Russian-Turkish Patrols In Idlib. Planned And Real Routes (Map Update)


Russian-Turkish Patrols In Idlib. Planned And Real Routes (Map Update)

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On March 15, Russian and Turkish forces conducted their first joint patrol in Syria’s southern Idlib. According to the de-escalation agreement reached in Moscow, joint patrols should cover the entire buffer zone area along the M4 highway. However, the March 15 patrol did not cover even its planned limited route because of a constant threat of attacks from Idlib terrorists and provocations by their supporters.



  • klove and light

    great agreemnt Zionist pig Putin!!! works out just fabulous……….-sarcasm out…

    so march 15 has passed……correct?

    so again as happend DOZENS of times before, Turkey WILL not engage them headchoppers(fucking surprise-sarcasm out)…….so what happens next??????

    SAA is “allowed” to contniue liberating their own land????well why the fuck did the treacherous Zionist pig make this bs Agreement in the first place……it is ILLOGICAL…IMMORAL TREACHEROUS

    making the “mistake” once, or even twice on BAD JUDGMENT, could be understood…BUT BUT BUT , making agreemnets with Folks DOZENS of times that will break the agreeemnt each and evry time with no exeption…..sorry Folks….if you still believe this bs than you are a brainwashed Zionist Donkey!

    Putin is atreacherous Zionist pig! the russian Military Leadership should HANG Putin, BURN him, and send 50% of his ashes to bibi and 50% to erdogan.

    • Zalashji

      Ya know, I wasn’t really sure about Putin until I read your insightful and objective post.
      Thanks so much for your opinion.

      Now that WAS sarcasm.


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    • Xanatos

      Dear troll.
      Get Bent.

    • gustavo

      Yes, Russia behavior is very very strange, knowing that Israel-USA-NATO (Turkey) are responsibles of putting and supporting terrorists in Syria, Russia allows Israel to attack Syria whenever and wherever Israel wants (Russia call Israel friend), even knowing that Israel is the responsible of Syria error of shutting down a Russia cargo plane (WOW !). Russia has allowed Turkey to invade Syria (Afrin-Idlib-north Euphrates river) north part of Syria. Well, there must be clear explanation of this behavior, and I don’t think pro-Zionist behavior of Russia is totally that one. ¿ Does any body have some other ideas ?

  • Johan

    Lets supposes there is a correlation between Erdogans manly reproduction organs, his rhetorical irrationality and exaggerations, his results and the situation on the ground/ reality. If we have a look at the length of the promissed joint patroles and what really (few km) then he must exagerrate everything because he has nothing. The reality seem to be inversely proportional . Further comparing with economie, freedom, battle gains, territority gain, politic improvement sympathy gain, friendship gains, scientific improvement and love off his population all but pronouns the absence off…. and the need to enforce.


    Something fishy is going on,and that I’m afraid means rather bad news for the cia teorrists than not!

  • Mukesh Kumar

    SAA is a tired force after so prolonged war. Hence, they need rest and re-energize, to work again. Putin and Assad know this. Also Putin knows the position of EU and USA who are indirectly supporting a country who has crossed in another country without UN approval. It also took Putin great effort to bring Turkey slightly towards his side after assassination attempt on president Erdogen. So, it is very completed condition which requires not only military power but more-soever diplomatic acumen. Every war is not fought in Field.

  • Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

    Turkey has failed. Putin will have the reason next time once again to tell Erdogan that he again did not keep his words. Now, Russia and Syria have right to exterminate the terrorists at least 6 km north to Idlib.

    • Brother Ma

      They had the right to exterminate terrorists even before with the previous agreement with Turkey but Russia/Syria didn’t do anything.