Sanctions, War Preparations And An Endless Supply Of Weapons For Kiev

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Sanctions, War Preparations And An Endless Supply Of Weapons For Kiev

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On April 21st a new act, that entered US Senate and will be voted on soon, titled Ukraine Security Partnership Act.

It passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee without a hitch and aims to increase and improve U.S. military support to Ukraine, and sends a message that the United States will continue to support the people of Ukraine, their ability to defend themselves, and the country’s democratic transition.

“Today, as Russia masses more than 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, more than at any time since the 2014 invasion, I am proud the committee moved the Ukrainian Security Partnership Act forward in support of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians have a right to choose their own future, and this bill contributes to that by supporting Western-style military reforms, lethal and non-lethal military equipment to defend itself from Russia, and U.S. diplomatic support for peace negotiations,” said Senator Jim Risch. “I was also proud to support the inclusion of an amendment I worked to draft with Senator Cruz that requires President Biden to report to Congress on whether 20 specific entities are subject to sanctions under the Protecting European Energy Security Act. I believe that all of these entities are currently involved in building out the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. U.S. law requires that such entities be sanctioned – this amendment should make Congress’ intent crystal clear.”

Of course, this was a statement prior to Russia withdrawing most of these troops after exercises were simply concluded.

Still, the legislation is fact and if it passes it would introduce the following:

  • Requires the president to report to Congress within 15 days whether Nord Stream 2 AG, the company building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and 19 other entities are eligible for sanctions under the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act;
  • Reaffirms the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s democratic transition, to deterring Russian aggression toward Ukraine, and restates our refusal to recognize Crimea’s illegal annexation;
  • Authorizes $300 million in foreign military financing (lethal and non-lethal), of which $150 million will be subject to conditions;
  • Allows Ukraine to receive expedited excess defense article transfers;
  • Authorizes $4 million for international military education and training;
  • Requires a strategy on vulnerability to predatory investments in Ukraine’s defense industry;
  • Requires a report on the strategy for how the United States will support Ukraine diplomatically;
  • Encourages the creation of a Ukraine working group with European allies; and
  • Encourages the appointment of a special envoy for Ukraine on negotiations & regional issues.

This aid includes anti-ship missiles, air defense systems and even more Javelin systems are to be provided.

As the Western media emphasize, this is necessary in the event of a direct military clash between Kiev and Moscow. And although the Russian Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of troops after the end of the exercise, the Pentagon is unlikely to give up the opportunity to further militarize the region.

NATO made it clear enough that they are not going to fight with Russia for the sake of Ukraine and will not send soldiers to Eastern Ukraine. However, the West will stop its material and technical support of Kiev.

NATO spy planes and drones hang over the Black Sea and near the contact line every day, transmitting information to the Ukrainian General Staff. The intelligence of the DPR and LPR constantly notices foreign military specialists in the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. NATO military transport planes with mysterious cargo regularly land in Kiev.

Obviously, the most sophisticated weapons will be deployed and tuned by Western specialists – Ukrainian military personnel are not yet trained for this. This means that a small contingent of the alliance’s troops will nevertheless take part in a potential armed conflict on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Kiev authorities, sensing a military freebie, immediately began to demand more. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba admitted in an interview with Reuters that he had asked US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to help provide modern electronic warfare. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need this to “resist Russia’s ability to block Ukrainian communications.”

Moreover, many observers are certain that Western electronic warfare systems are already being deployed in the Eastern Ukraine. This is indirectly confirmed by the recent reports of the People’s Militia of the unrecognized republics that the drones of the OSCE mission often simply cannot take off – control signals are allegedly jammed from the Ukrainian side.

Notably, recent reports claim that Ukraine not only receives US weapons and equipment via military transport aircraft, but also through civilian aircraft.

And it’s with Silkway Airlines, on whom SouthFront has quite a few reports written.

Sanctions, War Preparations And An Endless Supply Of Weapons For Kiev

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