Russian GenStaff to US: Terrorists Must Not Be Driven from Place to Place, but Be Eliminated

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The US-led coalition must realize consequences of fleeing of terrorists from Mosul, the head of the Russian General Staff said.

Russian GenStaff to US: Terrorists Must Not Be Driven from Place to Place, but Be Eliminated

Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Valery Gerasimov (Photo: RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov)

Russia hopes that the international coalition is aware of consequences of fleeing of terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group from the Iraqi city of Mosul. Terrorists must be eliminated at the place, but not be driven away, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Valery Gerasimov, said.

“We hope that our partners in the international coalition realize, what will be the consequence of large armed gangs of the IS, freely wandering in the Middle East. For this reason, it is necessary not to drive terrorists from one country to another one, but to eliminate them at the place,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted the words of Gerasimov, commenting possible fleeing of terrorists from Mosul.

At the same time, the Head of the Russian General Staff noted that the US has not yet made a single practical step to combat international terrorism in Syria.

He said that the land environment and the landscape in the area of the Iraq-Syrian border “allow the coalition forces to prove in practice its commitment to the fight against the international terrorism [the operation in Mosul]. In contradistinction to Syria and, in particular, to Aleppo, where until today American partners have not done a single practical step in this direction.”

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Forgot about Idlib?

Gue Bjuen

the syrian government are not giving terrorist a free pass. the government is only allowing terrorists who still want to fight, relocateing in areas where rebels are still fighting. so it is a controled operation. and it’s not sending terrorists to another country, but i knid a wish they would send them to the countries where they are being celebrated and loved as moderates.
this is not the case of mosul. they are granting free passing and hope they would flee to syria.
but i think the russian and the syrian are prepared to give those whahabis a very warm welcome from the sky.


Concentrate the terrorists and do what the Americans do (bomb them back to the stone age!).


Extermination is the only solution!

john mason

Russia really needs to stop calling the West as ‘partners, friends’ because they are not. Best course Russia can take is to tell the West to EFF off and stop trying to please them. The West wants to sink Russia and Russia should give them the ultimatum, get out and stay out, the war is between Syria and her allies against the terrorists, all of them, so the US, NATO and EU butt out or suffer the consequences. They want war then Russia should accommodate them, then we will see how may will backtrack once they realize that they can loose everything including their lives.

Ron Chandler

The West is absolutely well aware of the ISIS’ strategy of ‘fight another day’. That is the plan of the terror-enablers who armed, financed, transported and directed them from MI6 spies’ nests in Gaziantep, Iskanderun and Ramtha (as general Gerasimov knows)
As this war against Syria is a divine war, the advice of Lord Krishna, to his disciple at the Battle of Kurukshetra is apposite: ”You cannot kill them, for they are already dead. Therefore dear Arjuna, remember Me — and FIGHT!”
As the satanic entities of the NATOists, Zionists and Gulf tyrannies have dredged this wretched slime from 86 of the world’s toilet nations, and by ‘strange attraction’ magnetised ISIS as the destiny of degenerate sadists, fanatics and perverts, so should the antidote be to give them the oblivion their hideous creed celebrates.
Let them die, and confront their eternity in Hell. Hopefully, they will be joined in the Ninth Circle, by the be-suited, be-medalled criminals in Western military, ‘intelligence’ and political circles, for whom the human race has no further room.

Helen Sarah

where human, individual, family are too rich, there are terrorist and dangerous people too. Why not you kill the billionaires too?