Russia supplies arms to Kurds in Iraq

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Russia supplies arms to Kurds in Iraq

© AP Photo/Hadi Mizban

Tuesday, on January 26, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at an annual news conference that the supplies of Russian arms to the Iraqi Kurds were made through official Baghdad.

He explained that, practically as soon as the terrorist threat emerged, when supplying arms to Iraq, Russia took into account the fact that both the government army and the Kurdish militias were fighting against the Islamic State terrorists.

“We took into account the Kurds’ needs in the supplies of our arms to Iraq, but these supplies were made through the central government, through Baghdad,” Lavrov Said

“We fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq,” Russian Foreign Minister Said.

He also said that the decision on the Kurds participation in the inter-Syrian talks should be taken by United Nations Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura and Russia will not veto it.

 “It will be the most serious mistake not to invite Kurds (for inter-Syrian talks), but we will not impose any veto,” Sergei Lavrov said in the conference.

“This is the right of Staffan de Mistura,” he added.

Russian Foreign minister also said that UN Syria envoy should be aware of his responsibility and should not shelter himself behind Russia and the United States.

The Kurds are an obstruction to the Turkey in their support for terrorists. Syrian Kurds in the areas bordering on Turkey are an interruption to Ankara in patronizing well-established routes of smuggling weapons and crude oil and in bringing to Turkey more terrorists and illegal migrants from all over the world.

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