible for co-ordinating these measures is from the former Office of Global Democracy Strategy. This was a unit established by President Bill Clinton, then continued by Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz. Mike Pompeo, the current director of the CIA, has confirmed that this unit exists. This has led to rumours in the press, followed up by President Trump, of a US military option.

To save his country, President Maduro’s team has refused to follow the example of President al-Assad. Maduro’s team thinks that there is no real comparison between what is happening in Venezuela and Syria. The United States, the principal capitalist power, would set off to Venezuela to steal its oil, according to a plan that has been repeatedly played out in the past on three continents. This point of view was given further weight by a speech that Evo Morales, Bolivia’s President, recently delivered.

Let us recall that in 2003 and 2011, President Saddam Hussein, the Guide Muammar Gaddafi and a number of President Assad’s advisors reasoned similarly. They thought that the US would attack the following states in succession: Afghanistan and Iraq, then Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and Syria. And why? For the sole reason of bringing about the collapse of regimes that were resisting its imperialism and controlling hydrocarbon resources in an expanded Middle East. A number of anti-imperialist authors cling to this analysis today. So for example, they use it to try to explain the war against Syria by reference to the interruption of the Qatari gas pipeline project.

Now, this line of thinking is turning out to be false. The US is not looking to reverse progressive governments (Libya and Syria), nor to steal the region’s oil and gas. Its intent is to decimate States, to send people of these countries back to a pre-historic time where “man did not love his neighbour as God loved him but would pounce like a wolf upon his neighbour” [Translator’s note: the literal translation of the French original is: “man was a wolf for man”].

Has toppling the Saddam Hussein regime and the regime of Gaddafi brought peace back to these states? No! Wars have continued even though “government of occupation” has been set up in Iraq, then a government composed of other governments in the region including those who collaborated with the imperialists opposed to national independence. Wars are still being waged. This surely evidences that Washington and London had no intention of toppling these regimes nor defending democracy. These were transparent covers for their true intentions which were to eliminate the people in these states. It is a basic observation that rocks our understanding of contemporary imperialism.

This strategy, radically new, was taught by Thomas P. M. Barnett following 11-September 2001. It was publicly revealed and exposed in March 2003 – that is, just before the war against Iraq— in an article in Esquire, then in the eponym book, The Pentagon’s New Map. However, such a strategy appears so cruel in design, that no one imagined it could be implemented.

Imperialism seeks to divide the world in two. One part will be a stable area which profits from the system while in the other part a terrifying chaos will reign. This other will be a zone, where all thought of resisting has been wiped it; where every thought is fixated on surviving; an area where the multinationals can extract raw materials which they need without any duty to account to anyone.

According to this map, taken from one of Thomas P. M. Barnett’s power point slides, presented at a conference held at the Pentagon in 2003, every state in the pink zone must be destroyed. This project has nothing to with the struggle between classes at the national level nor with exploiting natural resources. Once they are done with the expanded Middle East, the US strategists are preparing to reduce the North West of Latin America to ruins.

Since the eighteenth century and the British Civil War, Western development has been triggered by its attempt to do all it can to avoid chaos. Thomas Hobbes taught us to support the thinking of the State rather than risk experiencing this torment for another time. The notion of chaos only returned to us with Leo Strauss, after the Second World War. This philosopher, who has personally trained a number of personalities within the Pentagon, intended to build a new form of power by plunging part of the world into hell.

Jihadism inflicted onto an expanded Middle East has shown us what is chaos.

While President Assad reacted as anticipated to the events of Deraa (March – April 2011), by sending his army to quell the jihadists of the Mosque al-Omari, he was the first to understand what was happening. Far from increasing the powers of the forces to maintain order to repress the aggression sourced from abroad, he equipped his people with the means to defend their homeland.

First: he lifted the state of emergency, dissolved the special courts, freed the Internet communications and forbid the armed forces to use their arms if to do so would endanger the lives of innocent civilians.

When Assad took these decisions he was clearly not going with the flow. And these decisions were ladened with consequences. For example, at the time of the attack of a military convoy at Banias, soldiers held off using their weapons in self-defence; they preferred to be mutilated by the bombs of their attackers and occasionally die, rather than to fire, risking injuring inhabitants that were looking at them being massacred without intervening.

Like many at this time, I thought that the President was too weak and his troops too loyal; that Syria was going to go down. However six years on, Bashar el-Assad and the Syrian armed forces met the challenge. While at the beginning the soldiers have struggled alone against foreign aggression, gradually, every citizen came on board, to defend the country.

Those who were not able to or who did not want to resist, went into exile. It is clearly the case that the Syrian people have greatly suffered. That said, Syria is the only State in the entire world, since the Vietnam War, to have resisted until imperialism tires itself out and surrenders.

