Russian Robot-Vehicle ‘Tigr’ Shows Its Firepower (Video)

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A video footage of the first tests of the newest Russian remote-controlled armored vehicle ‘Tigr’  (Eng: Tiger) has been published online.

Russian Robot-Vehicle 'Tigr' Shows Its Firepower (Video)

Photo: TASS / Ladislav Karpov

A video of the first firing tests of the newest Russian remote-controlled armored vehicle, armed with a 30-mm gun, was published online.

As CEO of the Military-Industrial Company (VPK), Aleksandr Krasovitsky, told TASS news agency, the Tigr vehicle is equipped with a combat module with a 30-mm automatic gun, which is identical in design and fire control system to the automatic combat module, created for the Uran-9 military robot.

Earlier, Krasovitsky told the Russian RG daily that the vehicle would be demonstrated at the international forum Army-2016.

“This is the ASN 233115 Tigr-M Spetsnaz special purpose vehicle with a cannon’s combat module of the Uran-9 fully-tracked combat robot. Due to a self-contained power and artificial intelligence systems, it can be used as an automatic unmanned firing vehicle. There, where there is a real threat to a crew, the Tigr-M Spetsnaz becomes a robot,” the CEO explained.

The Tigr Russian combat vehicles are produced on the Arzamas Communal Machine Building Plant (a part of the VPK) since 2005.

The vehicle is capable of carrying up to 10 people, has exceptional passability and can force a crossing at a depth of up to 1.2 meters. The Tigr is capable of speeds up to 140 kilometers per hour on a highway.

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