Russia’s KAMAZ-43269 “Vystrel” Spotted Participating In Patrol In Northern Syria For First Time

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Russia’s KAMAZ-43269 "Vystrel" Spotted Participating In Patrol In Northern Syria For First Time

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Russia’s KAMAZ-43269 “Vystrel” has been spotted participating in a joint patrol with Turkish forces in northern Syria for the first time. The patrol took place in the province of al-Hasakah on June 17.

The KAMAZ-43269 “Vystrel” is a wheeled mine-resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle. The vehicle is based on the KAMAZ-43269 and has increased personnel protection capabilities.

So far, such vehicles have been rarely seen in Syria. However, it seems that Russia is set to continue to field test various military equipment in combat conditions.


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Well, the US equivalent vehicle – the Oskosh light tactical vehicle – being used by Saudi army has been repeatedly smashed in Yemen by Houthi’s with ATGM’s. The Oshkosh is high, wide, and very slab sided, with high centre of gravity, making an easy profile for ATGM hits. The Russian equivalent vehicle doesn’t make those same mistakes – it is far more sleek, with a multi-angle raked upper structure to deflect hits as much as possible – with a v-shaped raked hull to deflect IED or mine blasts from below. It is far more efficient for blast and hit deflection. Is probably best you don’t comment on topics like engineering that you don’t understand.



Lone Ranger

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