Russia, Turkey Push Nationwide Ceasefire Plan In Syria

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Turkey and Russia agreed on a nationwide ceasefire plan in Syria.

The agreement proposes end of hostilities in the country starting at midnight local time on December 29.

The truce agreement has to be approved by the Syrian government and does not extend to terrorist organizations operating in the country.

If the cease-fire succeeds, the Syrian government and opposition will launch peace talks in Astana (Kazakhstan) brokered by Russia and Turkey, according to Anadolu.

Earlier this month, Moscow hosted trilateral talks on a political solution to the Syria crisis between Russian, Turkish and Iranian top diplomats.

The US-led block was excluded from the negotiations.

UPD: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on reports that Moscow and Ankara have agreed on a plan of a comprehensive ceasefire in Syria.

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I wish the ceasefire success. However, there have been several of these
already. They never lasted for very long and the only effect was to
give the moderate terrorist time to regroup and rearm. I don’t see
this one being much different. In fact like the others I see it as a
mistake. I could be wrong, but in any case we wont have long to wait
to see if I am or not.

Arthur Smith

We just can’t play harsh with them. It’s either peaceful cooperation or fullblown deathmatch with them. We have greeks willing to set Turkey on fire, they have tartars/wahabis to set Russia on fire. It isn’t about trust as much as wish to avoid sparks while sitting on gasoline-soaked wood. And we both lose a lot if conflict forces either side to cancel Turkish (gas) Stream or Akkuyu Nuclear PP. So we play nice with each other and wait for envious third parties to collapse.

Boris Kazlov

Spot on


Sure enough – JUST as the Syrian army are winning and on the march again, in Southern Aleppo, Eastern Ghouta, Northwest of Damascus and elsewhere, yet ANOTHER jihadi-saving “ceasefire” (moreover, a NATIONAL one!) pushed by Russia, this time together with their criminal “partners” in Ankara….

The current Russian government of Putin, Lavrov et al. are WEAK, STUPID and PUSILLANIMOUS. Instead of thinking how to avenge the brazen terrorist attacks on their own planes and ambassadors, how to get Palmyra, Idlib and so on back, how to decimate the jihadis, etc., they tie the hands of their own allies on the battlefield by useless, idiotic, victory-preventing “ceasefires”!

Pathetic and despicable!

Yahu Savant

I suspect that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and Russia is trying to avoid WW3. The assassination of the Russian Ambassador and the destruction of the Russian military flight over the Black Sea are but tips of the iceberg. Putin hid the sinking of the Kursk by a US submarine from the world to avoid WW3. I think he’ll do what is necessary to avoid WW3 in Syria as well. He’s walking a tightrope between resisting and submitting to the NWO.


Maybe; but you cannot just keep letting your foes attack you and slaughter your and your allies’ people continuously without hitting back – and being too scared to even PROTEST, or ADMIT that you are being attacked! That is like a bullied kid who HIDES that he is being bullied out of shame, impotence, and fear of his bully. The enemy/bully will simply keep on hitting, and ramp up the power and frequency of his provocations. That is how you LOSE, and will not avoid anything in the end. This way Russia and anybody who is allied with Russia, are getting pummelled constantly by sneak attacks and terrorism, with nothing to show for it – and most ordinary people around the world NOT EVEN BEING AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON because nothing is said about it! Putin should at the very least, clearly ACCUSE and CONDEMN the U.S. and its allies for the things that they are doing, from the podium, and in front of the whole world media – instead of continuing to call them “PARTNERS”! That would go a long way to snatching the veil of innocence and righteousness away from the evil Western elites and their allies!

Tim Hadfield

I disagree – Russia has to play a diplomatic game here, In order to be seen as the peacemaker, in contradiction of the USA’s MSM lying rhetoric that brainwashes so many US, UK, and European citizens.


If the US, UK, and European citizens are “brainwashed by the MSM’s lying rhetoric”, then how can Putin “be seen as the peacemaker” no matter how he bends over backwards and what “diplomatic game” he plays – since the people on the other side are already constantly being brainwashed by lying rhetoric that misrepresents everything, and can’t evaluate things properly?

Tim Hadfield

Grow up.

Boris Kazlov

Stupid remark, it is true that no matter what Russia or “Putin” does, as the childish propaganda embodies and demonizes an emergent superpower, it will always be presented to sheeple in a devious light, it is a need of the last stages of imperialist capitalism..

Tim Hadfield



Meaningless ad-hominem brush-off, usually made when one cannot answer the substance of what the other person said or wrote… YOU grow up!

Arthur Smith

It isn’t about westerners, we gain reputation and authority whereever people suffered from world government. Waking up a fraction of westerners is just a bonus. They will help others to achieve understanding of situation when their countries lose comfort stolen from people and lands they abused. And when there is enough – a base will appear for new historical cooperation.

Boris Kazlov

Right, utterly outrageous.


As many times as Turkey has cause problems for Syria … no way can they be trusted.

The Eye

If you exclude the US block then this is not a ceasfire meeting but rather a coalition building meeting. Nevertheless a necessary thing.

Kire Stojanovski

I think this ceasefire will be useful for SAA if they are planing an attack on ISIS to liberate Palmyra once more. ISIS won’t be part of the ceasefire for sure, so it would allow them to concentrate more of their troops on that front. Not much more, as it’s sure that it won’t be respected from the other terrorists too (the “moderate” ones). But anyway, hopefully, it will bring some bit of “peace” on the other fronts (I put peace in quotation marks because it will never happen until the last terrorist is eliminated). I am not a supporter of these ceasefires but I’m trying to see the things from their brighter side, even knowing that it is not much brighter at all.

Brad Isherwood

The Empire opp on Palmyra had ISIS with foreign TAC controllers using real time Sat coverage to hit SAA at key points.
They will not enjoy such luxury in coming offensive.
For them…it will be …run.
Some of course will stand and buy it for the Last Jihad.. MK Ultra …they push on the kooks.

Russia and Syrian TAC air will have windows of opportunity to really lay it on and roll them up when the Daesh. …decides to dash …for it : )

Tim Hadfield

A cease fire won’t stop them from poisoning the Damascus water supply.

Boris Kazlov

This latest romance between Putin and Er DOG an does not bode well, the latter is interested in human organ trafficking and stealing Syrian oil, Putin says he will withdraw from Syria, how can he trust such a double crosser like the Turk.