Russia To Begin Exporting Orion Attack UAVs In 2022

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Russia To Begin Exporting Orion Attack UAVs In 2022

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Russia will start selling serially-produced attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to foreign buyers starting from 2022, sources in the military-industrial complex and the administration of the Moscow region told RIA Novosti.

This is so that production at Russia’s first plant for drone production can start operating fully, under the management of the Kronsdadt group of companies.

As previously reported, Russia has begun promoting Orion drones in a strike version on the international arms market, and has already received a number of applications from foreign buyers.

“The production of UAVs at the Kronstadt plant in Dubna for foreign customers is planned to begin in 2022 as the needs for the Orion complexes of the Russian Armed Forces are met,” said one of the sources.

The source reminded that the launch of the plant is scheduled for November this year. “At the first stage, the new production will ensure the annual production of several dozen Orion drones in reconnaissance and strike versions,” the source said.

Another interlocutor of the agency confirmed the information on the timing of the launch of production for export and the expected volume of production of the UAV.

“The Kronstadt group of companies has already begun recruiting personnel for the new site. In total, about 1,500 people will need to be recruited, 500 of whom must be recruited within the next months,” the source said.

The construction of the first Russian plant specializing in the serial production of attack drones began in Dubna near Moscow in April. The production will be environmentally friendly and noiseless, its total area will be 45 thousand square meters.

According to RIA Novosti sources, in terms of price-quality-board intellectualization, Orion-E export drones will become one of the best offers on the international market. Such complexes, called “Pacing”, are supplied to the Russian army and have been used for air strikes against terrorists in Syria.

“Orion” belongs to the class of medium-altitude attack unmanned aerial vehicles of long duration. In the strike version, the UAV is equipped with a universal complex of aviation weapons, which makes it possible with high efficiency to destroy both stationary and moving ground targets, armored vehicles and vehicles of the enemy, and his manpower. The device can be in flight for up to a day. Its maximum take-off weight is 1150 kilograms, the UAV’s cruising speed is 200 kilometers per hour, and its maximum flight altitude is 7 kilometers. Orion’s combat load is 200 kilograms.

Russia To Begin Exporting Orion Attack UAVs In 2022

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No doubt fierce competition in this market segment from China, Iran and western overpriced trash. Regardless, the Russians are likely to be successful with this design given their history of innovation.

Chess Master

You forgot the war-winning Turkish and Israeli ones ;)


Are you actually bragging about helping to defeat Armenia? A country with a GDP the same as the Bahamas, a per capita income of less than $10,000 and a military budget of $500M.

Drones are light weigh, slow, prop driven aircraft with tiny payloads …. nothing more. They will always have a place in combined arms warfare but they will never dominate because they are lightweigt, slow, prop drive aircraft with tiny payloads. If those were war winning characteristics then the USSR would have defeated the Nazi’s with PO-2 ‘night witches and the dominant air force in the world would be flying sopwith camels.Now that they are seen as a viable threat on the battlefield every country that makes arms will be making weapons to use against drones.

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@SOUTHFRONT When will you resume documentaries, you haven’t done any in like, what 2 years or so.