Russia To Present A Borey-class Nuclear Submarine At The Army-2021 Forum

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Russia To Present A Borey-class Nuclear Submarine At The Army-2021 Forum

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Russia’s ARMY-2021 exhibition will be held between August 22 and 28th this year.

In the area of responsibility of the troops and forces in the north-east of Russia, the events of the Forum will be the largest for the entire time of the IMTF. Exhibitions of weapons and military equipment are planned to be held in the period from August 22 to 28 at 9 exhibition sites, which will be deployed in 4 localities of the far eastern Federal District in the Kamchatka territory, the Magadan region and the Chukotka autonomous district.

During the entire period of the ARMY-2021 Forum, excursions to the ships and vessels of the Pacific Fleet will be organized for the guests of the event, including the newest mine defense ship Yakov Balyaev, an anti-sabotage boat of the Grachonok project, modern diving and hydrographic boats.  There will be a demonstration of the practical work of the underwater remote-controlled vehicle Marlin, samples of weapons and equipment of the underwater drone.

For the first time in the history of the Forum, it is planned to present a strategic nuclear submarine of the Borey project, which will be exhibited in the water area of Avacha Bay, during the static demonstration of equipment.

At the sites of the military-technical forum in the regional center, 17 samples of weapons, military and special equipment of the Coastal Troops will be exhibited.

The Borei Class is a Russian fourth-generation nuclear-powered missile submarine. It is intended to eventually replace the ageing Delta III and Typhoon Class submarines and become an important deterrent for the Russian Navy. It is the first class of submarines developed by Russia since the Soviet era.

Designated Project 935, it began in 1996 to manufacture the first unit of the Borei Class submarine. The project name was changed to Project 955 and the submarine was redesigned to accommodate the new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) Bulava (SS-NX-30) in place of the abandoned R-39UTTH Bark missile.

The first three submarines in the class were built under the Project 955 programme and the following five vessels, including the Knyaz Vladimir, were ordered under the Project 955A (Borei-A), the higher version of Project 955.

The Project 955A programme involves the construction of new submarines with various improvements and different hull shapes.

The first Borei-A Class ship, Knyaz Vladimir, was laid down in July 2012. The submarine began the first stage of trials by November 2018 and entered service in June 2020.

Currently, four submarines of the Borei-A project, Knyaz Oleg, Generalissimus Suvorov, Emperor Alexander III, and Knyaz Pozharskiy, are at various stages of construction.


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