Russia’s S-500 Prometheus Successfully Strikes Fast-Moving Ballistic Target (VIDEO)

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Russia's S-500 Prometheus Successfully Strikes Fast-Moving Ballistic Target (VIDEO)

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Russia’s S-500 next-generation missile system has struck a fast-moving ballistic target in a training exercise at the Kapustin Yar range.

The first S-500 system will be procured to the Moscow Region’s air and missile defense unit after a full cycle of tests is completed, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters.

“The S-500 cutting-edge missile system has carried out a test combat shooting at the Kapustin Yar training ground to strike a fast-moving ballistic target. According to data recorders, the target was engaged,” the ministry said.

The ministry underlined, “the combat shooting conducted as part of the test trials confirmed the missile system’s tactical and technical performance characteristics and high reliability of Russia’s air defense military hardware.” “We plan that the first S-500 system will be procured to the Moscow Region’s air and missile defense unit after a full cycle of tests is completed,” the ministry added.

It also underlined that the S-500 missile system has no analogues in the world and can intercept the whole range of current and future means of air and space attack of a potential enemy at all altitudes and speeds.

S-500 will replace the S-400 systems. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said earlier that procurement of S-500s to the Russian army would begin in 2020, while specialists have been working on the system since 2017.

The S-500 Prometheus is a versatile long-range and high-altitude intercept complex capable of intercepting ballistic, cruise missiles and aerodynamic targets. The radius of destruction of the S-500 is about 600 km. The commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin stated that the newest air defense complex is capable of destroying objects (including hypersonic missiles) in space.

“The characteristics laid down in the S-500 air defense system make it possible to destroy <…> hypersonic weapons of all modifications, including in near space,” Surovikin said.

The commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces noted that the main task of the new air defense system is the destruction of medium-range ballistic missiles and warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles. However, if necessary, the S-500 can destroy hypersonic aircraft, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-orbit satellites and space weapons.

In April, the Almaz-Antey concern announced that it was completing work on the S-500 air defense system. In June, President Vladimir Putin announced the imminent deployment of the S-500 anti-aircraft systems on alert.

“Other unique weapons systems are on the way, among them the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, the Zircon shipborne hypersonic missile, the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft systems and other complexes,” he said.


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Chess Master

Replace the S-300 in Syria

Lone Ranger

Nothing wrong with the S-300.
Doesn’t need to be replaced.

Raptar Driver

You’re right it just needs to be used.

frank g

no this s500 AA missile system is like an add on to the S400, the 400 is an add on to the 300 if employed with only longer range missiles, then you still have buk’s, tor,s and finally pantsir’s, that is a fully layer AA defense network. it is the s350 that will replace the 300s as they carry more missiles per launcher, more modern with lower operating costs.

The Objective

The failure of Russian cutting-edge defense systems like the Pantsir cast serious doubts on the capability of other Russian air defense systems. Very few if any countries will order this highly expensive weapons that could be blown up by $2 million drones. This will be the case until the S500 proves itself in combat. No amount of hyperbole by pro-Kremlin news outlets will convince a budget-strapped world mired in insecurity. I will be curious to see how the S500 fares against drones in the future battlefields of Libya and Syria —- that is, if Russia is brave enough to test these weapons against such systems. For the past 3 to 4 years, Russia has resisted Israel’s attempts to engage the S-400, fearing that its weaknesses may be revealed. Testing the S500 at this moment could be Russia’s response to Turkey’s development of a missile “specifically designed” to take out the S-400. I consider this a tacit acceptance by Russia that the Turkish missile will defeat the S-400. However, there’s no guarantees that the S500 will fare any differently.
Turkey has achieved 2/3rd of its layered air-defense technology. The Hisar A (low range) and Hisar O (medium range) systems have been perfected and are currently being mass-produced. The Hisar U or Siper will complete this layer with a long range coverage featuring hyper-sonic missiles in excess of mach 5. While these systems are of lower ranges than their Russian counter-parts, most analysts believe they are more accurate than Russia’s S400. Russia has systems in excess of 400 km range. But this range is not necessary for practicality as fighter jets do not operate at such long ranges away from their targets. Turkey’s longest range Hisar U is unlikely to exceed 250 km (more than enough to counter fight-generation fighters. Even 150 km range is adequate for the job). In a tech-dominated battlefield, accuracy is more important than range. Turkey strives for accuracy for all its systems. TB2 is a good example of this, so accurate that it can strike a pick-up truck moving at high speed. The Hisar A and Hisar O also demonstrated unprecedented accuracy by hitting a high-speed “small” jet drone.
Turkish anti-settelite weapons are also almost completed and will be tested alongside other badass systems probably in 2023 when the 100-year treaty against the Ottoman empire expires.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Damien C

