Russian Su-34 Pilots Hold Exercise Off Syria’s Coast (Video)

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Pilots of Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers deployed at Hmeimim Air Base have held an exercise off Syria’s coast, the Zvezda TV reported on March 3.

In the course of the exercise, Russian pilots coordinated with the air-defense force and the navy, conducted electronic reconnaissance and accompanied ships in the Mediterranean Sea off Syria’s shores.

Right after landing, the Su-34s were inspected by the Russian Aerospace Forces technicians, who quickly re-prepared the fighter-bombers.

“It’s never too late to learn,” Sergei, a navigator, told Zvezda. “Not only pilots are training here, but also air defense forces are tested – how they work according to the assigned task, how they carry out missions.”

According to the Zvezda TV, Russian pilots in Syria train on a daily basis because the situation there is different from what they trained on in their country.

Russian Su-34 Pilots Hold Exercise Off Syria’s Coast (Video)

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An unknown number of Su34s are currently deployed at Hmeimim Air Base along with a number of other warplanes, including Su-24s, Su-35s and Mig-29s.

Hmeimim Air Base, which hosts thousands of Russian troops, is the headquarters of the Russian military group in Syria. According to recent speculations, the base could be even developed to receive strategic bombers.


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