Second: faced with this invasion of a multitude of jihadists, from Muslim populations all over the world – Morocco to China, President Assad took the decision to abandon part of his territory to save his people.

The Syrian Arab Army confined itself to the “useful Syria”, that is, to the cities. It abandoned the countryside and the deserts to the attackers. Damascus kept supervising, uninterruptedly, the provision of food to every region under its control. Contrary to an idea accepted by the West as common knowledge, the only areas where there is famine are those areas under Jihadi control and in the cities that it has besieged; the “ foreign rebels” (forgive this oxymoron), supplied by “humanitarian” associations, use the distribution of food packages as a means of making starving populations submit to them.

The Syria people have seen for themselves how the Republic alone assumed the role of feeding them and protecting them. The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadists played no part.

Third: In a speech delivered on 12 December 2012, President Assad traced, how he intended to remake political unity in his country. Of special mention, he pointed out the need to draft a new constitution and to submit it to adoption by a qualified majority of his people then to proceed to democratically elect all institutional officials, including of course, the President.

At that time, the Westerners mocked the claim of President Assad to call elections when the war was at its bloodiest. Today, all diplomats involved in resolving this conflict including the UN, support Assad’s plan.

While Jihadi commandos were freely roaming the entire country, notably Damascus, and were murdering politicians even invading their homes where their families were, to do so, President Assad has encouraged dialogue with nationals who oppose him. He guaranteed the security of the liberal Hassan el-Nouri and the Marxist Maher el-Hajjar so that they too, might risk presenting themselves at the presidential elections in June 2014. Despite an appeal to boycott issued by the Muslim Brotherhood and Western governments, despite jihadi terror, despite the fact that millions of citizens were exiled abroad, voter turn out (of those present) was 73.42 %.

In the same way, from the beginning of the war, he created a ministry for National Reconciliation, something never seen before in a country where war is going on. Assad handed the ministry over to Ali Haidar, the President of PSNS, an allied party. He negotiated and concluded thousands of agreements taking into account the amnesty of citizens who had taken arms against the Republic and their integration in the Syrian Arab Army.

During this war, President Assad has never used force against his own people. This is so, despite the allegations of those who freely accuse him of widespread torture. So, let me be clear: he has never set up mass executions nor mandatory conscriptions. It is always possible for a young man to avoid his military obligations. Administrative procedures allow any male citizen to evade national service if he does not desire to defend his country with weapons in hand. Only the exiled who have not had the occasion to pursue these procedures may find themselves in violation of these laws.

For six years, President Assad has not stopped on the one hand, making an appeal to his people, asking them to thrust upon him obligations, and on the other hand, trying to feed them and to protect them, as far as he is able. He has always assumed the risk of giving before receiving. That is why today, he has won the confidence of his people, and can count on their active support.

South American elites are wrong to pursue the fight of the previous decades for a fairer distribution of their wealth. The battle which they must focus is no longer one where the majority of the people and small class of privileged individuals are on opposite sides.

The choice put to the peoples of the expanded Middle East and to the people of South America is this: aut defendendum vobis patriam est aut morendum vobis est (you must either defend your homeland or die). It is this question that they will have to respond to.

The facts prove it: the number one priority of imperialism today is no longer plundering natural resources. Imperialism, unscrupulous, dominates the world. Yet now its vision has expanded to wiping out people and to destroying the societies in the regions where it is already exploiting resources.

In this iron era, the Assad strategy alone allows us to stand tall and free


Deo Cass

The frenzy about East Gouta is because the Western foreign invasion and occupation colonialist imperialist forces want that area which is dangerously close to Syria’s capital city as a staging post to take over the capital. Without East Gouta in their hands Damascus would be secured and the Syrian state saved. Hence the panic by the Western tyranny. Imagine in the US a terror cell controlling the district of Manhattan! Would the US accept a humanitarian pause in such circumstances? The Syrian govenment forces should launch the operation immedialely, then humanitarian aid later. No cease fires until the terrorist cancer is eradicted.


Yes don’t make the same mistake to stop again.

Finish the job . High time Syria has real victory and end to war after taking care of the Americans

John Whitehot

if there wasn’t your kind telling us who makes mistakes and who doesnt.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

agree million billion percentage

HighLord Gaz

No ceasefire. Kill the Wahabbi freaks. All of them. Kill their supporters too.

Huzbin Farteen

Assad and Putin crying and scared because they get BIG SPANKING from Powerful President Erdogan!


I was going to say you’re funny, but you basically repeat the same thing all the time. At least Solomon was creative in his trolling.

I miss Solomon. It takes lazy average trolls like this guy to appreciate the creative ones.

John Whitehot

i think he should be read with sarcasm googles


Maybe, but at least I enjoy some creativity in my trolling. Constantly reposting the same post does not qualify.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lol i miss him too i wonder where he is?