Wow you’re mental agility is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma lost in a maze


So far, Pantsir systems had not failed. All Pantsir destroyed were not active, and were not destroyed while engaging incoming enemy threats. Please provide supporting information regarding your claim of failure.

Last edited 2 months ago by Selbstdenker
Damien C

The documented Pantsirs that were destroyed/damaged were out of ammo having done their job successfully.
If the supply /logistics team had re-armed them in time they’d still be working normally

The Objective

How many confirmed kills did the Pantsirs score against TB2 drones? If they did their job, they should have shot down the very drones that destroyed them later. Their failure to do so means they failed. They could at least score a few hits to justify the loss. You are the one whose mental agility is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma lost in a maze. On one hand, you claim the pantsirs are effective against TB2 despite not shooting down a single drone in Libya. On the other hand, you claim the pantsir were destroyed after completing their job of “zero hits”. How does that make it effective.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Lone Ranger

Salty Shlomo tears detected….
Try to put an XXL Tampax in your Mangina…
You are bleeding all over the place…
Oy oy…

The Objective

You’re an idiot. Not even your Russian pals on here will believe that farce. only two Turkish drones were lost in the N-K war but at the cost of hundreds of Armenian defense systems, tanks, etc. You need to read this and then tell me it’s a lie or Western propaganda:
Also read this Russian pro-Kremlin blog:

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Hot Shot

And once again, we have to suffer reading a Turk who thinks he might know something, about something, and who also believes the TB2, to be a Turkish invention? I mean, you simply know nothing, it’s only a UAV, nothing inventive about that, LOL, and a UAV with British technology that allows it to fire weapons. LOL

Hot Shot

So nothing useful from Turkey at all?, is the reality, the arming of the Bayraktar TB2 would not have been possible without the help of the UK technology, namely the Hornet micro-munitions bomb rack, invented, developed, designed and patented by EDO MBM Technology Ltd, Brighton in the UK. LOL. The bomb rack was provided to Turkey in 2015, and a variant of it was integrated onto the aircraft by the UK company, and Roketsan.

Hot Shot

And your Turk minister, the Baykar Chief Technical Officer, Selcuk Bayraktar, actually took to twitter and hilariously tried to lie about it in front of the world, comically, he denied that the bomb rack came from the UK…

Hot Shot

He said, “We are not buying it from you, we never did. Not only does it not work under any circumstances, but it’s also very expensive,”


Learn the difference between reality and Marketing hype / propaganda. TB2 drones are simply slow, low flying, prop driven aircraft with a small payload that can be armed with cameras, missiles and EW pods.

Pantsir has successfully taken down cruise missiles, glide bombs, mortar rounds and artillery shells … all of which are more difficult targets than a slow flying prop driven drone.

The Turks had success against the SAA in Idlib because they were using the same drones for surveillance for months …. as per cease fire agreement so they didn’t shoot them down …. as per ceasefire agreement. Then one day they came armed with missiles and EW instead of cameras and scored big until the Russian figured it out and gave the order to engage the drones.

That was the end of it … the TB-2’s were cleared from the skies. Of course the western reporting always neglects to finish the story when they tell it … they stop at the part where the Turkish drones were successful against the SAA.


Stop lying you shlomo inbred.

Rocket man

Pantsirs have 47 conformed Baryaktar kills.

Hot Shot

You what?

Rhodium 10

Where was the Turkish air defense in Al Wattiya base ( Tripoli) when SU 24M armed with KH 31 Krypton wipe off a Hawk SAM system and a Koral EWS?…by the way there are photos of dozens of Turkish drone TB2 shot down by Pantsir if you search in internet “Turkish drones shot down”…

The Objective

Hisar A is a short range air defense system and is not intended to counter the kind of attacks on alwatiya. A system of at least 50 km range is required for that kind of mission, and that system is yet to be completed, but before 2023.

