Russians Bombed Ahead Of British Destroyer

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Russians Bombed Ahead Of British Destroyer


On June 23, the HMS DEFENDER missile destroyer of the British Royal Navy blatantly violated Russian maritime frontier and entered Russian waters in the Black Sea.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the British destroyer crossed the state border of Russia at 11: 52 and entered the territorial sea near Cape Fiolent in the vicinity of Sebastopol.

“The destroyer was previously warned about the use of weapons in case of violation of the state border of the Russian Federation. I did not respond to the warning, ” the ministry said in a statement received by RT.

The British Navy warship penetrated into Russian territorial waters not for 3 kilometers that was not a navigation accuracy.

In response, at 12:06 and 12:08, the Russian border patrol ship opened a warning fire.

As the British warship did not change its course, at 12: 19, the Su-24m aircraft performed a warning bombing ahead the Defender’s course. According to the reports, Russian jets dropped OFAB-250 aerial bombs.

The drop of bombs of full charge from a Russian attack aircraft apparently frightened the British, so that they did not dare to take any retaliatory actions and immediately left Russian waters.

Such a flagrant violation of international maritime laws might likely be a failed provocation of the British Navy.

There is a high probability that the British intended to provoke a coast guard ship to open a machine-gun fire and waited so that it hit Defender’s hull. This would allow the British to respond by hitting the Russian ship. Since the Russians’ fire was likely accurate and did not hit the British destroyer, the British continued the provocation, going deeper into Russian territorial waters.

The air bombing probably was not part of the British plan.

Today’s accident is the first strike with the use of aircraft bombs on the course of a British ship carried out by the Russian military forces in recent history.

Even during the most acute phases of the Cold War confrontation between the United States and the USSR, such provocations were rather an exception.


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mike l hutchings

to bad they didn’t sink the damn thing….Britain wants a war with Russia and they are going to pull the US into it…..bad idea by bad people….MAGA


Russia can easily exterminate Britain

Marco Polo

And Russia’s “invincible”. So much so it still relies on Europe economically, hence the Nord Stream 2.

And they continue to honour Joseph David Djugashvili, a typically demented crypto jew. During his revolutionary days he gained the nickname “Kochba”, leader of the jews in one of the anti-Roman uprisings (Bar Kokhba Revolt).

Stalin and the jew Lazar Kaganovich in jewish attire:

Joseph Stalin was a Child Rapist:

Typical Russian Apartment Tour:

Another Blogger:



Who’s Bald And Bankrupt?

“His travels appear limited to countries lacking extradition treaties with Great Britain. This may hold relevance or be sheer coincidence.

He’s been accused by several of having been a sex tourist in Eastern Europe, India and portions of Asia. I found zero evidence to support this accusation on English language websites. However, he has posted on Russian sex tourism websites under the pseudonyms “Vorkuta” and “The Fantasist”.

Trying to learn more of him, or substantiate the little he offers, is a fruitless endeavor. You simply can’t find anything on the Internet beyond what I’ve mentioned in this answer.

All-in-all I find him a very incomplete sort of fellow. I suspect there’s much more to him than meets the camera’s lens and his given reasons for leaving Britain lacking.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

“But that’s just me. I worked as a security analyst for thirty years before retiring and have a nose for suspicious characters.

At the very least he’s simply another “fellow traveler” of old school Soviet communism. I suppose this would make sense if he’s a failed capitalist (bankrupt). Regardless, he’s also a mildly sophisticated propagandist with an agenda who periodically exhibits signs of patterned training. He also possesses a documented history of sex tourism.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo

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cia murky shekels polo finds CIA racist u tube
CIA polo=stupid…majority of Russian exports do not go to Europe, including gas—more to Asia, Turkey, etc
are your diapers wet because you cannot prevent nordstream 2?
Europe needs Russia; Russia sells wheat, oil, gas, vehicles etc to 40 nations, mines more, gold, diamonds, platinum than all but 2 nations
does CIA pay you to be stupid? or this induced by LSD?


British ships look like they have a giant Dunce hat on them….

AM Hants

We cannot even defend our own borders from the dinghy tourists, let alone take on Russia, in her won waters.


trust me
England is not strong
Israel is stronger than them

S Balu

AM Hants
These dinghy tourists are Subtlly encouraged by MI6 operatives combined with French security operators to use these people and news to REMOVE FROM FOCUS


thats not part of the ship.Its some kind of large landmark


They didn’t bomb ahead, they clearly missed their target because Russian weapons are super inaccurate as always hahaha

Chess Master

That’s why they didn’t bomb shit, fearing to not hit it by mistake.


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Raptar Driver

Yuri Mcflurry, the great distractor. You remind me of a disemboweled fish, all mouth and no guts

Last edited 1 month ago by Raptar Driver

rat driver=child
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Last edited 1 month ago by yuri

Didn’t you feel pain from all your stupidity?

