Russia’s Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine To Be Able To Salvo Launch Cruise Missiles

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Russia's Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine To Be Able To Salvo Launch Cruise Missiles

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Russia’s Project 885M (Yasen-M) nuclear-powered submarines will be able to salvo-launch Kalibr-PL and Oniks cruise missiles, TASS reported.

“The Project 885M nuclear-powered submarine Kazan made a salvo launch of two missiles from a vertical launcher and a torpedo tube during state trials,” an unnamed source said.

In November 2020, “the Kazan made a salvo during state trials, which confirmed the possibility of such launches,” the source said.

A Kalibr-PL cruise missile was fired from a vertical launcher against a coastal target while an Oniks missile was launched from a torpedo tube against a surface target.

Both targets were successfully struck, the source specified.

It was reported in early April that shipbuilders would deliver the improved Project 885M (Yasen-M) lead nuclear-powered submarine Kazan prior to July 25th, 2021.

The Project 885M lead nuclear-powered submarine Kazan was floated out at the Sevmash Shipyard on March 31, 2017. The sub entered shipbuilders’ sea trials on September 25, 2018.

The production timeframe suffered several delays for the Project 885M submarines. The nuclear-powered sub failed to fulfil the planned program of state trials on schedule.

Project 885/885M submarines are armed with Kalibr-PL and Oniks cruise missiles and will eventually carry Zircon hypersonic missiles as their basic weapons.

As per reports from March 2021, nuclear-sub builder Sevmash (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is forming the hulls of the seventh and eighth Project 885M (Yasen-M) nuclear submarines which were laid down on July 20, 2020.

The first test launch of the hypersonic Zircon from a submarine – the Yasen class (not Yasen-M) nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine Severodvinsk – will not be completed until June 2021.

“The first test launch of Zircon from Severodvinsk can be performed at the earliest in June. There is no exact date for the start of tests yet,” a TASS source said back in March.

According to another TASS source, “a decision has been made to speed up the tests of the Zircons, which will now run in parallel with the ships and submarines” “The frigate will fire twice during the year as part of flight design tests, and up to four times in the framework of joint state tests. In parallel, in the summer, flight tests of Zircon will begin from a submarine. It is planned to carry out up to four launches, the first from the surface position. The tests will begin with Severodvinsk. In case of their success, it is planned to take Zircon into service with both types of platforms in the first half of 2022 “he said.

Russia's Yasen-M Nuclear Submarine To Be Able To Salvo Launch Cruise Missiles

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