Lone Ranger

Congrats you just went full retard Shlomo.
The only thing that was displayed in recent months is the impotence of the U.S. and Israeli air farces against legacy Soviet SAMs.
Turkey failed, Israel failed, U.S
Failed, Azerbaijan failed…
Tell me again about western superiority lol.
Azerbaijan lost 40 drones in a single day when they ventured close to a Russian base on Armenian territory.
Don’t let your matzoball soup get cold…

P.S. no more greater Israel/Khazaria project…
Oy vey…

Raptar Driver

Turks are only good for butt play in the bath.
Also, fertilizer.

Luis A Barreto Suarez

Pantsir System work very well in Syria … only get one damaged from the best air forces of the USA, Israel, UK and France ….

The Objective

Even the U.A.E stopped buying Pantsirs after the disgraceful performance in Libya and Syria. LOL.
The U.A.E will not buy Pantsirs again, not even to replace the once Haftar lost. Mark my words. Even India is reluctant to buy any more Pantsirs. Acutally, you’ve got to admit the Pantsir is Russia’s biggest flop. It’s an embarrassment for the Russian defense industry. Just pray that the same fate doesn’t befall your much-celebrated S400, 500, 600, 1000, etc. Bullshit. Israel would have successfully destroyed many S400 systems had Russia allowed Assad to use it.


They shot down 49 TB2 drones in Libya you idiot, mostly with Pantsirs. Almost all of the 9 or 10 Pantsirs lost were eithrr captured on the ground after they were abandoned or destroyed on route before they were even activated.

Drones are weak weapons that are only good against poorly trained militias and second rate armies.

Jim Allen

It’s also worth mentioning these Panstir units were older Syrian used model that were replaced by the new version of Panstir.
Destroyed en route, these are the same models deployed in Libya, and US military stole one, shipped it back to US to fail to figure out how it works.

The Objective

Is that all you’ve got to say?

Am Hants

Sounds more like the US projecting via the keyboard.


SOP for our Murican cousins…

frank g

wow what a useful tool for western thoughts. nothing you said is relevant or true. First off the S-500 is not ever likely to engage drones, maybe in the future if the tech ever gets to fly faster and higher than current drone tech. you have no idea what you are talking about. you can not realistically compare Russian tech when used by poorer, lesser equipped and trained countries that also use the watered down versions. it is like thinking that if you buy an F1 race car and win races just coz you have the f1 race car does no make you an f1 racer or ever sonsider racing it. The tb2 is a good mid size drone made mainly from a Hodge podge of western off the shelf parts and probably Israeli parts as well. turks do not have the capability to do anything fully inhouse, most is tech transfer/licence built but still require critical important components. Turk anti sat tech is not possible since they do not even have mid or long range missiles of their own tech. what a joke your comment really is.

The Objective

You know nothing about Turkey’s missile program. Do some research. As a start, know that it’s far more advanced than Iran’s missile program. An example is the 1000 km precision cruise missiles that is integrated to launch from submarines, ships and land. A second example is the Bozdogan air-launch missile. Surface-to-surface ballistic missiles feature ranges in excess of 3000 km and have precision strike capabilities. Erdogan ordered the army to produce a 2500 km missile since 2012. By 2015, Turkey had achieved 1500 km.
Turkish anti-satellite weapon is nearing completion. You’ll see.


You think Pantisr “failed”?????

LOL!!! What a fecking idiot. No ability toi think for itself, just swallow whatever BS is puked by our corporate MSM or Turkish aerospace reps.

FYI, the pantsir has performed very well, but is suppsoed to be deployed as part of a layered IADS, not operating as a solo unit in an unsupported fashion. Any single launcher launcher operting by itself can always be overwhelmed by numbers, and when it has fired its missiles it will be vulnerable.

The Objective

Russian operators in Syria raised the alarm since 2018 about the Pantsir’s efficiency, but not much was done about it.

Hot Shot

How many confirmed kills, you ask? Loads!

confirmed kills of your propaganda crap?

In December 2019 the LNA shot down two Turkish TB2 UAVs in Ain Zarah, near Tripoli.

On 25 February 2020 LNA forces shot down two TB2 drones in 24 hours.