AM Hants

Keep on projecting. It is not Russia that use the Patriot system, now is it?


They use the now failed s-300 system which was destroyed in libya and nagorno karabakh


CIA becoming more desperate and stupid
shit amerikan cries like girl since diaper wearing US troops not allowed in artahsk and the rats have nearly been eradicated in syria—-expected…shithole USA lose all wars
CIA desperation warms my heart

Last edited 1 month ago by yuri
Raptar Driver

Yuri is no Russian.
You are the CIA spook! Typical of the CIA, you never have anything intelligent to say


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rat driver–idiot amerikanski
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AM Hants

Gosh, you really need to keep up. The S-500 will soon be in active service and not forgetting the S-400 that seems to upset so many. Now why is that?


amerikan consume too much LSD

Raptar Driver

I told you, get off the vodka and Krocodile.


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good job russia


I think Syria can win agents against England alone


Next time drop a container with highly conductive paint on the ship. Will be hard to clean and renders the stealt coating worthless. Maybe chose pink color for these gays?


I hope Iran bombs England haha


One of the Jews’ wardogs got a little scare while poking the bear that is slowing the Jews’ taking of their claimed “Greater Israel.”

AM Hants

USS Donald Cook, Black Sea, getting too close to Crimea, back in 2014. NATO strength pampers had to be flown in, as the sailors tried to resign on masse. USS Donald Cook and USS Theodore Roosevelt, tried the same, near Khaliningrad with similar results. Whicker basket replaced by a submarine. Now Boris needs to change the headlines, just after the NATO summit, and agin, they try to get close to Crimea. Believing Russia will fall for their tricks and react in the way, the ‘Operation Paperclip Kiddies’ believe they will react. Russia, knows and understands them so well. Nice one, bringing in the jets and gifts from above.

Will watch as the spin gets going. Over on the DM, it has already started, 77th out in force, with Integrity Initiative and the MoD saying Russia are telling porkies. Well, if that is the case, what is Defender doing so close to Sevastopol over in Crimea?

Simon Ndiritu

“There is a high probability that the British intended to provoke a coast guard ship to open a machine-gun fire and waited so that it hit Defender’s hull. This would allow the British to respond by hitting the Russian ship”

Really, British Vessel to Hit Russian Vessel in Russian waters??
And if the Brits wanted a war, what are they planning next??


it shows you short sighted and stupid these people are, they either can’t comprehend or don’t want to comprehend what would happen if they get into a war they cant win

Simon Ndiritu

I agree with you. I don’t think Russians would have taken it lightly had Britons raised a finger at Russian vessels or personnel in Russia’s waters. I fail to understand what the broke Britons are trying out.

AM Hants

If you look at Boris Johnson, he was the UK Foreign Minister, back when the Skripal false flag went down. He turned up in Russia, after having a meeting with Sergey Lavrov, and went to the Bridge, to lay a wreath to Nemtsov. Plus, he would have signed the invoices for Integrity Initiative and 77th Squadron, and the Russian, Media Disinformation Programme. He was also the Foreign Minister, when Steele was writing his Clinton Financed ‘Trump Dossier’.

So what has happened lately, besides the G7 summit and NATO summit and just before they all meet up with the Globalists in July? Why do they need the headlines changing?.

By the way, nice one Russia, they sure were not expecting those bombers, flying above. Remember the USS Donald Cook, back in 2014 and how they freaked out at those Russian Whicker Baskets, flying through the air? Not forgetting the sweet smile of Bastion?

Simon Ndiritu

Russians Win again with Calm composure, exuding confidence. In any case, the Brits had to change their course despite their efforts to export “freedom of Navigation” from international waters to the Black Sea. We now weight to see how the Queen’s Minions behave in South China Sea. The Persian Gulf is now a a no-go-zone after the little Stena Imperio debacle.

AM Hants

I am English and if you look at the morons we have in Westminster, they have no idea what Russia has in her toybox, for around the same budget as the UK defence budget. We cannot even defend ourselves from the dinghy tourists, let alone anything else. We have a load of politicians, bred via some form of MK Ultra Farm and the only thing they are concerned with, are their own egos. Tony Blair trained them so well.


Please, kick the Jews out of your country first and in the process, their bought and paid for toad tool, Tommy Robinson. I promise you, you will see England begin to breathe again.

Raptar Driver

You are assuming that these people have any critical thinking faculties left.


they can think critically far better than you—rat driver
smert z smert

Last edited 1 month ago by yuri
Icarus Tanović

Great to see someone of the old crew, Simon.

Simon Ndiritu

Hello Gentleman, how have you been, Good to see you too.

