Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Hypocrisy Of State Department Over Anti-Government Protests

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Russian Foreign Ministry Slams Hypocrisy Of State Department Over Anti-Government Protests


The Russian Foreign Ministry has reacted to attempts of the US State Department, together with US special services, US-funded media and ‘NGOs’ and the Big Tech, to instigate violence during anti-government protests in Russia.

“We looked up what U.S. Embassy Moscow said on January 6 during the rallies in Washington D.C. and the storming of the Capitol. Oddly enough, you didn’t write anything. You never encouraged people to stick to peaceful protests, and you did not condemn the killing of five people and over 100 arrests.

But on January 8, Ambassador John Sullivan called the events “a criminal assault”: “The violent and criminal assault on the US Capitol is a grave reminder of how important it is to value and safeguard the essential elements of our republic that are enshrined in our Constitution, including the right to vote and the freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly. Rule by a violent mob is not, and has never been, a part of our constitutional system.”

The entire planet saw your government turn a peaceful protest into a violent one, when the police opened fire on the demonstrators. (When will you take responsibility for the numerous assaults by the US police on Russian journalists who were covering the 2020 protests in the United States? )

And later the US government described the actions of peaceful American protesters as “an assault on democracy.”

Hypocrisy is an instrument of American democracy which has become especially dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic.

☝️ See to your own problems and stop interfering in domestics affairs of other countries,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The United States regularly meddles in Russian internal affairs, including direct coordination of protests through official diplomatic accounts. In these conditions, the hysteria of US officials and MSM about some ‘mighty Russians’ that interface in the US internal situation is pretty funny. Apparently, Washington has become used to judge others by itself. Contrary to US diplomats, the Russian Foreign Ministry does not coordinate protests in the US via social media.


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