On 31 March 2020 the Libyan National Army shot down another Turkish made Bayraktar TB2 combat drone near the Libyan city of Tripoli.

On 17 April 2020, a Turkish Bayraktar TB2 Drone shot down near Bani Walid.

In the third week of May 2020, Libyan National Army’s Pantsir missile system reportedly shot down two of the Government of National Accord’s Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat drones, one near Tarhuna city and the another near Jebel Sherif.

By 1 July 2020, a total of 16 Bayraktar TB2 drones were reported shot down or lost in Libya during six months of fighting, and 23 were reported lost since LNA offensive in Western Libya that begun on April 2019.

On 11 March 2021, A US correspondent Jeff Jaworski wrote that a total of 47 Bayraktar drones were destroyed by LNA defenses mainly Pantsir-S missile systems, in turn 9 Pantsir-S were destroyed by Bayraktar drones.

Get an education.

Damien C

The s500 will not replace the s400 they are two different systems for different targetss and missions they work together as the full umbrella security system along with the s350 Tor, Pantsir, and BUK
As an umbrella they are virtually impossible to penetrate

The Objective

“virtually impossible to penetrate”.
We’ll see that when they engage real life high-tech weapons in Libya over the coming months.





Ezequiel Cincoreis

The Turkish Drone Bayraktar arw not game game changer.
Actually they are not able to challenge the torm2 and pantsyr.
By the way scores of this drones where shot down I Syria by old bukm2.

This is a proven fact.

The Objective

Not a single proof. Not even on SouthFront. I challenge you to provide your proofs.

Rocket man

There is photographic evidence of 47 downed tb2 ucavs, shot down with pantsirs. 40+ AZ drones shot down near their base in Armenia were the work of Russian ew systems. Also ton of photos of those.

Ezequiel Cincoreis

What happened in Nk conflict was a total incompetence of Armenian military.

The buks cleared all baykatars from the skies in Syria.

The s-500 is new generation of AD System with “anti MIRV” capabilities. One fired missile can engage 10 inbound warheads at once.
I think that’s why it have only to launching tubes.

Chess Master



it can also be armed with a small nuclear warhead….to create an EMP impluse to disable all incoming warheads…remember they can strike in space their targets

The Objective

Spare us the paper description of your invincible S500.
TB2 drones killed more SAA soldiers in 5 days than they did Armenian soldiers in one month.

The Objective

Hello dude. You need to take some time and read these two articles below. But be prepared for a serious disappointment. One of the articles is by a pro-Kremlin propagandist and the other by a different analyst, however, both articles present the facts objectively.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective

It doesn’t make a difference.

Lone Ranger

According to Shlomo news network…

Raptar Driver



S-500 is mainly extending the limited (by treaty) ABM capabilities of the S-400. They have a lot of common, and interchangable components. At first it will reinforce the A-135 around Moscow, until A-235 will be available.

PS: “The radius of destruction of the S-500 is about 600 km”
That should be target engaging range. Not even the Tsar Bomba had such a blast radius.

The Objective

The range is not necessary. A highly accurate 150 km anti air defense system will counter any plane on Earth today, including fifth gen planes.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Rocket man

Nope, in realistic scenarios systems with range of 150km will be able to shoot accurately on targets at 120 km range, now depending on speeds of rockets till hit/near miss target will pass taeat least 15 to 20km. Now we come to next part of equation how many targets AA systems can engage at same time and how many rockets can systems guide to how many targets. That’s called multichannel tracking and guiding… Very complicated to explain to somebody who have 0 xp in AA systems. Only western AA system that is close to s 300pmu 2 and s 400 is Aegis. S500 is more of antibalistic/anti satellite weapon.

The Objective

How far from a target can Russian jets engage during a hot war? Answer this question and apply your answer to other fighter jets. You’ll understand what I mean by saying a 500 km range isn’t necessary for anti-aircraft systems. A modest range of 150 km and high efficiency is all that’s required.

