Russian Military Gets First Batch of T-14 Armata Tanks

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The Russian Defense Ministry has signed an order for a pilot batch of the T-14 Armata tanks. The first tanks are already arriving for trials.

Russian Military Gets First Batch of T-14 Armata Tanks

Photo: Sputnik / Eugene Biyatov

More than 100 units of the T-14 Armata tanks will be handed to the Russian Defense Ministry – a conforming order for a pilot batch has already been signed, as well as the first tanks are already arriving for trials.

According to Deputy Defense Minister Jury Borisov, the first batch of tanks, developed and produced by Russia’s leading tank manufacturer and creator of the T-14 Armata, the Uralvagonzavod, will be used in comprehensive military tests simulating combat situations.

“We have a contract for a pilot batch of more than 100 machines. They are already arriving for trials,” the RIA Novosti news agency quoted the words of Borisov.

The statement was made during the Army-2016 military forum. The exact cost of the deal has not yet been disclosed by officials.

Chief of the Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko noted that, initially, the delivery program of the T-14 tanks for the Russian Army was planned to last until 2020, however, later, it was extended until 2025.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, in total, Russian military needs 2,300 units of the T-14 Armata tanks.

Russian Military Gets First Batch of T-14 Armata Tanks

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The T-14 was for the first time presented to the public during a rehearsal for the Victory Parade in Moscow on April 29, 2015. However, its turret was masked. The official presentation took place during the actual parade on May 9, 2015.

A fully automated unmanned turret, as well as HD cameras, providing an outside view, are one of the main advantages of the T-14 tank. The tank is capable to move with speed up to 90 kilometers per hour that is more than 20 kilometers per hour faster than the US Abrams M1A2. The T14 is currently armed with the 125 mm cannon, which is going to be replaced with the 152 mm later version.

According to Uralvagonzavod’s engineers and Russian military, soon the T-14 will be turned into a completely automated system, capable to operate on the battlefield with only a remote control, as well as will be integrated with a drone in order to give it a decisive advantage in a battle.

“Unmanned Armata is the machine of the future – we have no doubts about it. Both we and the military are sure,” Sienko said in April of this year.

The chassis of the T-14 tank is also used as a platform for production of other types of armored vehicles, including infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled guns.

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duke oflilywhite

should sent a test batch to Syria instead


And who will operate them?

Manuel Chrut

Russians, remotely from Moscow.

Boris Kazlov

Russians can train their allies to use them, their allies are intelligent, not like murican slaves who turn their weapons to the enemy for money, safety, or conviction.

Jens Holm

Thats normal producere during all times to go to the best payer.


Operate them as drones from Moscow.

duke oflilywhite

the Russians, of course

Jens Holm

well, Im sure russians and US as well already are testing new systems….And old too. The famous Leopard tanks, which might be used by the Turks, has never been in combat before.

Unfortunatly – for the Turks and the producers – ISIS as well as YPG – has no modern test weapons for it. I minimum could be Tows.

To me Leopars are just below Abrams. Might be better steel, but not as sophisticated.

Keith Hopkins

M1A3 will smoke that pile of shit. If you compare the number of destroyed Export Abrams to Russian T series coffins it’s quite clear who the fuckin Boss is.

Boris Kazlov

And its not stupid muricans thinking they still can rule the world, the whole world hates them. Muricans have no tech knowledge, fail in math, are complete ignoramuses, all they have is self-praise, because nobody else will praise those parasitical cokroaches.

Keith Hopkins

Even Vlad admits less than a month ago the USA in the ONLY super power in the world. Need a link to that . Ivan ? By the way we DO rule the world. Your country is surrounded and your economy is a joke.

chris chuba

And we get the honor of maintaining armies and navies in two continents to be the world’s policeman. Volodya is more than happy to let us do that. It currently costs us 5.5% of our GDP (adding in VA, Dept of Energy for nuclear arsenal, and Debt service) and the price tag is going to go up.

I was hoping that Trump would have some sense and bring this down but in his speech today he wants to increase the size of our navy, army, and Jet fighters. If you add the logistical costs needed to increase the size of our standing army, this will be what, $100B annual cost? This doesn’t include the $35B a year estimated to modernize our nuclear arsenal and we haven’t even budgeted in missile defense, as far as I know.

Keith Hopkins

Means jack shit Chris. It’s all “funny money” and when you have the most powerful armed forces the planet has ever seen you can take what the fuck you want if it comes down to survival. Those are the rules of the jungle.

chris chuba

Pride comes before a fall. The USSR collapsed because of excessive military spending. We are in unchartered territory here, Bill C – $4T debt, GWB – $10T, Obama – $20T, bubbles are great until they pop.

I do find some irony here that the U.S. currently has a larger military than Russia and Trump and possibly even HRC has plans to increase it. Russia has downsized and never had plans to have a military as large as the U.S. even when oil was at $100/bbl. The problem with a large military is that all of the equipment starts immediately depreciating and has to be maintained and replaced. When it is replaced, all of that HW starts depreciating.