Tommy Jensen

comment image


Nice work, Jensen, I hope you’ll make a great study about trolls.


That’s how the Washington barbarians behave, we shouldn’t sink that far.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

that would be ideal but sometimes their resistance can be a bit too stiff and its better to do a temporary ceasefire to preserve men/equipment/ammunition for future battles


Cant imagine a Russian saying anything less.


War is murder unless you are protecting your people.In this case Syria has right to defend its capital.I hope owners of jihadi militants would make them retreat to Idlib before more civilian losses.


I think that the Syrian govt and the Russians are trying to persuade them to leave with their show of force, while the Washington barbarians are trying to keep them there. Perhaps when the Syrians enter the enclave the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers will make a show of resistance and then agree to bugger off. I’m hoping for an anticlimax not a bloodbath.

Alejandro Bonifacio

aleppo 2.0?


I cannot ever recall the UN calling for a ceasefire in the dark days of 2013/14/15 when the Wahabi gangs were murdering thousands of people per day at times with executions.

The disgusting and amoral US Coalition of Terror ONLY calls for ceasefires when their Takfiri/Wahabi gangs are losing.

Real History will describe this period as the complete descent into barbarism, cruelty and greed by the United States of America and her vassals.


Previously it was the Americans getting Russia to stop and Russia did stop only to be fooled so many times


Russia was not fooled. Russia was just giving rope to the US to further hang herself with.


Whatever the intention, Russia gave the forces invading Syria TIME when they should’ve been deprived of it. The Balkanized Syria we have today is to a large extent the result of this. We’ll see with this E. Ghouta op if they’ve learned their lesson in Moscow; I wouldn’t count on it.


The only realistic way that Russia could have aided the SAA to do all they you suggest in a few months, would have necessitated hundreds of thousands of Russian Regulars to fight in Syria.

There would have been a serious supply line issue and the US would have split the Russian ability to defend Russia itself and also the protection of Ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

The US military has the numbers to Divide and Rule.
Russia in not daft enough to play that game and prefers to steadily make progress whilst taking advantage of the infighting within the US Coalition of Terror.


And that is the single reason why I call the yankees (the rulers), punics, or yankee punics, or punic yankees. Brrrrrr, they are mean as the romans said the punics were.

John Whitehot

don’t make too many parallels between romans and yanks.

romans were in charge of theirselves, they didn’t wage wars on behalf of the jews.


Well, John, I made the parallel with the punics, not with the romans. by the way, the romans were a territorial empire, nor a commercial military empire as the punics (Carthago) were and the yankees are. On the other hand, the Mediterranean world, once upon a time, was a multipolar world with the punics as the mighty power (but not the hegemon). Conclusion, and you are right, the paralel is not with Rome of the fourth century BC, is with the punics of that age.

Gabriel Hollows

Funny thing because they both (yanks and punics) worship satanic child-eating deity Moloch.


Hey Florian. It is a bit sickening for me. Over and over Occidental nations call for ceasefires, at the very moment the real bad guys are about to get pulverized. AQ/HTS et al, had their chance to get out of Ghouta and refused. I am not promoting random bloodshed. However, these are very dangerous groups in East Ghouta and they need to be destroyed.Their elimination is not so much a body count victory, it is a lesson for the most powerful perpetrators that this manner and surrounding ideals will perish in flames in the end. Once again I witness the call to save the head choppers as their demise unfolds. Go SAA and Co., reality knows who are the real butchers and their supporters. My take on it. I wish well to you Florian.


I completely agree with you john. A colour photo in the UK Daily Telegraph showed an image of a young girl being carried by a man , purportedly in Ghouta. It looked staged to me, the ‘blood’ on the girls face was not as I have ever witnessed and the ‘blood ‘ smear on the ‘rescuers’ face looked like makeup as well. Coupled with that the clothing and head hair of both of them was too clean .

As the days progress we will hear more hourly about a ‘ genocide’ in Ghouta.
The Western media will as always now, merely parrot what the propagandists of the US Coalition of Terror demand.


I think I saw that photo. I thought almost immediately, how did the White Helmets get over here? I thought they were in Idlib.


These are the only two resolutions (2254, 2268):

2254 18 December 2015 Unanimous Syrian civil war, Cease fire

2268 26 February 2016 Unanimous calling for a cessation of hostilities and a grant for access to humanitarian workers in Syria

Note that BOTH POST-date the RU intervention in Sept. 15, when terrorists start to lose…


Thanks for the info.


So obvious, their proxies are about to be annihilated and quickly want UN ceasefire . Before it was the Americans saving their terrorists proxies and Russia obliged to please US and got conned.

This time using others when they see Assad is dead serious to finish off the Terrorists so close to Damascus.

