Russian Airstrikes Hit Greater Idlib For Third Day In Row As Militants’ Attacks Continue (Video)

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Russian Airstrikes Hit Greater Idlib For Third Day In Row As Militants' Attacks Continue (Video)

A Russian Su-24 takes off on a combat mission at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria, on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015. IMAGE: AP PHOTO/VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV

For the third day in a row, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out a series of airstrikes on the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The airstrikes, which took place on July 24 noon, targeted the outskirts of the towns of Kabani and Duwayr al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Lattakia. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib, and several other terrorist groups maintain a strong presence in the area.

This was the fourth wave of Russian airstrikes to hit Greater Idlib this week. On July 20, Russian warplanes targeted militants’ positions near Kabani in northern Lattakia. On July 22 and 23, airstrikes hit the outskirts of the town of al-Bara in southern Idlib.

The recent Russian airstrikes were most likely a response to the repeated ceasefire violations by HTS and its Turkish-backed allies.

On July 23, the media wing of the National Front for Liberation, Turkey’s main proxy in Greater Idlib, shared a video of recent artillery strikes on government-held towns and villages.

The Turkish-backed militants used Soviet-made M-46 130 mm field guns, which were captured from the Syrian military early in the war, as well as US-made M114 155 mm howitzer recently supplied by the Turkish military.

Despite all recent developments, the ceasefire in Greater Idlib that was brokered by Russia and Turkey last year is still holding up. The currently escalation in the region will not likely develop into a full-on military confrontation.


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Lone Ranger

Instead of small pinpoint strikes carpet bombing the area day and night would be a better idea.
With FOABs, drones, long range artillery, create a literal firewall of access denial area.
It can be done.
Please do it.
We need an effin firestorm on the ground.