Rocket man

Depends with what they are engage targets, and what kind of targets are they engaging. Most of the newer anti radiation missiles have range of 100+km, both Russian and western ones, the thing is there are air launched cruise missiles and aerobalistic missile that have range of 300+ km, again for both Ru and western ones. BTW 150 km range for aa systems is considered medium range aa now. And as I said, what limited xp I have in training for NASAMS, I don’t think that s500 is intended for anti aircraft, but for antibalisitic/ anti sat weapon. Max range for S400 of 400km is for targets size of strategic bombers, awacs and elint/signit aircraft…

Jen's Common Sense In Absentia

Russia has a ton of short and medium range SAM’s (Buk M3, S-350, TOR M2, Pantsir S1/S2/SM, Sosna R etc…) to engage missiles, all linked into Russia’s IADS. I can’t see many NATO missiles making their way through that mess.

Rocket man

Yea, i also forgot that they have S 300 v4, maybe the most interesting aa system when combined with Buk m3.


Where are the pics for the S500 TELs? I have never seen any, just old S300 and 400 TELs. Anyone with a clue?

Rocket man
Lone Ranger

Another checkmate fir the crumbling pedonazi americant empire…
This thing is faster at start than the top speed of the Patriot lol

The Objective

The S-500 is likely a paper tiger. The earlier you wake up to the reality of drones, the better. These small low-cost unmanned systems have turned multi-billion-dollar Russian defense systems obsolete. You are still trying to figure out how to counter TB2 drones. But Turkey is already completing a new stealth jet-like combat drone. This new drone will sneak across the S500 radar and loiter just overhead the batteries without the S500 operators knowing it.


Be silent, stupid maggot. We don’t care for your idiot lies.

The Objective

The S400 is only effective against fourth generation fighter jets. Turkey bought it to prevent a future coup using the air force. Only a few batteries of S400 cannot defend Turkey. If you expect Turkey to rely on the Russian systems for its air defense, then you must be dreaming. Turkey wanted a quick alternative to the patriot, until Turkish systems are ready.

Lone Ranger

Shlomo boys and CIAtrolls are crying and raging 🤗

The Objective

No one is crying. I’m actually laughing most of the time when reading the angry replies on here. It’s kind of entertaining. I love it when you guys are on the defensive, trying to defend your Pantsirs but without any proof. Even SouthFront doesn’t have more than 5 different pictures of TB2 drones shot down in all three wars (Libya, Syria, N-K). If SF couldn’t get it, where will you?
Drone technology may effectively end the era of over-priced air defense systems like the S400. India has refused to buy Pantsirs again despite showing interest in 2081/19. The U.A.E is also not buying anymore of the sitting-duck. No fewer than 23 pantsir systems were destroyed in the past one year and a half. This is a nightmare for the Russian defense company producing such systems.

Jim Allen

Why are you the only one making these laughable claims ? You pitiful troll.

The Objective

You will be embarrassed by this video tweet. Turkey watched many Pantsirs from the skies of Syria during its offensive on the SAA, but choose not to destroy some as a goodwill to Russia.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Objective
Dieter Nuhr

Yeah, because of these experiences, the turks decided to buy the S400-System. Even at the “cost” of loosing the F35 and the production-line of it.

Buying that shit of an air defence-system and waiving the “best” fighter-jet instead?
Really backs your words…

The Objective

You don’t understand. that purchase was largely political and also aimed at preventing any future coup attempts. the S400 is effective against fourth generation planes but certainly not drones. They were not meant for drones. It was the pantsirs that were Russia’s “latest” air defense system (Shorad) and intended for drones. But those systems failed.
Again, Turkey cannot and will not rely on Russian tech to defend its skies. Just 2 or 3 batteries of S400 cannot defend even a single town in Turkey let alone the entire country. That job is for the Hisar.

Jen's Common Sense In Absentia

“You don’t understand. that purchase was largely political and also aimed at preventing any future coup attempts.”

So while shitting on the S-400, you’ve just admitted that they’re effective at preventing western regime change operations like what they did in Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya? LOL!

southfront fan

i would like to see s 400 in syria. and 50 thousand chinese troops as well. that would end the bs in syria.
BIDEN IS ARMING ALQAEDA AGAIN (I’ve got the Receipts!)

Christian J. Chuba

Headline in U.S. ‘Russia deploys new anti-Satellite Space weapon forcing response from newly formed Space Corp’


“S-500 will replace the S-400 systems”

No, it won’t. It will SUPPLEMENT the S-400 and provide an additional layer to the already excellent Russian IADS capabilities.


Turkey produces baclava and shit, the USA produces slaves and brainwashed. Leave the weapons to the masters, the Russians and the Chinese