Come on ,finish the job Russia.

John Whitehot

if someone has been conned is all the western trolls who think that they aren’t working for israel


” No doubt the Jews aren’t a lovable people; I don’t care about them myself; but that is not sufficient to explain the Pogrom.” Neville Chamberlain.

I do enjoy historical quotes John :)

Don Pagani

Haha! if they do not accept the invitation, let carpet bomb East Ghouta, There is no reason to again talk to the US and its gang. Russia, no talk anymore, let carpet bomb …

Promitheas Apollonious

lets hope this time they don’t stop until the job is done. And there are no civilians in this war.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Double standard in Australia too. All we’re seeing on the TV is the murderous Assad bombing civilian areas and hospitals, with not a mention of the murderous rebels [terrorists] who they’re really bombing.
Hardly a mention either about Turkey invading the Kurdish areas, and absolutely not a word about them bombing Kurdish civilian areas.
So many journalists and editors are paid their weight in gold for their efforts to inform us of news and current events, but for the quality of information we get I think they deserve just a small piece of lead.

leon mc pilibin

Not a word from the lying fake news media when their favourite terrorists were shelling Damascus city causing death and destruction.But now that they are going to be paid back in kind for their war crimes,the zionist west is hopping crazy trying to save their moderate head choppers..Too late scumbags.They will all get a free bus ride to HELL.

Tudor Miron

It is funny to hear them screaming about humanity after what they did to Raqqa and Mosul.


And Groznyj.

Tudor Miron

Look at Grozny now.


Tell this to killed thousands, commie!!

Btw., groznyj now is the best proof of my statement, that in russia moslems have bigger word then in EU.

so, you pissid in own mouth. again. :DD

Tommy Jensen

Aleppo all over again. West crying for peacefires for ISIS all the time as SAA/Russia moves forward.

Suyanto Ng

Russian has giving this freaks a chances for sake of civilians, this freaks want civilian trapped in warzone. So someone need to going in to ‘create’ a room for civils to get out.


A ‘ghetto’ where working class fools have been long controlled by wahhabi scum- the way organised religions always work no matter what their name. Organised religion is a CANCER, by design, on greater humanity.

Sadly, once ‘converted’, the working class fools will fight to the death no matter how little sense this makes. See ANY sectarian way- Irish ‘troubles’, the American Civil War etc. A brainwashed people of little brain become an unshakable cult/tribe.

That after years of begging the locals to see reason, the government now thinks it has no choice but to use the most extreme methods is hardly unexpected, and follows so many similar examples from Human History. Of course, the fact that the Deep State works to support terrorist feelings in this community is the abiding issue.

Safe nations drive ALL undesired foreign influence out. Tis why Iran remains secure- and Russia too. Tony Blair got Gadaffi to let the Deep State into Libya, shook his hand then plunged a dagger into his back. It was Tony Blair’s personal ‘multi-faith’ organisation that recruited Libyan criminals and traitors in readiness for the NATO extermination of that nation.

During the ‘War on Terror’, Assad was a willing catspaw of the West, working with the Americans to detain, torture, and extract ‘intelligence’ from targets designated by Britain, France and the USA. Assad felt this made him ‘safe’. But while crawling to the West, Assad allowed foreign entities to operate freely in Syria, and these entities laid down the ground-work for the coming terror and wahhabi invasions.

Now Assad faces having to eliminate the worst zones of terror control that actually contain Syrian natives who have long dedicated themselves to various forms of radical and violent islam. And the West will crucify Assad and Russia for the means he is now forced to deploy.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Whenever terrorist are destroyed the same countries like Kuwait and Sweden Nato and core puppets wants immediate cease fire in order to enable them to relocate terrorist.Why are their not writing those useless resolutions to UN to stop USA and NATO human onslaught in Yemeni people.Or Writing those biased resolution to their agent UN to expel USA and terrorist NATO coalition from Syria.No rubbish ceasefire finish off all terrorist.Arrest all the terrorist who surrenders .Kill USA and Turkey terrorist.


Random off topic. Whats going on in south syria? Where swuidea meets dara? Ceasefire?

Langaniso Mhlobo

As USA kills Russian mercenaries Russia should kill all their terrorist including Turkey terrorist in Idlib.No more terrorist intakes in Syrian army nominee reconciliation as long as umivited countries remain in Syria.Starve the terrorist ad UDA starve Koreans through its entity UN Security Council.


The civilians that still remain in East Ghouta are probably mostly the family members of the rebels.

It is all propaganda !

This was exactly the case in East Aleppo in 2016. At that time, the news media was claiming that 300,000 civilians were in jeopardy. But, when the rebels surrendered to the SAA in December 2016, there were only 70,000 civilians there, and they were mostly family members of the rebels.