Jens Holm

Yes and no. Most people allways count tanks, bombs a.s.o.

They forget logistics. The main reason for the russian collapse was a lower and lower BNP by same kind of resistance, which seems to be a MUST in most Islamic countries as well.

But true too. The russian BNP is much lower than Germany, and can they efford to support Syria for years or do they have to seek some kind of not as expensive peace.

As a western I hope so.


Much of the US military cost is ‘dead’ cost that does not contribute to fighting capability such as supporting a massive bureaucracy, dud projects, lots of bases, etc. A lot of the platforms are getting old all at the same time. I read that they are going to keep some ship hulls at sea for 50 years.

Allied to this Russian and Chinese asymmetrical technology strategies pitch masses of highly effective low cost missiles at high cost assets – one million dollar high speed missile takes out a $2Billion destroyer. The US is a modern day Rome.

Jens Holm

Like a lot of hair below and very small – You know. The paradise becomes a jungle, if You can come in at all…

Jens Holm

Putin is no policeman, more like a doped gambler not posible to be in the olympics.

I wouldnt call US for a policeman anymore. They have more or given up by seeing, what their kind of help accomplish and people are spreding out killing each other instead of the opposite.

That is because Russia is not even trying to be a super power. Only the UK, and US who are owned by Israelis are trying to be super powers.
Putin is trying to be civil and rational, and helping smaller states protect themselves from Zionist plots.

Jens Holm

And You are only rented.


You keep fucking that chicken.

Keith Hopkins

“the whole world hates them” LOL , you jealous little man. There are fucking hours long Ques, just to get a VISA at ANY American embassy you visit. Oh and Russian speaking women whether from Russia, Ukraine ,Belarus etc throw themselves at American guys. Russian men are fucking rude pigs with no manners or class at all. And EVERY western country hates them.

Jens Holm

You might be a good Imam.

Pietro Minkya

Keith,not quite.The M1A3,M1A2,M1A1 are great tanks but get stuck on any kind of soft ground because they weigh too much.This T-14 could out manouevre the M1A3 cos much faster and lighter.Thats what Ive read from US dept of defence.But you.might be right,we might smoke them tank for tank in the right environment.I dont know.

Tom Johnson

4 tanks plus infantry vehicles all with real-time data links are very dangerous. If you want to educate yourself on the lastime US and Russian equipment met lookup 73 Easting on youtube.


I can check M1A2S Abrams meets old Russian Kornet in Yemen too for that matter.

Jens Holm

True, what You are writing. tanks and selfpropelled artillery has to fit the terrain. Heavy tanks are formidle where they can be used if they are well protected.

Thats why the Abrams was and are a succes in Iraq. Most of the year they can drive well most of it.

Heavy tanks are used to defaet them, because the move faster and often has same guns.

But thats tank battles not used much those days. So You have to optimize Your mix of weapons and cant only says(as Assads has said atAleppo) that the famous Tigers will handle this and that.

Their tank part of if has to be supported of troops of same high quality to be something(compared to, what the enemy got).

Dude you don’t even sound like an American. You sound like a Jew pretending to be an America to keep the Zionist plot of (divide and conquer) going.
We have fully woken up to your zionist plots. You are exposed lol
P.S. I hacked your camera and took snaps of you. Here is one of you now.

Jens Holm

Well do You have ears and eays for sound Yourself. Dont think so.

Tom Johnson

Metal objects disturb the Earth’s natural magnetic field and can be measured. We see you IVAN-boom! Or we hack n hijack it and send it to Moscow.


Shut up kike

Tom Johnson

Check my Patronymic surname, retarded bobbby. Booobbby is that your giving head nickname…Boooobbbby…Wipe your chin booobbby.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You are always putting down those who fight against terrorism.
So I hacked into your PC camera and took pictures of you and took screen grabs as well.
Now I post them here for all the world to look at you and laugh haha.

Tom Johnson

You put this photo montage together? So you KNOW where to find twink porn!


Holy shit.This tank will have its own drone???How cool is that!


No need to exagerate, it is a main battle tank. Not a fighterplane or missile defence system. Just a tank. It is a tactical waepon. No Modern army had designed a modern tank after 70s. The reason behind that is tanks do not really make difference on strategical level. And all tactical advantages or disadvantages can be compensated somehow. T-14 is the most modern tank without doubt. But it is not its performance against tanks which makes it powerful. It is its ability to protect itself against anti tank weapons. Countering tanks with tanks is no longer applied by any army nowadays. It is useless to discuss which tank is better in tank to tank combat. If anyone wants to compare M1 with T-14 the first criteria should be the price. If their prices are close than it means M1 is obsolete.

T-14 is the proof that unmanned mechanised units will be the backbone of land units in coming age. T-14 is a first step. Of course will americans and chienese follow that.

Jens Holm

Think I have seen on TV they have several and better altenatives already. For the same reasons by Asil they dont produce much of it. Its very, very expensive.

The main trend is automatisation like we see by drones and more accurasy because of better defence.