S Balu

Do not be fooled the whole game is called SHADOW BOXING

Simon Ndiritu

Its interesting, now the broke sheeple will stop worrying about Covid-19 infodermic and start worrying about Russia. Sad


Imo the British wanted to make the point, that Crimea is no part of Russia, but Ukraine. This is exactly the same tactic, that the US use against China frequently. What they do is stupidity on the highest level. Even US is not willing to back them up, neither is EU. This became clear during the last crisis in Ukraine. If they would have escalated this, the consequence would be one destroyer for the Royal Navy less and no consequences for Russia.

Lance Ripplinger

Given that we know the Russians have the ability to conduct very effective electronic warfare against U.S. Navy destroyers (like the Donal Cook, which Russia has had very successfully in the past sent home to be repaired from jamming the systems), they should have done that here. It would have been a major embarrassment to the Royal Navy if an Russian plane with the electronic warfare jamming pod knocked all the systems offline. But, it is also really stupid of the Brits to cross into Russian waters like that. That ship would have been sent to the bottom of the Black Sea if Russian’s didn’t respect international maritime laws, and give the Brits plenty of warnings to leave Russian waters.


the donald Cook was not damaged in any way, otherwise it would be now a hot war. It was very likely that the russians demonstrate that they are able to distort their signals in a way that the Nato radars couldn’t get a clear lock on on the planes and therefore in a real live or death situation would be very likely sunk by those two planes whitout being able to even defend themselfs against. This prospect alone was enought to make them clear on what level the russian EW is already.

All what they want to archive here is to get a Golf of tokin incident to claim that the “Evil russians” have kill their poor innocent sailors.

What those morons not understand: At the point in which the russians would kill Nato soldiers, they couldn’t care less about their “image” anymore and would go out on Full War mode. Those morons still think that the “image” of the “evil russian” would help them at the home front to win a possible War against russia.

Lone Ranger

Sure if was damaged, skip the CNN propaganda.
It needed extensive in repairs on its fried electronics in a Romanian port.


i hate Boris Johnson he is racist

Jim Allen

The Donald Cook was quite damaged, was adrift for hours with no power, no weapons, no communications, no engines. When power was finally restored it got the Hell out of there fast.


No, the Russians will only give a taste of what they have in store militarily for the NATO terrorists. It is a not too veiled warning. When, things go hot, however, NATO and its minions will never know what hit them, shock and awe the Americ*nts say.

Rule Britannia

Russia claims those waters, however the world does not recognize such claim, therefore the Royal Navy was simply exercising the freedom of navigation. Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.


LOL….Spoken like a true mindless slave of Perverted Albion.

I think that Russia really enjoyed their “Freedom of Navigation” exercises recently off the coast of Hawaii with their Pacific Fleet… soon to be followed up by one near the UK coast. Can’t wait until China decides to join in.

BritAnus rules nothing, it is an extremely weak third world regime…you are, to put it mildly, delusional.

AM Hants

Didn’t they send a spy ship, to watch the exercises and the US missiles failed?


brit colony of USA, devoid of culture or economy— you will be annexed by Poland after Scotland secedes…LOL


Maybe Albania!!!!

Lone Ranger

The World doesn’t decide whats Russian territory.
Russia does.


Yeah of course…grooming gangs anyone? That’s rigthout slavery man, you enslave your young girls to other.


you make me sick

AM Hants

The world does not recognise such a claim? Your evidence? Has it ever gone to the vote and passed?

Why, does the UK use self determination for their referendums, but, refuse to accept the results of the Crimean referendum? Why does NATO use self determination to decide to invade Kosovo, but, deny the people of Crimea the same right? Why did the US use self determination, when they gained independence from Great Britain, but, deny Crimea the same?

By the way, why does Russia only spend $47 billion on defence and decreasing and the UK pays around $48 billion on defence. Russia, defends an 11 time zone nation, is a nuclear triad nation, with the largest supply of nuclear warheads, as well as having hypersonics in active service. The UK spends a $billion more, yet, cannot even defend the small Island, against the dinghy tourists.

How much do all the NATO Member States spend on defence and why can a nation, with a budget of $47 billion, for defence projects, make all in the NATO toy box obsolete?


Britannia now US colony–u can do zero without permission from the senile vegetable US prez


Those waters were russian even when Crimea was governed by Ukraine, because Russia leased Sevastopol navy base.


after US colonial vessel with fake amerikan sailors with peculiar accent from grifter island near Europe, confronted by Russia, sailor diapers soiled—bitter lime head denied orthodontist appointments in Simferopol…

Lone Ranger

When will the limey navy liberate Londonistan…?

Raptar Driver

They will only learn a lesson if you sink that floating duck.


racist rat driver never learn lesson, except when LGBT boyfriends use whips teach rat to be submissive sex slave

S Balu



iam sure the second run would be a hit but still russia should have seized it and not threaten to destroy it

L du Plessis



Covid gone boring people not fooled anymore so must start ww3 (or7?) to fill kill-off quota…there ALL in on it they all dance to the master custodian’s tune.